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« on: May 20, 2013, 10:33:44 PM »

I am sixty years old. I have lived my life and it has been a roller coaster ride that I fully admit was largely, but not solely, of my own making. I have been no saint but my Christian faith brought stability to my life and has been a comfort to me for many years.
As a child I was abused on a daily basis by my step-mother. As an adult I was abused by two separate females and their families. I was stabbed. Punched. Bitten. Kicked. My face was spat in. I was attacked in my sleep. I had objects thrown at me. I was hit with various objects. I was struck with a large piece of wood across the head that split my skull open and knocked me to the floor, covered in my own blood. I had all of my money stolen and left in debt that I never fully recovered from. I had property destroyed or stolen. I was constantly threatened, lied about and slandered in public and in private. I asked for help but discovered I was the wrong gender. No one in government, or in government institutions helps male victims of abuse.
The government takes the view that only women suffer abuse and ignores their own evidence to the contrary. The FACTS are that 3.3 million men suffer abuse in this country every year. Exactly the same total as females. According to the largest abuse survey ever done (H.O.S. 191) and verified by hundreds of other studies around the world. See here for an example:
The result of my abuse was that I now have PTSD and recurring bouts of depression. I also have Asthma but that runs in my family. My abusers were never punished.

I did not just sit down and whine and feel sorry for myself. I took action to help other abused males and to raise their profile to the public mind. I started a web site on the subject (Only the second one in the world at that time) and went onto TV, Radio and into the press to discuss the issue.

I joined the male charity, 'ManKind' as their National Domestic Violence Coordinator and ran a 24 hr help line from my home for male victims.

The PTSD made this all very difficult and, after having a flashback and breaking down live on a breakfast programme with Philip Schofield and Fern Britain, in front of millions, I was forced by my health to give up much of that work and withdraw from the public eye.

I tried to work, found I could not and was forced to quit. I sought help from the psychiatric community and my local doctor. I ran into a wall of disbelief. It was an American psychiatrist online who diagnosed me and explained what PTSD is. In Britain, the level of ignorance and indifference in the medical profession about this condition is, frankly, staggering.
I applied for, and received, sickness benefit at the lowest level and went into poverty. A far cry from tabloid headlines of people living in luxury but off the current political narrative and therefore, ignored.
Then, just last month, ATOS came along and stripped ALL benefits from me, despite having passed me as unfit for work many times before. Was it a qualified psychiatric doctor who, after testing me, found me at fault?

It was a nondescript physiotherapist nurse known as, Emma Nicholls, working at the Croydon Medical Examination Centre being paid to do just as she has done and to make David Cameron look good, at any human cost, by reducing welfare bills so he can get votes and power. In other words, people are dying and being made destitute to boost our Prime Minster's reputation and wealth. That is political and medical extremism and abuse of power of the worst and most despicable kind.
Ms Emma Nicholls was, and is not, qualified to make a clinical judgement outside of her field. For doing so she should be disciplined by the BMA and hopefully, struck off.
This government brought ATOS in and they have inflicted misery and death on too many people with their heartless acts. Getting lawyers to fight for us is almost impossible unless we launch a class action suit.
The media chiefs, who cosy up to politicians, have had their orders and they have been publishing anti disabled people propaganda to make the British people regard those of us who are unfit for work as scroungers and leeches on the system. While most of us will acknowledge that there ARE people who will always take advantage of the welfare system and deserve those descriptions, it cannot be right to allow the press, ATOS and the government to paint us all with the same brush.

Doctors take an oath to do no harm. How then can any of those within the medical profession justify the harm they are willing to do to people who cannot work through no fault of their own? Those willing to do this need to be brought to account and to be struck off for breaking that oath in the first place. They should not have a right to practice if their aim is to hurt others less fortunate than themselves. Shame on them!
Their actions amount to medical extremism and no civilised country should put up with it. That Britain's politicians are prepared to do so -- with media backing -- should be, and is, deeply worrying to the British people. It is behaviour more suited to Stalin-ism and Nazi-ism than to our democracy.
Some of us are sick and we cannot work! That, is the end of the story. Punishing us is morally reprehensible, as is forcing us to live in poverty. I gave up on the British medical establishment because the British medical establishment had nothing to offer me in the way of help. All they offered was ridicule, disinterest and disbelief.
Something has to be done. The only question is, what CAN be done?
I have thought long and hard about this matter. The problem is we are facing three giants. The media. The government and ATOS. They are powerful foes. Giants that have to be slain and we are like a group of David's, hobbling on to the battlefield, already hurting and in pain, with nothing more that a sling and a few smooth stones; but, David won his battle with Goliath because he was prepared to stand up and be counted while everyone else trembled in fear. (You can read his story here if you wish: ). We must do the same.

I cannot call on others to take action if I am not prepared to do so myself. (I leave that behaviour to the politicians.) So I am willing to be the first of what I hope will be many David's. This much I promise you: this fight will not be won by shouting from the sidelines and shaking an impotent fist at the enemy. It will be won by taking the fight to them with all the fury you can muster.

What I intend to do is extreme but then, so is the war forced upon us. We must fight fire with fire but I do not expect others to fight in the way I am because, I have decided to go on a hunger and water strike.
Expected time to live: Between three and five days.
This protest will begin at midnight on Monday may 20th 2013 and will end in either victory or death soon after. Whether or not my fight becomes a pointless and empty gesture or, a carefully aimed and effective stone in my sling shot aimed at the enemies head, depends on you and people like you.

NOTE: This decision is NOT the result of a depressive episode. I am thinking clearly and I am in my right mind as I type this.
The Plan and what YOU can do to help:

On Monday I will eat my last meal and take my last fluids. The media will be able to reach me through this number 0750 88 1975 7. Please respect this number. It is for MEDIA ONLY. Do what you can to get it to as many local, national and International press offices as possible. Search for them online.

Get Organised:
Make You Tube videos, start twitter accounts if you don't have one, get on face book and start a support page etc. Do it quickly, you will only have three to five days remember.
Use every means possible to get the word out. Talk to editors and journalists but be calm, reasonable and intelligent when you do it. If you rant and rave and fill your email with red fonts, capital letters and insane raves about the NWO and David Ike, no one will listen to you.
Get onto newspaper web sites online anywhere in the world -- not just here in Britain -- and write comments about the protest. Go onto medical websites and do the same. Talk to students in Universities, perhaps personally, or through Student Union pages online. Contact every Christian Church you can find online in the country and send them an email asking for help. Contact other support groups. Contact male charities. Contact every MP and member of the House Of Lords you can find, regardless of what they say about not being able to help people who are not their constituents. Remember to save their email addresses in your account. You may need them later.
Use your telephone and your computer and raise a long, loud and ferocious -- but well reasoned and polite -- stink.
If you are dealing with journalists watch it. They can be like friendly but deadly snakes and try and get you to say something dumb or even ambush you on TV programs. If you cannot answer their questions in ways that will help, say nothing or tell them you need time to think about it. The focus should be on the protest but use your own story if it helps. If you find yourself in a TV or Radio studio and they treat you badly, never be afraid to leave, citing your refusal to be abused any longer.
The idea is to do three things.

Raise awareness of the plight of victims of ATOS and to get ATOS stopped!

To shame those in power and the media and medical establishments, not just by calling them to account here, but also by threatening their world wide reputations.

To raise enough pressure to call a halt to this war on the sick once and for all.
Remember! This is not just about you or me, it is about everyone one of us. It is about fighting for what is right and decent and just. It is about those who have already died; those who are dying now and those who will die early deaths tomorrow if this monstrosity is not stopped quickly.
When you feel like you are tired and want to give up, that is the time to give up giving up! You and I do not have time to wait for someone else to take on this battle. We have to do it and we have to win it. I will do what I can, will you?
Well, will you?

ATOS have stripped all of my benefits away and left me with nothing. I cannot pay rent or council tax. I cannot buy any food once my money runs out. Soon I will be homeless and on the streets. While I am still in my home I will have no power or heating. I have no family left. I will go from poverty to extreme poverty and at 60 years of age I will not last long anyway.
The appeal process is long, fraught with obstacles and hard to undertake alone. None of what is offered to me, or you, is guaranteed. It is a bureaucratic nightmare designed to make us give up and go away from the sheer stress they are putting us through.
It is like walking a tightrope without a safety net while the government and ATOS try to push you off with long polls. If I am going to fall to my death then I will do so when I am ready and not when the government decide to give me that final nudge and the medical establishment decides to walk by on the other side and pretends not to see.
It is my life. I shall end it in my way while I still have that choice. I will not be murdered by savage unfeeling suits in Westminster and the civil service. If you can use my protest to get the help you so richly deserve and to remind the British people what compassion and love for others means, then do so.

This has been my motto as a Christian: Alteri serviens consumor - "In serving others, I myself destroy"
I have tried to live by it. My protest will be the ultimate test of that motto in my life but there is nothing noble in this. It is the weapon of desperation forced upon us by the evil that made the war against us.

George Rolph
Soundcloud interview:

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