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England Shall Rise Again

By Mike James ? 13 November 2011
Only the fighting and ruthlessly brave English can defeat global tyranny and the New World Order of economic and financial terrorism
It?s going to happen.
A nation reborn. A nation of free-born Englishmen who are masters of their own house, their own destiny, free of the tyranny of the Soviet European Union. Free of the quisling monarchy that made them subjects to the City of London.
Yes, I am talking to you. You?re English. You?re young. You may be unemployed or someone classified as the working poor. Perhaps you live in a bedsit. Or you?re getting on in years and can no longer afford to heat your home. And this you accept. Where is your Saxon anger? Deny it no longer and demand your rights as Kings and Queens.
When they wrote the history books they neglected to mention this: Every Englishman is a King, every Englishwoman a Queen. For it is written:
 And did those feet in ancient time.
 Walk upon England?s mountains green:
 And was the holy Lamb of God,
 On England?s pleasant pastures seen!
I will not cease from Mental Fight,
 Nor shall my Sword sleep in my hand:
 Till we have built Jerusalem,
 In England?s green and pleasant Land
Did you not know that this is your God-given right: a right that no man, no government, no unelected quango can take away from you? Do you not know that you, my fellow Englishmen, with whom I fought and scuffled and shared my first Woodbine cigarette as a teenager, have been betrayed by a global oligarchy that utterly despises everything that the English people have retained within their hearts as a bulwark against international fascism and Bolshevism?
Did you not know that, starting with the mind-changing Tavistock experiments of the 1960s, the English were subjected to some of the most cruel and horrific brainwashing experiments in history? Did you not know that you utterly baffled them, for we were resistant to change? Did you not know that we are the last people on the face of this planet capable of fighting and defeating the designs of the global elites who have game-planned the world into economic slavery? Did you not know that you are the children of Alfred the Great and not the effeminate weaklings known as the Windsors, a pansy breed of halfwits descended from reject Rothschild Germans?
The time for talking and compromise and the free-lorn hope that democracy will solve all of our problems is over. Englishmen and Englishwomen must now prepare for war. Foreign criminals in our nation have access to vast hordes of illegal arms and ammunition. The police turn a blind eye while English girls are raped by scum that are not indigenous to English soil. Working class English people who have paid heavily with their blood, sweat and tears for a retirement home are robbed of their old age security by politically correct traitors who care more about the rights of foreign scroungers than their own folk. English people die on NHS waiting lists while evil Jewish hucksters peddle minority rights to healthcare access.
The Jewish traitor and former Foreign Minister, Jack Straw, once famously said: ?The English are a race not worth saving.? Blair, the ultimate Bilderberger and globalist, whose love for the English people stretched no further than the line of digits in his electronic bank account, allowed our nation to suffer an invasion of alien influence never witnessed at any time in history, far surpassing the piddling influx of the Norman-Vikings in the tragic year of 1066. Blair must stand out as the the most viciously anti-English traitor of modern times, and the possessor of a body that cannot be pumped full enough with the lead required to express the anger of all true English patriots.
We have been conquered, my people. But I know you, for I see you in myself. And that?s what makes me smile. For, like me, we are fighters. We are belligerent scrappers and storm-raisers. When we go to war, we fight to win. There is nothing more fearsome in this world than an Englishman at war. We are indefatigable. We are fury incarnate and the gates of hell shall not prevail before us.
Let us name but a few of the traitors who must hang when we institute Courts of National Reconciliation and Justice: Tony Blair (war criminal and profiteer), Gordon Brown (paedophile and the master of EU enforcement), David Cameron (Fabian Socialist and a hater of the English People), Jack Straw (Zionist traitor and racist), Harriet Harman (the most perverse ?culture change? agent, who, incidentally, lived just across the road from me on Southwood Avenue in Highgate back in ?86), Lord Robertson (implicated in the staged Dunblane slaying of innocent schoolchildren and a well-known paedophile, also a former NATO chief), John Reid (one of Scotland?s most famous Mafia bosses who held the position of Home Secretary), Nick Clegg (a spineless Europhile and born liar who despises everything English), George Osborne (a chinless aristocrat without the slightest idea of how to tie his own shoe-laces, let alone put a knot in the British economy).
Most of these people (and the list shall extend to hundreds of traitors) can be taken out without the slightest breach of security. I could do it blindfold and in broad daylight, and so can you. If the scrounging welfare hordes can murder our own people with impunity and escape detection, why should you not target those traitors that made of our country a playing field for cultural anarchy and police state surveillance? How is it that the English can accept life in a society wherein innocents die daily without any recourse to justice yet do not for one moment consider how fantastically easy it is to assassinate the political parasites and traitors that make the rape and despoliation of their country possible?
There is one golden rule to observe. Never, ever attack a policeman. Most cops, and, yes, some of them are politically correct traitors to the English people, own the most firearms. We need those guns pointing in the right direction when the National Revolution comes. The coppers I knew when working in London were stressed beyond what most civilians would consider normal working practices. We?ve all seen images of front-line police troopers brutalising protesters, but that?s only what the media wishes you to see. Back in Bow Street, or whichever HQ they work from, those lads are shagged out, mentally and emotionally. They are on your side. When investigating, in my capacity as a journalist, the day-to-day life of an ordinary copper, I have seen grown policeman break down in tears at the sheer injustice of what they have to deal with.
We can always take up arms and deal with insolently insurgent policemen if push comes to shove, but I?m rather inclined to think this wholly unnecessary. Our secondary worry is the military. Many will come over to us in droves. Those who don?t can be immobilised far more effectively than town-based constabulary divisions, the strategic planning of which would be foolhardy of me to expound online. I know how to do it. It?s easy. But, I can assure you, wholly unnecessary.
The time for an English National Revolution is coming and I am now asking you, my fellow citizens, whether rich or poor, jobless or working precariously or of aristocratic means and influence, to arm yourselves for the fight ahead. Get your house in order now, my people. Let all Englishmen drop all animosity that may exist between them and prepare, intellectually, physically, mentally and militarily for the fight ahead. You have a nation to rescue.
I care not for class. My grandfather was a coal miner who died of the black lung and I care passionately for the working-class native and indigenous people of my nation, England. But I was raised in a middle-class environment and came to love many patricians one could ascribe to those emanating from the aristocracy. In the end, regardless of class, we?re all patriotic Englishmen.
Within the next ten years, we the English people, chosen from all others as the Light of the World, will re-take our nation, rebuild our manufacturing base, issue our own Credit Union-based currency, secede from the European Union, dissolve the United Kingdom, withdraw from the United Nations and the rapacious, blood-money grabbing scam of NATO and live proudly as a free and prosperous people, trading with all nations free of Zionist lobbying, able to feed ourselves from the arable produce of our fertile soils and eat abundantly of all that our seas offer as our non-delineated right.
We shall rid ourselves of unwelcome guests who have outlasted their stay and made a mockery of our institutions and traditions.
England is a holy land. Never forget that. Every man and woman of English descent is blessed, having won the lottery of life. Feel no hostility to your fellow Englishman. You are all related. You are one family.
Remember the spirit of Alfred the Great, for he loved you, and enjoined his successors to care for and cherish the English people.
Whether a Scouser, a Geordie, a Lankie, a Yorkie, a Brummie, or one of those insufferable Southerners, I tell you this: You must love one another. Let all divisions between you become as nought and open yourselves to what God intended you to be. For where there is no rancour and a concord between a people wedded to a love of liberty, there shall
 reign peace and freedom.
And England shall be a free and independent nation again.
Ref: The Unoccupied Heart

Michael James, an English republican patriot, is a blacklisted former
 freelance journalist resident in Zionist-occupied Germany since 1992 with
 additional long-haul stays in East Africa, Poland and Switzerland. He
 advocates a Leaderless Resistance to destroy the Soviet European Union and prays for a free and independent England, shorn of all alliances with the
 EU, UK, NATO, the UN, WTO, IMF, Israel and any other treacherous
 international cabal or entity.

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