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« on: June 10, 2013, 09:19:22 PM »
For any out there who still actually believe the outright lies and misinformation that this tabloid rag pumps out day after day, I would suggest that you walk after dark through any major South African town or indeed, any of the towns on the continent of post independent Africa, without police escort.


Upon his demise, Mandela will have left behind him a legacy of anti white genocide that continues today, with the daily massacre of white men, women and children that whilst known, goes completely unreported by our government run media, committed to the destruction of their colonial white kith and kin. An even greater resurgence of violence will be the order of the day when this kindly old gentleman goes the way of all good terrorists, but of course you won't be allowed to hear or read anything about that in this Shangri-la of harmony and free speech.


Michael Bennett, another darker pigmented beneficiary of British taxpayers largess writes: "A towering figure in world history and an inspiration to millions" of Mandela, whilst Cameron kneels submissively at his feet no doubt waiting to commit an indecent act. Inspiration indeed, who had ever heard of 'necklacing' before the advent of Mandela and who could possibly aspire to carrying out the operation with such zeal and dedication as his wife Winnie?

You've got to admire him though, not many of his sort have an actual photo of a British Prime Minister on his knees in such a compromising position. Gulp!!




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Re: MANDELA-Warning-graphic content
« Reply #1 on: June 10, 2013, 10:28:39 PM »
This again is not to be taken as support for the BNP over any other nationalist party, but as a former colonial and having travelled extensively throughout the African continent including South Africa, I do feel qualified to agree with what Nick Griffin has said here, having seen the joys of Africanisation first hand.

The lady with the cross hammered down her throat is a common occurrence which first came to prominence in the Congo during the early 1960's and made a resurgence in Rhodesia and South Africa together with 'necklacing', upon the release from captivity of St Mandela, together with the destruction of a then civilised country, condemned by liberal Western ignorance.

We are witnessing now the abject stupidity and ignorance of our political classes with the advent of compensation to be paid to the Mau-Mau of Kenya for ill treatment received at the hands of the wicked colonial British. The Mau-Mau came from the Kikuyu tribe, the remaining 51 tribes of that country being perfectly happy with their lot, the major tribes even siding with the settler community. How come that our media haven't told us this?

Impatient philanthropists such as the idiots ensconced in Westminster, ignore the fact that there is no foundation in the African mind of integrity, industry or trust and that without that, the democracy that is now so sadly missing in our society, is also doomed to failure in Africa. Appeasement and the continued yielding to the demands of not only the savage of Africa but also the religious zealot of Islam, will lead us to destruction and it is upon the middle classes in the West that the survival of civilisation as we know it now rests.

Black is beautiful as the liberal lefties of the UAF and our naive government would have you believe. I would love to witness the beauty that they perceive when that beautiful Black with his crazed blood-shot eyes comes charging at them wielding a panga. Can't happen here? Watch this space.

Dukie 3

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