The following has been sent to all MPs except ..................................

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The following has been sent to all MPs except Cameron,  Clegg and Maude.  Blair, Major and Hurd are not listed MPs.

Hopefully this might flush out any likely to be honest and frightened for their future.  But don?t hold your breath.


Dear Member of Parliament

You may not be aware but allegations of High Treason against Tony Blair,  David Cameron and Nick Clegg have been laid before all the police forces in the country.

The treason they have committed (toward removal of the House of Lords) is in gross violation of our Constitution.  A great ignorance has been demonstrated by the police and many MPs about our Constitutional (Common) Law which is above repeal and which continues in force today just as the day it was written.  Many senior police officers have thus been reported for dereliction of duty and Misprision of Treason.  Look that it up if you don't know what it is.


No politician is above the law.  So it is only a matter of time before we start reporting other MPs also for Misprision of Treason,  since many of them already know this treason is being committed yet do nothing about it. 


The way to avoid being reported is to do your sworn duty as a responsible representative of your constituents and to also report our treason allegations to the police.  In short,  do you have the back-bone to risk your job and do the honourable and right thing for your country to which through Her Majesty,  you have sworn a lifetime oath of allegiance and service ?


I will be happy to forward you the allegations should you take the honourable patriotic action and restore this country to its rightful owners  -  the loyal British public.






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