Template by Albert Burgess to be used when reporting the crime of treason

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Dear Chief Constable,
 I am part of a growing group of ordinary patriotic citizens who have taken the trouble to look into the Constitution and its implications for ruling England in a lawful way. It can be clearly seen that the Constitution has been violated by successive Governments, politicians and civil servants starting with the Heath Government when he committed treason by submitting the sovereignty of the UK to the EU. Our forefathers formulated these laws to protect England from despotic and tyrannical rulers.

 As a police officer, you swore an oath to uphold these laws and protect England, from those who break any of them - whether common law or statue law.

 I therefore wish to report the crime of treason, against David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Tony Blair. I am aware that your personal knowledge of Constitution Law is likely to be minimal and therefore suggest that you pass this on to your legal advisers who should confirm the correctness of the allegations with respect to the law as it is written.

 The Crime under the Treason Felony Act 1848

 (for the purposes of this report: where it states 'Sovereign', read 'Sovereign People' and for 'Crown' read 'Head of State or Position as Head of State', and for 'foreigner' any 'foreign body, company or person' and bearing in mind that 'No parliament may bind it's successors').

 It is Treason Felony to compass, imagine, invent, devise, or intend to:

 1) Deprive the Sovereign of the Crown.

 2) Levy war against the sovereign in order by force or constraint to compel her to change Her measures or counsels, or in order to put any force or constraint upon, or in order to intimidate or overawe both Houses or either House of Parliament.

 3)  'Move or Stir' any foreigner to invade the United Kingdom, or any other country belonging to the Sovereign.

Reason for the crime report.

 Prime Minister David Cameron and Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg have made a move to reform the House of Lords, following Tony Blair's damaging removal of all but 97 Hereditary Peers. The House of Lords is not there to do the bidding of the Government but as a safety check on any power grab attempt by the House of Commons. They also give advice to Her Majesty, holder of the Crown of England, for the sovereign people.

 This move falls foul of number (2) above, because it places constraint and intimidation on the Hereditary Lords, who have Letters Patent which are issued under the prerogative powers of the head of state ('royal prerogative'). They constitute a rare, if significant, form of legislation without the consent of the parliament.

 This confirms that the Government have no jurisdiction over the House of Lords, and therefore Tony Blair's House of Lords Act 1999 had no power over this issue and that the Parliament Act 1911 was passed unlawfully for the same reason.

 Likewise the move by the current administration under Cameron and Clegg has no legitimate power to remove the Hereditary Lords and create an elected 'Senate', something which is alien and damaging to our democratic parliament.

 The Government was therefore acting beyond its authority and committed treason by attempting to alter the original tri-partite Constitutional arrangements of House of Commons, House of Lords and The Sovereign.

 All of the accused have damaged the security of this Island nation, none more so than Tony Blair by signing the Schengen Agreement which allowed invasion by foreign persons through open borders This is a violation of point number 3 of the above Treason Felony Act 1848. It is also a violation of the Treason Act 1351 parts 3 and 4. See below.

 Crime committed under Treason Act 1351

 1) Compassing the death of the sovereign, or of the sovereign's wife or eldest son and heir.

 2) Violating the sovereign's wife, or sovereign's eldest unmarried daughter, or the sovereign's eldest son's wife.

 3) Levying war against the sovereign in the realm.

 4) Adhering to the sovereign's enemies, giving them aid and comfort, in the realm or elsewhere.

 5) Killing the King's Chancellor, Treasurer (an office long in commission) or Justices.

 As stated above those I accuse of Treason above have also, through their actions under Treason Felony, also committed High Treason under the Treason Act 1351 parts (3) and (4), and the Common Law crime of Misprision of Treason. This they have committed by not making reparation for the initial wrong of the European Communities Act 1972 committing this country subservient to a foreign power. David Cameron has stated he will not take us out of the EU thus confirming his treason.

 All of these previous administrations could have taken us out of this foreign takeover by scrapping the European Communities Act 1972 as 'no parliament may bind it's successors'.

 Marcus Tulles Cicero wrote a speech about the enemies within the walls, who he said it is hard to stop, but stop them we must or we are lost as a nation, left to the whim and vagaries of an administration over which we will have no democratic control, and no voice.

 Clearly this Government is out of control and all of the accused have damaged the security of this Island nation, by allowing invasion of foreign persons through open borders and threatening key utilities to the detriment of the sovereign people. Most alarmingly, they wish to force privatisation of our police force thus further threatening the security of this country. This is tantamount to selling the public into slavery, as the 'police are the public, and the public are the police' (Sir Robert Peel).

 I therefore call upon you to uphold the law you swore to so do.


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