Hillsborough proves our police are criminal and corrupt

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Hillsborough proves our police are criminal and corrupt
« on: September 30, 2012, 09:46:03 PM »
Hillsborough proves our police are criminal and corrupt

Criminal corruption of police proven

On the 15th April 1989 at the Hillsborough stadium in Sheffield, the South Yorkshire police forced the football crowd into locked steel pens instead of releasing them, and 96 were crushed to death. The police then left their dying bodies without the medical assistance that would have saved 41 of them.

 44 ambulances turned up, but the police prevented 43 from entering the stadium.

To conceal their responsibility for the disaster the police then criminally falsified statements and smeared the dead fans for 23 years afterwards. They employed politicians and senior authority figures to distract attention from themselves and put the blame on the crowd.

The Hillsborough Panel's report on 12th September 2012 at last stated the police had criminally falsified 164 statements by police officers and 49 statements by ambulance staff.

Masterminded by Peter Wright the Chief constable, the police systematically fabricated evidence against the fans to put the blame on them, and "Lied and lied and lied."

On 12th September 2012 David Cameron made a formal Prime Ministerial apology in Parliament for the double injustice the families had suffered. Every national newspaper reported the apology.

To give some examples, Paul Muddup, secretary to the S Yorks Police Federation, falsified a report to the Sun newspaper, who published it on the front page, that fans has urinated on police officers and stolen from the dead. The report was entirely fraudulent.

Irvine Patnick, then a Conservative MP and a senior Freemason, wrote to Lord Taylor at the beginning of his enquiry, to say fans had urinated on police and made offensive sexual remarks to a dead girl. His statement was entirely fraudulent, and he has now has a knighthood.

Chief Inspector Norman Bettison, who gave orders on the ground that caused some of the disaster, later publicised a video concealing the facts and shown to MP's. He was rewarded with a knighthood and is now Chief Constable of West Yorkshire police.  

The government regularly rewards criminality amongst freemasons with knighthoods. Freemasonry controls our police force, with a majority above the rank of sergeant masons. 

Today if you find a person with a knighthood, its almost a guarantee he's a crook. Put his name and the word "Freemason" into a search engine. If he is, you know his knighthood was a reward for corruption.

The 1990 Taylor Report blamed the police for the disaster and prosecutions were opened; manslaughter was an appropriate charge, but every police officer, as usual, got off scot free.

The challenge here is to bring to justice a massive fraud that was perpetrated by the police and freemasonry in senior government departments.

But the problem is that freemasonry not only controls the police, they control the Crown Prosecution Service and the courts, where 90% of judges are Freemasons.

That is why not one police officer has been prosecuted.

The best approach is probably a private prosecution, and a demand that the judge swear on pain of perjury he is not a Freemason. If he cannot so swear, he must recuse himself (leave) the case.

There would then be so many judges having to recuse themselves the deeply criminal corruption of our British courts would be exposed.

But our criminal judges are experts at corruption: They would delay the case ad infinitum and put multiple obstacles in the way so that millions would have to be spent, with no guarantee our rotten judges would ever give a fair verdict. 

All freemasons stupidly swear they will cut their hearts out and leave their entrails on the seashore if they ever reveal the secrets of freemasonry, and then are never told what the secrets of freemasonry are.

There are 34 such oaths as they climb in seniority.

The main secret of freemasonry, which members do know is a quasi-religious organisation, is to build the one world government of Lucifer, which is why the central core, senior 33 degree freemasons like Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have signed six treaties abolishing Britain and bringing in the EU dictatorship.

 Ordinary Freemasons are kept in ignorance of the sinister nature of their organisation.

A lesser aim is to create "Trauma through injustice" an aim freemasonry judges are well acquainted with. 

And that is why all Freemasons should be banned from all branches of government, the courts, the police and anything with any connection to justice. 

Then the police would be unable to perpetrate criminal frauds like they did at Hillsborough. But many who have suffered at the hands of the police and courts know that the majority of the police force acts criminally today. Its normal.




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Re: Hillsborough proves our police are criminal and corrupt
« Reply #1 on: September 30, 2012, 10:08:20 PM »
Oh what a tangled web!


Oh what a tangled web we weave. Now we have the government Chief Whip, Andrew Mitchell, a man of such conceit and inflated opinion of himself, that he can refer to those outside of his circle of perverts as 'plebs' accusing the police force of being liars whilst on the other hand, we have those fine upstanding stalwarts of the law who have sworn to serve and protect us by with-holding the truth about Hillsborough for 23 years, accusing Mitchell of being a liar.


I fail to understand the problem. Politicians by their chosen vocation are recognised as proven liars and cheats whilst the police with their brutality against any demonstration held by indigenous Brits, plus their covering up of Muslim controlled paedophilia in Bradford and other places for over 10 years, has lost them all credibility.


Could it possibly be that both members of these once honourable yet now despised professions are lying? Surely the police officer, should he have the written evidence plus witnesses to hand, have arrested Mitchell for disturbing the peace? Conversely if Mitchell is not lying and has his lucrative job at stake, surely he would take legal action to prove his innocence? That such an insignificant thing as this can occupy so much government and police time, goes to emphasise the importance or lack thereof, of both of these insignificant institutions. They are both are unfit for purpose and should be completely overhauled and restructured.


Above a further indictment of the police force, judiciary and politicians in an article by David Noakes.





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