I knew the hard Left would target UKIP

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I knew the hard Left would target UKIP
« on: May 18, 2013, 12:42:01 PM »

The Usual Suspects???The Politics Of Self And Entitlement?..?Eh English Bastard Sassenach?Git outta ma Scawtland?We donna need England?.eh canna yer still fund ma health ?n? welfare Laddy??

 Traditional Old Catholic Church
19th May 2013
I knew the hard Left would target UKIP. My team and I have been monitoring Leftist/Liberal Internet forums for over five years. Most of these harpies can be seen on any ??Antifas?? demo across Europe, from Edinburgh, to London, to Copenhagen or Bonn. Many are ??Useful Idiots?? woefully unaware of facts or even why, in many cases what they ??protest?? about. Many are, despite their often ??Middle-class?? backgrounds and undergraduate ??educushuns?? quite illiterate and unable to hold a conversation or dialogue about subjects like the above ??racism?? of UKIP, or even the BNP. The latter are hardly ''Nazi'' actually but rather patriotic ''Old Labour''....
The ''Antifas'' resort to foul mouthed, spiteful vindictiveness and often violence. The Police hardly ever arrest or interfere with these creatures, since its front organisations like the ??Unite Against Fascism?? or its equally pathetic amoral ??sister??, (UNITE Union) ??Hope Not Hate?? is funded by the State, New Labour and even donations from the range of multicultural ??liberal-Progressive?? interests, that form the ??Triad?? Liberal-Labour-Conservative ''soft'' Soviet ??Party State??.
If that is not bad enough, its Socialist Workers? Party has been taken over by Islamists and indeed, if one traces the dots on the confusing melee of Trotskyite ??Liberal?? politics that lie behind most, if not all the weird and wonderful events of modern multicultural Britain, one will find a common Islamic thread. Of course these latter interests are always hidden in plain view, deliberately ignored by the treasonous Media but clues are easy to find, once the thin veneer of ??liberal-progressivism?? is scraped away in ??events?? like the Summer Riots of 2011, which I am 100% sure were Islamists? attempts to test out the British State?s resolve to defend sovereign territory within inner cities like London, in which these ??extremists?? wished to establish ??shariah?? and Moslem ??emirates??. Many old time Leftists have left all the above in disgust. As one told me- ''I am a Socialist not a primitive savage that hates humanity and women especially.....''
The major clue was recorded by a Russia Today and even a BBC report showing our dear friend Anjem Choudary and his followers, putting up well made posters, declaring Tottenham and the surrounding areas ??Shariah Zones??, in which a few days later, a number of Choudary?s followers, were seen among the rioters pelting the Police with bricks and torching buildings. One of Choudary?s followers is a native ??revert?? with a tell-tale ginger red, very Celtic ??Islamic?? set of whiskers and we follow his activities with great interest, his ginger hair better than a dye marker from a water cannon.
It would be almost funny-well it is actually- except this twit was jailed recently for plotting to murder Britons in a terror plot. He might as well have had a huge poster with an arrow on it saying ??Look at me!! Please arrest!! Actually he was deliberately left alone by the riot investigators who were watching him and his fellow Islamist oiks known to be plotting our deaths and please do not ask where I get my ??info?? from?..but it is reliable?.
We also noted that those who organised the riots knew how to deploy their forces, spread confusion in the enemy ranks almost appearing and striking at will, which demonstrates a high degree of strategico/tactical knowledge and sophisticated training, despite heavy use of the Internet. It threw the Police and Emergency Services into a total state of confusion. It is our guess that the power behind the EU and its Islamist allies, combined with imported ??experts?? lay behind these troubles. They fear and independent England outside the EU Soviet?.but a common thread runs through from the UAF/Hope Not Hate, our University system, the ??Triad?? Lib/Lab/Con, and the Islamists, who now control these inner city areas.
Don?t be surprised by this often, schizophrenic confusion among these ??interests??- this simply makes them easier, for the real gamers to divide and control as is necessary. We know who they are and where they are???But we also know why they are suddenly striking out at UKIP??.This will increase by the way in its frequency but should guarantee UKIP?s increased support.
However, the Dirty Tricks Brigade will do its utmost to prevent a UK withdrawal from the EU, including force- hence their deep interests in ensuring Scotland?s secession from the UK and the demonisation of Nigel Farage from the Nasty Face of their ??allies??, or the Nicer Face of Komrade David Kamerov, with his false promise of a ??Referendum??, that he knows full well will never happen. And they will do anything to avoid the breakup of the EU..Anything.
As I have oft said, blood will flow before we have our freedom back, as it already has in the fast gathering forces being deployed, as we drift into a possible civil war but we hope you now understand, why things are as they are and the single cause of it all but why Mr Farage is being attacked by these creepy groups, in a pub in Edinburgh??.all part of Jihad with the use of ??Useful Idiots??. One day these evil forces will turn on each other as they always do. I must say I have never met one ?racist? in UKIP?.my coloured wife and I have been treated very pleasantly indeed.
I can say though that many of our Police are utterly frustrated at not being able to deal with these blighters, held back by a mixture of ranking officers and politicians, either worried about upsetting their Moslem vote that controls the cities, or senior officers on the take from Islamist drug gangs around the UK, who control the Rotherham and Oxford paedophile gangs involved in the recent scandals ignored for ten years by the authorities. The 'Establishment' are now trying to divert growing public anger by arresting old former celebrities... that also serves another purpose, as it did in Soviet Russia and Third Reich to turn the populace away from the old regime by slandering its older elite.....
Meanwhile, the Islamists, many of whom have wafted off to Syria, supply the drugs- usually heroine and guns to the black gangs that rioted in 2011. These are funded by British/American CIA heroine profits and Saudi- Qatar oil wealth. Now do you understand. All this can be verified on the Internet....if one takes a bit of time and effort.
Indeed a nexus of violence across the urban centres of the South of England and even in cities like Manchester, follows the same pattern- shootings of black and white children caught up in turf wars over drugs. In Luton, another hotbed of Islamism and drugs wars, the Police have deployed their armed para-military wings across a number of violent estates??They also terrorise groups like the English Defence League.....Sooner rather than later they will do the same to UKIP...or any other ''enemy'' they perceive. I had ''Anti-Terrorist'' heavy mob outside my drive for three weeks in 2007/8.....at the height of my former ''popularity''....as a writer.
Scratch the surface and one finds the cult of Islam with all its related paraphernalia- shootings, drugs wars, rape, paedophile gangs and prostitution? claims of victimhood and special treatment- which they get...

All are part of the general jihad being waged against us and the rest of Europe, supported by the stupid treasonous ignoramuses sitting in Westminster, who wage war upon their own kind and force us to change our ancient laws on marriage and others to suit their sick, demented, perverted evil vision of a New World Order?.In short we are fighting for our civilisational survival and losing.
Please do not call my team and I ??Conspiracy theorists??, we are professionals in our fields, having studied these matters for decades. This is also why we can predict enemy moves long before they happen?Forewarned is forearmed?.Lets pray its does not come to the latter perhaps? Idiots like Salmond and his ??Scots Nats?? should perhaps bear in mind what I have written above??.On their heads be it then.
Written by Old Catholic Priest

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