The Judge Files - No 1 in a series

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The Judge Files - No 1 in a series
« on: September 27, 2012, 06:48:06 PM »
The Judge Files - No 1 in a series

Written by Richard Newman
Foreword by The Green Arrow
Richard Newman has come up with an excellent idea for recording the names of those Judges who have acted against the interests of the British People by either handing down lenient sentences to criminals that do not truly reflect on the gravity of their crimes or even releasing them back into society to offend again.
The British Resistance will be taking this superb idea one step further and will set aside an area within the British Resistance site or possibly create a new sister site to complement The Liars, Buggers and Thieves site that records the names of the evil and corrupt politicians of the Lib/Lab/con alliance.

Anglo Australian Alliance suggested we use a name like JudgeWatch and there we will record the names of the Judges and their offences by category, the crimes against the British People we believe them to be guilty of, including those Judges who have punished patriots for simply speaking the truth or making foolish twitters.
One would hope that the names of the Judges gathered now and in the future will provide a list to give a future Nationalist Police Force enough information for them to be arrested, formally charged, brought to trial and - well that will be for the Nationalist Judge to decide.  But you know the only sentence I ever want or would give.
Judge Gareth Hawkesworth
Judge Gareth Hawkesworth is the first of our featured Judges and is guilty of the following crimes against the people.
Count 1
In that he on or around 3rd July 2012 did allow a 14 year old boy to get away with the rape of a 5 year old girl here by serving him with a three year community order.
 Count 2
In that he on or around 8th July 2012 did allow a 59 year old serial paedophile to get away with numerous offences against children here by serving him with a five and a half year sentence.
You can sign the petition here
 Judge Howard Riddle

Judge Howard Riddle is our second featured Judge and is guilty of the following crimes against the people.
Count 1
In that he on or around December 2010 did allow an American Paedophile Shawn Sullivan 43 leave to remain in the UK here
Count 2
In that he on or around March 2011 did allow Emdadur Choudhury 26 to get away with a ?50 fine for burning a poppy here.
Judge Jamie Tabor QC

Judge Jamie Tabor is our third featured Judge and is guilty of the following crimes against the people.
Count 1
In that he on or around January 2009 did allow a robber Liam Perks 20 to walk free from court here
Count 2
In that he on or around July 2012 did give Mark Hook (Safari Boy) 35 a lenient sentence of 18 months here
Count 3
In that he on or around August 2012 did give former soldier Simon Parkes 45 a sentence of 4 months for placing a pigs head on a mosque here
Judge Jonathan Perkins

Senior Immigration Judge Jonathan Perkins is our final offering today
Count 1
In that he on or around July 2012 did give child rapist Sudanese asylum seeker Sani Adil Ali 28 leave to remain in the UK here
Count 2
In that he on or around June 2012 did allow former Taliban Terrorist Zareen Ahmadzai 30 leave to remain in the UK here
Next Month
Lord Justice Sullivan
Lord Justice Gross
Senior Immigration Judge Taylor
Senior Immigration Judge Lane
You can read more about their antics here
You will notice that the same liberal judges names keep coming up time and again. 
They need to be removed
You can complain about judges here and immigration judges here

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Re: The Judge Files - No 1 in a series
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2012, 09:49:02 AM »
From the Cardiff Civil Justice Centre one can also add the following judges to this list -

Judge Regan who in my Wales and west housing disrepair initial hearing ignored all documented & dated photographic evidence to partly strike this issue out.

District judge Hendicott committed many criminal offences in naming a few, he was unlawfully sitting as a high court judge, refused to accept my 2nd application  (because of the corruption/collusion in the 1st) in the housing disrepair issue. Informing me in front of many witnesses I had to take out all the shown criminal offences. These criminal offences included structural surveys placed through the court, one has the WWHA defending solicitor Rebecca Rees on it. Where unlawful collusion deception and fraud followed by the all to cover up much including these structural surveys. This second application also contained a taped transcript of a WWHA housing manager admitting all disrepair. 98% of the Residents who were in at the time signed petitions to say of the housing disrepair as well as a film which can be found on crooked-lawyers.
Not happy with the already many unlawful acts district Judge Hendicott committed he then and contrary to the housing issue being heard. Unlawfully stayed my then just registered eleven applications against the government.

My eleven separate applications against the then Blair Government had been taken out due to the unlawful wilful blindness found in regard to my own and the ever-rising corrupt injustice. Lawfully registered in the court separately due to their many different job descriptions Judge Hickinbottom did not agree.  He then passes without hearing judgement and in compliance with Judge Hendicott's unlawful stay, they should all be amalgamated as having common particulars of interest. Sitting as an additional high court judge he took no notice of the fact all eleven defendants had filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions. Where lawfully  there should be no defence to answer and the issue should have not been heard. However high fines were the name of the day with civil restraint orders instead of any honest justice. Where any appeal or any filing of any defence in anything lawfully thrown against me had to have this judges permission. Where on my stating of taking his criminal actions further he replied "MR Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public"
(Not long after judge Hickinbottom was made a high court judge and a sir)

My only crime is my continuing constant complaints where they are as those of an ever-rising many other persecuted who have unlawfully faced the same/similar. Like the many it has previously cost me my son, my home, my business.  I could again name judges from these issues, however would have to go into safe storages for the evidence, which they want so desperately. What I can state however is how the ever rising many find degrading persecution is found instead of any honouring of any public duty to uphold the UK law.
Where some may say of the police, which could again lead to another name and shame and many other statements from me.  Culminating in how instead of upholding the law they want(ed) the IPCC to give them a hand to make me a vexatious litigant.

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