LETTER TO BERNARD JENKINS M.P.(Re Cameron's ignorance of Magna Carta)

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Bernard Jenkin Esq. MP
House of Comons

Dear Sir,
I see you have stated your views on our membership of the EU.
May I point out that we have in Mr Cameron a member of the Bilderberg
group whilst the power behind his thrown is undoubtedly Mr Kenneth
Clarke who, besides being in that group himself is also on their
Steering Committee whilst I understand Osborne has attended their
I presume you are aware of what the Bilderbergers stand for and are
behind moves towards one world government or as it is now called the
New World Order of which both the UN and the EU are vehicles. I thus
must pose the question how can these men have loyalty to this nation
when that loyalty must lie with the group to which they belong..
Whilst I sympathise with the way your feelings/ concerns are
expressed why is it that none of you in the Commons have the guts to
ask the PM directly if he can confirm or deny he is a member of that
group as have all our Prime Ministers been from Heath onwards. I shall
look forward to hearing you have posed the question to Dear David.
It is his loyalty elsewhere which prevents his allowing us a
referendum and it is time the charade is now brought to an end. That
it is discovered Mr Cameron seems to be lacking in his knowledge of
the Magna Carta is astounding and says it all. The man should be
removed as a matter of urgency along with all other Bilderbergers
within government and the opposition. They are traitors to the


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