The Society Problem-BNP

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The Society Problem-BNP
« on: May 17, 2013, 10:30:47 PM »
The Society Problem.
Thu, 16/05/2013 - 16:00

By Peter Avebury-We have an enormous problem in Britain with getting new ideas accepted. Part of this is due to media unwillingness to contemplate that their biased opinions may be wrong.

But there is another puppet master that pulls many more strings with a greater effect.

The main difficulty is associated with the 1000 "royal families" that own, run and control Britain from their stronghold that is quite simply that of the landed gentry.

Their dominance, hidden for the most part by lack of publicity, has come to light regarding royal accession rule changes making females equal male children in line to the throne.

Now the 1000 top landed families want the same right to succession, as the royal household, for their children.
 It is not just the House of Windsor that has sons and daughters, aunts and uncles, plus whole legions of nephews and nieces in line for the throne. There are also tens of thousands of other nieces, nephews, daughters and sons waiting to fill the shoes of the remaining, often related to the royal household, landed families of lords, earls and barons lurking in the British hinterland on thousands of acres of farming, industrial or residential land.

These are the great landlords that created the "rental society" that foreign investors so admire and try to emulate or buy in to, and which breaks the backs of the indigenous people.
These ancient families, many in power since William the Conqueror kicked out the Saxon nobility, have their fingers in many a pie, great or small, and call the shots or pull the strings of many local puppets.

They too have been well infiltrated by the nouveau riche banksters, money lenders and pawn brokers who by hook (marriage) or by crook (calling in loans that borrowers took on the basis the loan would be extended if they failed to repay on time as is normal business practice among their class) got a foot in the door and are now part of the minor nobility.

While there have been Muslims living in Britain for hundreds of years they have always been a small minority mostly centred in London, here either as traders or diplomats, and for the most part dressing and behaving in a western manner.
 The first mosque built in Britain was in Woking in 1889.

The second came in 1925 in Southfields, south west London, with Peel Street in 1946 at Tiger Bay, Cardiff. More mosques opened in South Shields, Liverpool and east London to serve the large Yemeni, Somali and Bengali communities of seamen who had worked on British coal carrying tramp steamers or sailing ships from the 1840s onwards.
By 1977 three more had been built which included the hated Regent's Park mosque and with it the Satanic cult of Islam had become a British fixture.
But we must not forget that the British rich elites poked the hornet's nest when establishing the Empire in India and later in the Middle East when people like Lawrence of Arabia used the Arabs to fight the Ottoman Empire.
Nigel Bromage, a guards officer, joined the Arab Legion and turned the rag bag mercenary nomads of Jordan and Saudi Arabia and lesser emirates into professional soldiers.

It is a fascination with these desert people through officers like Ralph Bagnold, founder of the Long Range Desert Group, that our connections with Arabs and their traditions have long been established.
It is our history and the elite's need to meddle with other people's lives and lifestyles that brings these aliens here.
 The British Navy greatly expanded between 1600 and 1800 mostly to deal with the Barbary Corsairs of North Africa that raided Christian shores for slaves or took cargo ships on the high seas.

These Corsair pirates were the Muslim equivalent of Vikings operating mostly in the Mediterranean, but also as far afield as the shores of Nigeria, Brazil and Iceland.
As Britain's mercantile marine expanded so too did the Royal Navy not only to protect our merchant sailors but the ports they traded from in Britain which had suffered debilitating Corsair raids.
The cheap labour problem which was created by strong trade unions in British industry was in part solved by Muslim workers being encouraged to live and work here by the landed gentry and big business.

This policy, attempting to nullify the stifling closed shop practices of the British trade union movement, has been carried on by the elite ever since 1946 escalating from thousands of cheap labour Muslim immigrants to the millions that are here today, in just a few short decades.
Thus Muslims have been encouraged to live and work here in ever growing numbers for over 170 years. It is only now with vast hordes of criminal minded Pakistani and Turks plus arrogant oil rich Arabs, together with the 4,500 Saudi funded mosques now poisoning our land that the real problem unfolds for all to see.
While we blame Tony Blair and cultural Marxism and their multicultural agenda for the Muslim problem, it all really started with the landed gentry and their rich banking and industrial friends who saw these Muslims, who live outside normal society, as cheap union breaking labour, or more correctly as greater profits for the greedy rich elite of landed farmers and businessmen.

Tony Blair and the multiculturalism of cultural Marxists are a convenient scapegoat shrouding the real social criminals.
At one time the political class came exclusively from the landed gentry. They used politics as a way of "democratically" oppressing the indigenous poor to ensure their supremacy as the landed elites.

For all their faults and despite their globalism, (which in the form of Empire is how globalisation started), for the most part they reinvested their profits in Britain either to enhance their estates or glorify their wealth in our great cities.
As Britain expanded and the Empire made fortunes inevitable so too education flourished. Ordinary non elite people began to realise they too could enter government and from the early 19th century they did.

Parliamentary reform led to social reform which in turn led to working men getting elected to parliament in the 1920s. Electoral reform through emancipation preceded a great disappointment as Britain declared war on Germany for a second time in only 25 years.

At the end of which the indigenous British had absolutely nothing to show for it but poverty, misery and social hardships. The war mongering and profiteering elite had fleeced Britain and destroyed everything within Britain's grasp in the period from 1914 to 1945.

While we continued after the end of the Second World War with years of food rationing, Germany had no food rationing. While British cities lay in ruins German cities were rebuilt in a few years by profiteering British construction companies owned by our elite.

At every turn we as a people were betrayed by the elite.
 Finally the elite and their banker and business friends who had prospered so as a result of two futile world wars could do as they pleased through their puppet Conservative and gullible socialist Labour governments in Britain.

When the unions finally realised their plight they unwisely stood against Thatcher and were thoroughly defeated on the miner's picket lines.

Scargill drew a line across the road of social progress and squandered the hopes of many families in one great doomed confrontation.

That was not the battle it seemed but was really the landed elite versus the working people.
 Blair, suckered as always by people cleverer than he, decided to settle the matter once and for all by destroying the elite power base with massive unwanted third world immigration.

His only problem was that he didn't realise that this had been the elite's ambition all along. The immigrants, they thought, can have the awful depressing British towns and cities.

The elite, their country estates and overseas holiday homes. While we working people, exploited by everyone and his dog for a thousand years, have nothing but social aggravation from aliens taking our work and stealing our housing resulting in depressed wages and excessive rents.
The real problem facing us is the landed elite just as it has always been. The Muslim Satanists together with everything else that has destroyed our identity, culture and livelihoods are just the manifestation of the real problem, the landed gentry and the great families that form the elites.

We must never forget these devious and brilliantly clever survivors from the age of social dinosaurs, the age of royal patronage of the Kings and Queens of England.

Nationalist policies will put them in their place with the abolition of land ownership above 500 acres per family, the outlawing of fractional banking and government by binding national referendums where the entire people vote and govern democratically.
The Nationalist revolution, when it comes, will be so radical that all previous political upheavals will seem like mad hatter tea parties in comparison.
We Nationalists are oppressed by the ruling elites just as the trade unions and socialist governments were before us. Continually we are deceived in to thinking it is cultural Marxism or corrupt government or even bankers that are to blame for our social troubles.
The real cause, hides behind these social deviants and their total lack of morals, and we must never forget them. Should we fail to deal with them our children and grandchildren will suffer as we have?

The ruling elite have good cause to oppress Nationalists. We are the only social group in modern Britain that sees and speaks the truth.
Our rulers fear the truth more than anything because their entire prosperity depends upon lies, half truths and obfuscation - the hand maidens of dictatorship.

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