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« on: October 02, 2012, 11:44:19 AM »
Quite a lot of mail coming in from the States understandably and this is is the latest that gives hope to those of us who dread the thought of another Obama dominated term in the White House. This could result in a serious setback for the Democrats at a time in the run-up to the election when there's enough time for it to bear fruit, but little time for a recovery.

Hope springs eternal.


Our mission is to get our readers thinking about current events.


When a Party Disdains God's Word,
It Is Time to Leave That Party.

Christians, Jews Leave Democratic Party  Thursday, September 20, 2012
    Christians and Jews are heeding the call of a nationally-prominent
black pastor, Bishop E.W. Jackson, to come out from those hostile to God
and leave the Democratic Party that minority voters have been aligned
with since the 1960s.
    Bishop Jackson's EXODUS NOW! movement is creating a stir in
synagogues, Catholic churches and black churches across the nation, even
in California, ahead of the November presidential election.
    The Democratic Party establishment, who are counting on black, Latino
and Jewish voters for an Obama re-election victory, certainly did not
count on religious voters abandoning the party in 2012.
    Citing a spiritual emergency in America, EXODUS NOW! is appealing to
religious minority communities because of the blatantly secular stand of
the Democratic Party, which has made gay marriage an official plank of
the party platform.
    As well, religious registered Democrats are outraged at:
    President Obama's support for gay marriage.
    Regulations forcing Christian institutions providing healthcare to
distribute birth control and free abortions.
    DNC leaders' support for abortion up to the moment before delivery.
    Considered taking God out of the party platform.
    Considered no longer recognizing Jerusalem as the capitol of Israel.
    "Either we worship and rely on God, or we worship and rely on a
political party," Bishop Jackson declared.  "We are supposed to rely on
Almighty God, not the government nor any party. When a party disdains God
and His Word, as the Democrat Party clearly does, it is time to leave
that party."
    Bishop E.W Jackson is a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, a Harvard Law
School graduate, a former attorney and law professor, a former U.S Senate
candidate, and the current chairman of STAND (Staying True to America's
National Destiny).
    Many angry Democratic Party operatives are responding by attacking
Bishop E.W. Jackson personally across the Internet on liberal websites,
blogs, comments, chatrooms and forums.  This fact was easily verified.
    "They can say anything they want about me, but I do not intend to
leave Christians in bondage to a party that is hostile to everything
Christians hold dear." said Jackson.  "This movement is not about party,
but principle; not about race, but righteousness.  This is not about
winning an election, but saving a generation."
    Religious voters interested in leaving the Democratic Party are
invited to visit Bishop Jackson's STAND AMERICA website
immediately.  EXODUS NOW!
    Religious Democrats are urged to watch the following EXODUS NOW!
video below.
For free Politically Incorrect news ignored by the American news media,
send your friends' email addresses for REAL NEWS from [email protected]

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