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« on: May 21, 2013, 09:37:58 PM »

One must wonder whether in his rage at being 'heckled' by these low-life fascists of the UAF, Nigel Farage has forgotten to take into account the hidden implications? These are the same thugs that were led by the communist Gerry Gable and allegedly supported by David Cameron, that used to demonstrate against the BNP when they were in the ascendancy and, becoming a serious threat to the establishment party's. It doesn't take too much thinking out that other than the change of name, another so called fringe party has come into being with the threat of removing the pigs from the trough.

Cameron will of course deny that he has anything to do with the fascist UAF, but it is now common knowledge that the man is an unprincipled liar who will do and say anything to hang onto power, He has shown by his previous childish rantings against UKIP members, (closet racists, fruit cakes etc), that his intelligence would rival that of the legendary 'dead neckle' and that if ever there was a time for ANYONE  to challenge for the position of Prime Minister it is now. Hence the timely return of the thugs of the UAF.

It is unfortunately becoming more obvious by the day that bloody revolution is going to be the only way that true justice will be achieved for the indigenous citizens of the West, all legitimate ways of achieving this being thwarted by the traitors at present holding the reins of power. Voting has become an outmoded method of protest the abuse of which is a pastime for the Third World population, imported by our leaders and now resident in the West, who have honed the rigging of the vote to a fine art.

Scum are scum Nigel, whether they are fascists recruited from the slums as with the UAF or from Eton as with those who purport to lead us and, you will need to up your ball game if you are to survive as a serious political threat.

Posted on behalf of Dukie 3(Can't access TW)

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