Cameron, - the Commons?s Caligula !

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Cameron, - the Commons?s Caligula !
« on: May 19, 2013, 10:04:17 PM »
Ain't dis da truth?

Alvechurch Bugle ? 371   ( 15-5-13 )
Cameron, - the Commons?s Caligula !
It has been evident for some time, that the House of Commons is little more than a repository for individuals, with "learning difficulties, comprehension deficiencies and various other cerebrally related disorders",  not least a reluctance to observe the law in respect of penalty points on their driving licences.
This is would appear to be the chief reason, why no one has seen fit to point out to the House's most challenged individual - the PM. that his term of office, if running full term, ends in early May 2015.
He therefore has no mandate to initiate, propose, or seek to enact, any legislation beyond that date.
His pathetic, juvenile strategy, aimed at delaying any attempt at decisive action, by those determined to terminate our illegal membership of the EU, is not only a continuation of his despicable reneging on his cast iron guarantee, but it can have no validity under our democratic system.
His : ? No later than Dec 31st 2017 ? timeline, is tantamount to declaring "in 2034 I will increase the basic rate of income tax to.....bla bla bla  - - - -  and in  2046, my government will set aside ?1 billion pounds to remove all derelict wind turbine towers from our national parks and beauty spots, thereby increasing our tourist revenue, and avoiding a thirty third consecutive year of GDP contraction."
The man is ludicrous and a liability and his immediate superior. Our Head of State should summarily remove him, in the nation?s interest!
The much used, though purely nominal figure of ?54 million pounds, as being the amount that our Treasury haemorrhages to the unaudited Brussels accountants every day, needs to be born in mind when, in the not too distant future, the historians and financial experts look back over the forty or so years, of our association with what is now called the European Union.
Our EU involvement, has extended over 14,744 days and if one took the charitable guesstimate of  ?35 million pounds per day over that period, we have sent around  ?515 billion pounds into an organisation that has not produced a recognised set of signed and audited accounts, for eighteen years.
Impeachment is the term for those alleged to be guilty of an indictable offence in office and many who have served in HM government since the first of January 1973, would be hard put to it, to successfully defend themselves against this charge.

Ed.  -- -- --  Bromsgrovia.

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