ALL my activities of the last 17 years have been for the most legitimate purpose

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To Messrs Sashy Nathan of Bindmans Solicitors & Amos Waldman, Counsel, of Doughty Street Chambers:
7.45am, 4/10/12.  Another 'FINAL POINT' (added at the end, as paragraph 28.  Also added to the new attachment).
28).  ALL my activities of the last 17 years have been for the most legitimate purpose of exposing the rotten apples in the Judiciary.  Does the Attorney General claim there are none?  And does Lord Justice Pitchford agree with him?   
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I have taken note of what you said at our teleconference.
Attached is what must now be the definitive version of my defence.  I send it as an attachment for ease of printing (& also with wide spacing), but I also give the text below, for convenience.
Norman Scarth.


1)    Please regard (from 2007 onwards) as my Defence Statement.  In addition, I say the following
2)    In 1936 Lord Chief Justice Hewart said, ?His Majesty?s judges are satisfied with the almost universal admiration in which they are held?.
3)    It may have been true then, but it is certainly NOT true now.  The British public are beginning to wake up to situation in Police State Britain, the Judiciary being the enforcers of the many bad laws brought in by the mass murderers & war criminals of the Blair Regime ? & the ?Heir to Blair?.  Blair himself was a lawyer, his wife a judge. 
4)    I am accused of Contempt of Court:  On the contrary, no-one in the land has more RESPECT for the British courts than I.  69 years ago, as a lad of 17/18, I was prepared to give my life to defend them, & was indeed lucky to survive when brave men (of both sides) were dying around me in large numbers (hand up depiction of the Battle of North Cape). 
5)     However, I declare my UTMOST CONTEMPT  for the Quislings & Shysters who now control those courts.  Will sending me to prison, or a Stalinist ?Mental Hospital? (which is what the Attorney General & his gang really want) lessen my feeling of contempt? 

6)    My contribution to bringing Freedom to the World was small indeed, but it has been INFINITELY greater than any of those who now sit in judgment on me.  Tragically, such Freedom as we did bring to the world is gone from Britain.  Quislings have done by stealth what Hitler failed to do by force.  Instead of the ?Rule of Law?, we have the ?Rule of Law-yers ? a very different thing!  They have seized absolute power, & will destroy anyone they see as a threat to that power.
7)    In the Civil Appeal Court in 1999 I told Lord Woolf (MR) LJ Otton & LJ Ward, ?Her Majesty the Queen, whose courts these are, is badly served by the shysters who now infest the judiciary?.
8)    Their Lordships did not punish me for contempt then (in fact, they scuttled out of court as fast as they could), but without doubt they had other thoughts in mind as to how to silence me!
9)    JUST SIX WEEKS after my bold (or foolish) words (& just SEVENTEEN DAYS after the ECt-HR had ruled in my favour), on the 8th August 1999 there came the first potentially lethal terror attack by a mob-handed gang of West Yorkshire Police, being used as a Private Army, without even the PRETENCE of a lawful excuse. 
10) There has been a nationwide cover-up of that police crime.  Though the full force of The Law can be maliciously used against me, there is no law to protect me (or those like me).

11) Whatever about my guilt or innocence of these ridiculous 'crimes', it is a criminal waste of public money for the Big Guns of the Legal Establishment to pursue this vendetta against me, ESPECIALLY in what purports to be a time of financial stringency (but that, it seems, is only for lesser beings!   
12) It is in fact the highest compliment they could pay me, that they are so afraid of the words of a little old man of 86.
13) Whatever about my guilt or innocence, if there were even the PRETENCE of ?The Rule of Law? in Britain, if there were the slightest respect for the time-honoured dictum of LCJ Hewart in R v Sussex Justice in 1926 (?Justice must not only be done ? etc.)  it would take no more than two minutes to throw out the Application.
14) 4). If there is even the PRETENCE of Law in Britain, the judges presiding will not only throw it out, but will give a roasting to the Attorney General & his gang. "Be you never so high, The Law is above you" said Lord Denning when giving judgment against an earlier Attorney General.
15)               EVIDENCE OF THE MALICE OF THE ATTORNEY GENERAL:    In 2008 I attended a ?Selection Meeting? of one of the political parties, intending to offer myself as a candidate for the forthcoming By-election in Haltemprice & Howden.  Dominic Grieve, THE PRESENT ATTORNEY GENERAL, had me thrown out of that meeting.  So much for ?Democracy?!   

16) As Honorary Secretary of the Litigants In Person Society I have much more experience than just my own & speak with authority in saying that the hatred of the Nazis for the Jews is equalled by the hatred of lawyers for the Litigant In Person.  One would hope that the lawyer who swears the Judicial Oath with put that hostility to one side.  Sadly, it does not, it increases, & s/he has the power to indulge it.

17)   In spite of which, I still have the foolish hope that one day I will come before an honest judge, & even hope that this might be the occasion.   It matters little to me:  Last week-end I spent two wonderful days at Ballinasloe Horse Fair. Safe in Ireland, the malicious machinations which take place in the amusingly named Royal Courts of 'Justice' on 4th October 2012 will worry me not at all.

18) To bring in ALL the grounds why this Application should be thrown out would take volumes, & WEEKS rather than the one hour time estimate of the Treasury Solicitor.
19) That being the case, I reserve the right to put before any appellant court the full story of the SEVENTEEN YEARS of persecution inflicted upon me by what some have called the Legal/Judicial Mafia & their boot boys, the Stazi-like West Yorkshire Police. 
20)  Lord Denning was rated (BY SOME!) as the finest judge of the 20th Century. In his book ?WHAT NEXT IN THE LAW? he wrote about ?Abuse of Power?. ?Whoever may be guilty of abuse of power, be it Government, State, Employer, Trade Union or whoever, the law must provide a speedy remedy. Otherwise the victims will find their own remedy. There will be anarchy.?

21)  A most important warning to the nation ? but it is notable that Denning excluded the judiciary from his list of those who might abuse their power!

22) I sincerely hope that this court will not give further proof that the only way to gain recognition in the United Kingdom is to use the 'Martin McGuinness? Methods.
23) The Uxbridge Gazette recently stated, "Private criminal prosecutions can be taken out by any individual, but are extremely rare."
25) THE REASON THEY ARE RARE IS BECAUSE THEY ARE ALMOST ALWAYS BLOCKED BY DISTRICT JUDGES - agents OF The State, usurping the position of magistrates!
26) There is in fact a hearing in the Supreme Court this very day about the illegal obstruction of Private Prosecutions!
27) Finally:  I am accused of using a recording instrument in Leeds Magistrates? Court.  The damning Report on that court by four of Her Majesty?s Chief Inspectors suggests that SOMEBODY  should keep a watchful eye on what goes on in that den of corruption!

28). Another 'FINAL POINT' (7.45am, 3/10/12).
ALL my activities of the last 17 years have been for the most legitimate purpose of exposing the rotten apples in the Judiciary. Does the Attorney General claim there are none? And does Lord Justice Pitchford agree with him?
Statement by Norman Scarth (1,231 words, to be read out in my absence, a copy to be handed up for the court record, along with a copy of the depiction of The Battle of North Cape.


Norman Scarth
Norman Scarth([email protected]

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