First male reports savile abuse

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First male reports savile abuse
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Redcar man says Jimmy Savile abused him in back of Rolls Royce

8:00am Wednesday 10th October 2012 in News                    By Julia Breen

                                                ABUSE ALLEGATION: John ls-Royce at the age of nine

 A NORTH-EAST man who has become the first male to make sex abuse allegations against Jimmy Savile told yesterday how he was groped by the DJ in the back of his Rolls-Royce at the age of nine.

 John Gibbin, of Redcar, also said he reported the matter to the Metropolitan Police in the 1980s ? but officers did not even call him back.

 The 49-year-old said he was at a charity track and field event in Southend, Hants, in 1972, which was being hosted by Savile, when he was lured into the presenter?s car and assaulted.

 Cleveland Police last night confirmed they had received a complaint relating to ?a historic allegation of sexual assault?.

They said any reported allegations of a similar nature were being collated by the Metropolitan Police in London.

 The revelations from Mr Gibbin came as the NSPCC said in the past five days it had received 40 calls following claims of sexual abuse committed by Sir Jimmy Savile, 17 of which directly concerned Savile.

 A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said more than 129 lines of inquiry were being pursued, with an estimated 20 to 30 possible victims so far.

 Savile?s family said yesterday it plans to remove the headstone from his grave at Woodlands Cemetery in Scarborough, North Yorkshire, out of respect to public opinion, and to ensure the ?dignity and sanctity? of the cemetery.

 Mr Gibbin is the only man to have come forward to make allegations about Savile so far. He said he hoped speaking out would encourage other men to report abuse.

 He was attending a charity event in Southend in aid of Stoke Mandeville Hospital with his family when he was nine years old, and fascinated by cars.

 He spotted Savile?s Rolls- Royce outside the Rock Garden restaurant and had his picture taken in front of it. He stayed next to the car, hoping for a word with Savile, while his family went to find seats to watch the athletics event.

?He came over and saw me peering into the car,? said Mr Gibbin. ?He asked me in and we sat in the back while he showed me the car?s drinks cabinet, with the bottles of whisky and brandy, and the electric windows, which I was fascinated with. ?The seats we were sitting on would fold right down to make a sort of bed, but we were sitting upright.

?I was in the car alone with him for about ten minutes and then he just leaned across, smelling of cigars and alcohol, and lunged at me, and put his hand down my trousers and groped me.

?I knew it was wrong. I just remember reaching for the door handle and running away as fast as I could to find my parents. I can?t remember if he said anything. He didn?t try to stop me.

?I knew a man shouldn?t be fondling a boy like that. I didn?t dare tell my parents because I was ashamed and I thought they would be angry or think I was lying. I just kept it a secret.

?But it was so hard to watch him on the TV after that, especially when he was doing Jim?ll Fix It. I remember seeing all those children in the studio with him and thinking he shouldn?t be allowed anywhere near them. But things were different then. People didn?t listen to children about things like that. Sometimes they don?t now, but if I want to say one thing, it is always, always to listen to a child who makes an allegation, no matter how famous the person is.?

Mr Gibbin said he had approached the Met Police in the 1980s about the allegations but said no one returned his call.

 A Met spokeswoman said last night: ?I apologise profusely that this gentleman or others like him have felt like that, but we urge them to please come forward now and we will listen. It is vital any victims contact us or the NSPCC.?

The NSPCC helpline ? 0808- 800-5000 ? is staffed by trained counsellors around the clock.

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