Shame on you Sean Thomas

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Shame on you Sean Thomas
« on: May 17, 2013, 02:07:10 PM »
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15 May

Shame on you Sean Thomas

Written by Patriotic 1

In a scandalous recent article published in the Telegraph, the author makes the implication that Nick Griffin is somehow culpable for the lack of action from the police and criminal justice system for highlighting (in a speech for which he was prosecuted) the racial grooming and paedophilic behavior of sections of the muslim community on predominantly white underage girls.  Far be it from me to praise the BNP but credit where its due, not only did Nick Griffin give speeches about it, I also recall numerous articles written on their website trying to highlight the problem inherent within the muslim community and the lack of response from the police.  I guess not disrupting community harmony is far more important than the sexual exploitation of a few hundred under-aged white school girls.

One of the ironies of the article is the following line:
"Sometimes, amidst the bleakness, it is important to acknowledge that a few people did the right thing."

Perhaps Sean should have added the following disclaimer - unless your name is Nick Griffin.  Interestingly the author admits to a 'misspent youth', can I suggest that he also missed out on a sense of morality during this misspent period.  The fact of the matter is that paedophilia, the grooming and sexualisation of minors, whatever their race, colour, culture or religion is WRONG and credit should be given to anyone regardless of their political ideology for trying to highlight it.  Instead we have the bizarre almost perverted situation where right wingers are wrong even when their right and the liberal left do their utmost to twist and spin any situation to their advantage and Sean typifies this.

The article goes on to say:
"There's one more figure who played an important role in this saga. As long ago as 2001, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, was making claims about Asian grooming gangs. In 2004 he repeated these allegations in a speech clandestinely recorded by the BBC for a TV documentary, Secret Agent. He was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred."
"Which is exactly what he was doing, of course. He was making his allegations to stir up ethnic strife. Right-thinking people, aware of the BNP's record as liars, presumed that these stories were just racist demagoguery. No doubt Griffin feels vindicated today: for telling the truth before anyone else. And yet it was thanks in part to his thuggish intervention that society felt able to ignore the scandal. And thus the abuse continued."
Sorry Sean, but your accusation is wrong as Nick Griffin was cleared of all charges of inciting racial hatred by a jury at Leeds crown court.
I suspect Sean is a lefty liberal bury your head in the sand type who would rather this sickening or should I say these sickening increasingly common trials of muslim men hadn't been highlighted by the likes of Nick Griffin and others so as not to burst the bubble of the illusion of a harmonious diverse multicultural society he and they now preach we live in.
Footnote by the CorshamCrusader:
This is Patriotic 1's first article which he was inspired to write due to the incredible logic of Sean Thomas who blames Nick Griffin's exposure of Muslim Paedophile grooming gangs as the reason it carried on for so long without police intervention.

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