Diversity: ''May Newsletter''‏ Insult.

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Diversity: ''May Newsletter''‏ Insult.
« on: May 31, 2013, 09:33:25 PM »
Diversity: ''May Newsletter''‏ Insult.

Fri, 31/05/2013 - 17:00

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By John Salvage-This is going to hurt ladies and gentlemen, and I mean really hurt.

With the recent slaying of a British soldier on the streets of our capital city still fresh in the minds of the British public, the French soldier attacked on his home turf, and a multitude of anti-Christian and anti-White attacks counted in their dozens already this year alone on our own soil, business owners and SME's will be getting this: [email protected] in their email inboxes on a regular basis.

Although mainly aimed at the ''American'' sector originally, where our American kinfolk are led by the nose, we also follow suit. We've been entrapped since the end of World War Two and now face serious consequences for electing bought and paid for traitors, political rent boys and prostitutes, decade after decade... or should that be decayed?


It's not clear whether this ''economic ethnic cleansing campaign'' was planned before the street execution of Drummer Rigby, or whether it is a despicable rush job in the light of the public backlash from what happened to this young soldier, but whenever it was formulated, and by whom, it is utterly disgusting.

Millions of British businesses will have received the same email as we have here, as if we are not ''quota brow-beaten'' enough. The workplace for both business owners and working folk alike is already over-populated by immigrant labour.

The accompanying legislative red-tape also makes it feel more akin to living in a pro-Communist regime. Ethnic quotas, much of it biased towards everyone and anyone but our own European kith and kin, is restrictive enough as it is.

However, for the commissars installed in our institutions, this is no where near enough.
 The use of the word Diversity is, as many of our readers know full well, nothing more than ''soft focus Communism'', and means that anti-White, pro-gay legislation can be used to wreck the normality of our once prosperous, civilised socio-economic structure.

This is what they say on their site:
''Studies show that businesses with a diverse staff base out perform their counterparts in productivity and profit. 9.1 million people in the UK are from ethnic backgrounds. By 2021 20% of the population will be of ethnic origin.''

What study? Who took part in it, and where?

In parts of Britain where there are no, or very few immigrants, and arrogant openly hostile gay rights activists, surely they don't expect sensible, well balanced people to actually believe this so-called ''study,'' do they?

With all the evidence, both in civil and legislative law in the public and private sector working world, proving that generally, crime and low intelligence are connected and that the crime rate and failure to conduct useful institutions and businesses amongst minorities is a fact-of-life, it is apparent that if you tell a lie long enough it should therefore become the truth.

One of ''Diversity Jobs'' partners, is Stonewall, this, and other supposed ''rights'' groups like Peter Tatchell's Out-Rage group have very ugly links and far-reaching tentacles into every institution, including the Police Service.

The Assistant Chief Constable of Leicestershire Police is among the keynote speakers at Stonewall?s Workplace Conference in Manchester, on 14 June.

The Conference promotes good practice around sexual orientation at work, and last year attracted 120 delegates from every sector. Corporate Banking, Barclays, Leicestershire Police, and the Co-operative amongst others, all appear on Stonewall?s 2013 ''top 100'' list of gay-friendly employers in Britain.

Remember Tatchell's piece in the Guardian some time ago?

He stated:
''It is time society acknowledged the truth that not all sex involving children is unwanted, abusive and harmful''
 He also campaigned for the age of consent to be lowered to 14. Yes, 14 years of age... if that is not Paedophilia, what is? Encroaching Diversity and minority pandering is a slow death to tradition. Traditional views are now seen and legislated against, as if these views were THE most ugly and immorally warped thing ever.

A young lad, aged 25 serving his country, can be executed in broad daylight, white girls raped and abused, and yet no attempt to seriously redress the situation is seen or heard from any mainstream media or political commentator, but biased reporting in favour of immigrants and other minorities is pandered to.

Over 20,000 military personnel leave the armed forces each year, and that is due to rise over the next five years due to ''reforming'' the UK armed forces.

They served, as did Drummer Rigby, with dignity and honour. And now they, along with our traditional civilian workforce are to be diversified and legislated against, and put out of the jobs market in favour of every minority under the sun.

The newsletter and the Diversity Jobs website are but one avenue with which to further the ideas of cultural Marxism. Only one political party with a powerful enough brand name still intact can reach out and oppose such tactics.

The British National Party has certainly had its fair share of problems recently, with personality clashes and spats etc, but hasn't every political party?

We cannot be successful in opposing all of the above and continue to be slaves to petty tribalism. Look what happened to Boudicca. We are one tribe, one people, and have but one chance.

We are the BRITISH, and we are here to stay. Starting with the march in London, the tribes of Britain will come together; let us make this event more than simply political.

Let us make this event a defining one that puts the nail in the coffin of Marxist, anti-White hate, its useful idiots, both the collective minorities and our own, and the whole damned edifice once and for all time.


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