Do you think the BNP should be given equal coverage in the media?

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So before you give us your feedback take a minute to 
read through the pros and cons.
 November 15th sees Elections for Police Commissioners in 41 of the 43 police forces in England and Wales, at a cost of ?5,000 deposit in each.
The Conservatives and Labour know our “put the victims first – get tough on criminals” message would be very popular so they’ve stitched up the whole contest before it even starts.
By holding it in November, instead of in May or June, with one of the other major electoral contests, they’ve ensured that the early dark and likely bad weather will depress the turnout.

So Labour’s block postal vote and the Conservative’s shrinking but still sizeable army of little old ladies will far outweigh anyone else’s vote in a predicted turnout of under 20%.
There will not be a Free Post for election address, so only Establishment parties with big business or union backers can reach the voters.

The whole thing is a fiddle, designed to shoo-in another tier of Politically Correct, pro-regime placemen to continue the Leftist social engineering destruction of traditional Britain while appearing democratic.
But if we don’t fight these rigged contests, the controlled media will crow that we’ve gone away.

It’s a difficult choice, and we think that our members should have their say.
 So we’re holding a short sharp debate.

The key arguments for both ways are set out here.
 Together we’ll make the right decision, but we’d appreciate your input.

Please join in the debate on our website and Facebook, and attend local meetings where all this will 
be discussed.
Arguments in favour of standing

Prove we haven’t gone away

It shows we’re still in the game. The media have tried desperately to write us off and tell the public that the BNP is ‘finished’. By standing in some 
of these seat will prove them wrong.
Keep people in the habit of voting BNP

Supporters get very disappointed if they go to vote and find that we are not on the ballot paper. It makes them less likely to bother to go to the polls next time, so it could cost us seats in future elections that we can win, such as council and European contests.
 Establish our ‘tough on crime’ credentials

Everyone knows where we stand on immigration and Islam, but crime and kid-glove treatment of criminals is a big concern for millions of people. This is a great chance to broaden our appeal.
Reintroduction of capital punishment

Over 75% of the British public want the death sentence reintroduced in exceptional cases, such as child rapists, serial murderers and large scale class A drug dealers.

We would be the only political party actively campaigning in line with the will of majority of the population.
It’s a debate that needs to happen and without the BNP the real issues will be ignored.
Keep us in the media spotlight

To make serious political breakthroughs we need to force the mass media to give us fair and equal coverage and we can only do this by standing 
in these large elections.
Arguments in favour of not standing

We can’t afford it

The Party has just got out of a huge financial crisis caused by being over ambitious with elections, to fight even half of the seats would cost ?100,000 in deposits alone and with most ordinary voters not interested, we would lose most of them.
The public won’t hear about our policies

With no Free Post we cannot reach more than 
a tiny fraction of the electorate with our leaflets. 
The controlled media will largely shut us out, while giving coverage to the safety valve UKIP, which will talk tough on crime.

Some of our best people cannot stand

No one with a criminal record is allowed to stand, so having criminalised free speech and political descent, the Establishment has shut out some 
of our best candidates.
Getting badly beaten wouldn’t help

It’s highly likely that during the campaign the controlled media will ignore us, and afterwards crow if we get poor vote. We’ll be left financially stretched which would be a set back after the incredible financial recovery of late.

We can use our energy and money far better

By putting effort into demonstrations on popular subjects we can show the public that we are 
alive and well. We should concentrate on training our people and equipping our branches to fight professional campaigns in elections we can win, 
like local councils and European ones.

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