Muslim paedophile grooming - still the same after 1,200 years!

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Muslim paedophile grooming - still the same after 1,200 years!


Why is there endemic 'paedophile grooming' of white girls among Muslims in the West?

Simple, because the Koran prescribes it (see the quotes below).  The Koran says that Muslims can rape slave girls. Since Western Christian, Jewish or Hindu girls are kuffer unbelievers, they are regarded as 'slaves'.  (Kuffer unbelievers are allowed to be killed or taxed, according to the Koran, so they are the equivalent of slaves.)

And this is not a modern concern  - Islam has used the Judaeo-Christian populations across the Near East as dhimmi-serfs for more than a thousand years (all of North Africa and the Near East used to be near 100% Judaeo-Christian). And yet this same rampant abuse and rape of Christian girls was noted in northern Syria back in the 8th century, just 100 years after Islam was created:

This nation are very lascivious and in need of sexual gratification. Every law instituted for them, be it by Muhummad or by any other god-fearing person, is despised and dismissed if it is not instituted according to their sexual pleasure. But a law that fulfills their desires, even if it is instituted by a nobody among them, they accept; and they say to each other: ?this has been instituted by the prophet and messenger of god". (Chronicle of Zuqnin, year 621.) 

The problem of Muslim rape and gang-rape has been with us for more than 1,200 years, and so doing nothing and naively hoping the situation will change will not solve this problem. Someone, a politician or a cleric with nerve and resolve, needs to say the unsayable and challenge Muslims within the media, so we can understand the threat we are facing. 

The solution is simple  -  get a senior Muslim on the TV or in the newspapers, and ask them if they will condemn the verses in the Koran that permit the rape of slave-girls (below). I know what the result will be  - prevarication and dissembling. (The Koran is the 'word of god' and supposedly perfect in every respect.) And this is not a lesson from history. This is why Filipino maids get such a hard time in the Middle East, and why the gang-rape of white girls is endemic across Europe, Australia and the Americas. It is something we need to actively oppose and stop.

Ralph Ellis


Blessed are the believers who ... restrain their carnal desires (except with their wives and slave-girls, for these are lawful to them) Koran 23:5


Prophet, god has made lawful to you the wives to whom you have granted dowries, and the slave-girls god has given you as booty. Koran 33:50


Man was created impatient ? Not so the believers, who ? restrain their carnal desires (save with their wives and slave-girls, for these are lawful for them) Koran 70:21
I totally endorse my colleague's endorsement of Ralph Ellis's well-documented observations.

Without pretending that indigenous UK society is sex crime-free, where are the Jewish groomers, the Christian groomers (apart from paedophile priests), or even the secular groomers? If cases can be cited, they are roundly condemned by the values of our Judeo-Christian heritage. Not so Islamic grooming. While the Oxford imams and others wriggle to distance themselves from the perverts in their midst, there is nothing in the teaching, example and traditions of the Prophet Muhammad to discourage this increasing vileness (see two attachments).

The former Archbishop of Canterbury?s proposal that certain aspects of Islamic Law (shari'a) could be introduced alongside UK civil law was rightly criticised.  In the wake of the shocking revelations in Islamic Oxford, what can we expect from the new archbishop? One hopes that Justin Welby will be providing national leadership of an undisguised Christian nature unlike his predecessor who simply betrayed his ordination vows. 

It is long-overdue for politicians, churchmen and others to stop pretending that Islam is a benign influence in society. As the recent Boston bombs have highlighted, the tedious mantra 'Islam is a religion of peace' is an outrageous falsehood. It is no more an ideology of peace than it is one of purity. While I am utterly opposed to so-called gay marriage and related sodomite antics, Islamic execution of homosexuals is but one feature of its barbaric culture.

Our only hope is a penitent return to the grace, compassion and purity of the Lord Jesus Christ, the only Saviour of the world and sole inspiration for virtuous and happy human living. All else leads to darkness, despair and damnation. May God have mercy upon us!

Dr Alan C. Clifford

Norwich Reformed Church


Politics & USA Lists
A short and simple message of warning, to us all - from Ralph Ellis.
A selection of MPs included - then they can't say "we didn't warn them, or tell them!"
They should really know this actually, but they have all been through the 'brainwashing portals' of Westminster!
We, the public, of course, see it all do the police - when it suits them!

It behoves MPs to act on our behalf to protect this nation - they don't appear to be doing so.
Mr.Ellis even kindly suggests a first step solution!

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