Ukip Councillors Refuse to sign 'Multicultural' Anti-Racism Pledge

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Ukip Councillors Refuse to sign 'Multicultural' Anti-Racism Pledge

Mon, 10/06/2013 - 11:00

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By Mike Whitby-As a British National Party councillor, I welcome this initiative by these Ukip councillors. It is about time they decided to speak the truth and be damned with the PC consequences.

I have been demonised and reported to the Ombudsman for refusing to sign a similar document, which incidentally, is unlawful. As is the procedure which attempts to force or coerce councillors to carry out an action that they believe to be unlawful.

For far too long, Ukip people have avoided answering questions about multi-culturism, in case they were drawn into telling the truth.

But privately, most Ukip people feel exactly the same way we do about the so-called ?enrichment? of multi-culturism ? it is killing our great country and our people are being oppressed to extreme lengths, to force them to accept something that they know is fundamentally WRONG!

Those Common Purpose 5th Columnists who are trying to force us all to accept the outrageous injustices perpetrated against the British people wouldn?t dream of questioning the habits and motivations of Africans, Indians and others from the Third World.

As to do so, may put them in a position of being ?hanged by their own petard?, to use an old fashioned term, and render them ?guilty? of yet another phony racist crime.

It is time for ALL native indigenous Britons to state quite openly that, ?birds of a feather flock together? as does everything else in nature.

So, it?s perfectly natural for us to want to be surrounded by our own kind, and NOT people of a completely different kind.

Those 5th Columnists need to be told in no uncertain terms;


Furthermore, now that Ukip has taken this bold step (by their normal standards) isn?t it time they stopped siding with the Lib-Lab-Con in regard to the BNP, or do they intend to continue their pretence at being patriotic, whilst carrying out the wishes of the banksters?

British National Party members are happy to share a platform with ANYBODY, as we are confident that, given the true facts, the British people will see that our policies are open and honest, and that the BNP is the only truly patriotic political party in Britain.

A year ago, I was competing for the position of Elected Mayor of Liverpool, against a number of other candidates, and during private discussions with some of these other candidates, I discovered that the Ukip man was really looking forward to a live candidates debate on BBC Radio Merseyside.

But, when the time came to do the show, Ukip sent a message that their candidate would not share a platform with the BNP ? what a complete and utter cop-out!

The truth is they were frightened in case their candidate agreed with the BNP candidate.

The wishes of their candidate were completely overruled by the PC bankster puppets at the helm of Ukip, as I know for a fact that the candidate wanted to attend that debate.

By using the same disingenuous tactics as the Lib-Lab-Con, Ukip exposes who it REALLY represents ? NOT its patriotic PC followers, but the banksters of the City of London; that state-within-a-state that controls the British government.

Similarly, when Nigel Farage (or more accurately, Nigel ?Mirage?) was recently put under pressure by the leftist media and questioned about the subject of racism, he RAN AWAY and refused to discuss it!

Members of Ukip, would?ve been very angry that their leader was not strong enough to stand his ground and point out that the ?crime? of racism should not exist, as it is purely a communist construct, which was invented by the mass murderer, Leon (Bronstein) Trotsky, to deny free speech.

But instead, Nigel ?Mirage? chose to run away.

The real patriots in Ukip should also question that party?s manifesto policy on immigration ? that which they call ?Balanced Migration?.

Evidently, Ukip is very happy to see 250,000 immigrants coming here from the Third World, as long as 250,000 Britons leave our shores!

How on earth can a true patriot be happy with this appalling Ukip policy?!

The genuine patriots in the Ukip membership should tell Nigel ?Mirage? to drop this outrageous manifesto policy and tell the truth of the damage which is being caused by multi-culturism.

Also, the 100,00 to 200,000 Britons that leave our shores every year are seldom asked WHY they are leaving Britain.

Those that volunteer to state their reasons, say that they are sick to death of our country being colonised by foreigners; unfair taxation; government?s decimation of private pensions; benefit scroungers and the needs of genuine ?beneficiaries? becoming subordinate to interlopers from the Third World.

British families are being forced to pay a bedroom tax on the home they lived in all their lives, just to find more space for the interlopers; our OAP?s have to decide whether to eat or heat; a million of our 16 to 24 year olds are unemployed and the government does nothing; Britain being colonised and led toward an Islamic republic; foreign companies are allowed to hold an unfair competitive advantage over British companies, which forces British bosses to relocate abroad, or face bankruptcy.

Ukip members should ask Nigel ?Mirage? questions about all of the above, and, as he is so fond of appearing on Question Time etc, these concerns could be exposed on TV ? but he hasn?t done it as yet, so don?t hold your breath.

And finally, Nigel ?Mirage? should address the phony National Debt which, he and the Lib-Lab-Con know, doesn?t really exist.

Will he say that the government should have total control of the production and issuance of the British Monetary system, just as Iceland has now done?

Or will he continue to follow his roots as a Merchant Banker, and keep taking the money, regardless of the outcome.

I suspect it will be the latter, as leopards seldom change their spots.

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