Teddy Bear's Picnic.

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Teddy Bear's Picnic.
« on: May 13, 2013, 10:00:22 PM »
Teddy Bear's Picnic.
Fri, 10/05/2013 - 14:00

By George Ashdown.
 If you go down to the woods today
 You're sure of a big surprise.
 If you go down to the woods today
 You better go in disguise. 
And what a teddy bear day out picnic it was too. Lurching amongst the Westminster foliage Old Queen Bess with Phil the Greek and Prince Charlie Farlie all enshrined in their holy regalia fitting for the world's richest royal family that is as out of touch with her people as is her government and Prime Minister.
All the great, the supposedly good and the entire cast of Westminster thieves packed in to hear the Queen's speech. Fifteen bills were mentioned along with more posturing on immigration, but no mention on gay marriage or a referendum on EU membership. Essentially it was business as usual despite the UKIP fiasco, or even possibly, because of, accordingly inviting more incompetence, ineptitude and stupidity from a coalition based on lies, half truths and the now standard Frankfurt School Marxist betrayal of the indigenous British.
Exactly what the bankers ordered though. Now there, don't be so confused, you do not really think that this pig's ear of a government managed to think up another year's worth of stupidity all by itself do you?

The bankers and their multitude of shareholders, many of which were in the House of Lords to hear the Queen, will be ecstatic with joy.

As you can see the Queen and Phil the Greek don't look at all displeased, as this government mess means that they stand to make billions upon billions from their bank's profits and investments in the years to come.
After five years of banker induced recession in Britain much of the outstanding debt has been collected by the fractional bankers. While it is clear they can expect little profit in investing in British enterprises, in fact no where near the 5% per annum they need, there are other juicy opportunities.

It is at times like these that bankers enjoy stretching their tentacles of corruption further afield and they will enjoy investing in more distant lands for the high returns globalisation offers.
Meanwhile the Queen and her cohorts of Westminster yes-men, we call them politicians, continue with their annual teddy bear picnic spreading doom and gloom upon this our country, safe in the knowledge that while the people of Britain suffer, they will prosper.

The banking scam continues at full tilt to the advantage of only the rich, many of which are in Westminster.
 The banking swindle supported by the ruling elite, continues without hesitation.

The whole confidence trick put forward by a corrupt elite, which is passed off as banking, is now so entrenched that it is impossible for these people to either see or comprehend the folly of their blind addiction to personal greed.

Greed has no morals, no boundaries, no qualms.
 We as a people are fighting for our survival from the horrors inflicted upon us by the elite's avarice.

We must only deal in the truth and think only of justice and freedom for our people. These ideas are alien concepts to the rich and powerful, but for ordinary folk they are the staff of life.
And we in the British National Party are the only people prepared to help the ordinary folk of Britain.

Through thick and thin we stand up for them. One day they will stand up with us too and together we will form a Nationalist government fit for the benefit of the people as a whole.

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