The Mystery Deepens and the Silence is Deafening, says Ashley Mote

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The Mystery Deepens and the Silence is Deafening, says Ashley Mote


It is now over three months since the police raid on my home, following publication of my memoirs based on five years in the European Parliament ? A Mote in Brussels? Eye


Despite several letters to the Chief Constable and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire I still do not know :


?   Why the raid took place at all

?   On what grounds the police were granted a search warrant

?   By whom, and at what court the warrant was signed

?   Why it referred to ?the offences? without explanation, clarification or the use of the qualifying  word ?alleged?

?   Who or what organisation persuaded the police to act

?   Why they did not talk to me first, assuming there was anything to talk about

?   Why they have kept my mobile phone for so long

?   Why they have retained a few papers since early March, none of which can be of any relevance to anyone else, having returned the rest almost immediately

?   Why they have refused to answer any questions or explain themselves

?   Why their silence has been deafening.


In addition to all that, my entirely reasonable questions seeking an explanation of Chief Constable Andy Marsh?s prima facie breaches of the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984 also remain unanswered.  So do my questions to Hampshire?s newly-elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Simon Hayes, who seems not to have exercised his own responsibilities to challenge the Chief Constable under the Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011, Section 1(7). 


Since he appointed Andy Marsh as the new Chief Constable only days after his election as Commissioner, Simon Hayes? apparent conflict of interest raises an important question ? why do we need a Police and Crime Commissioner and all the expense of an entirely new level of bureaucracy if the police are not held to account?   

A written question about the police raid on my home was asked in the European Parliament and answered by the Lithuanian Commissioner for ?Taxation, Customs, Statistics, Audit and Anti-Fraud?, Algirdas Semeta.  He denied any knowldege of my affairs since 2010.  It is always possible, of course, that he was being economical with the truth, as the European Commission so often is.   

A letter from my MP Damian Hinds to the Home Secretary was side-stepped by the junior minister Damian Green who took three pages to say I should complain to the Independent Police Complaints Commission.

Evasion at every turn.



What is this really all about?


Over the last decade or so I have devoted the bulk of my professional time and energies, to say nothing of the public money available to me via the EP, researching and exposing the EU?s institutionalised fraud and systemic corruption.

Not only have I recorded much of the detail in my memoirs, but I have also taken several boxes of carefully documented and thoroughly researched evidence to the Serious Fraud Office (all of which was ignored and dismissed with contempt), to Scotland Yard (ditto), to a committee of the House of Lords (whose europhile chairman chose to turn a blind eye) and numerous MPs on both sides of the House of Commons (who were never able to gather enough support for effective action).

I have also briefed, and provided much detail to several UK - and some foreign - journalists (not one of whom could persuade their respective editors to run a story).

Now I find myself apparently being investigated by the very same people and institutions against whom I blew the whistle, aided and abetted by the British police who chose to ignore the evidence presented to them years ago. 


It was bad enough that the police failed to provide support, thanks and investigative vigour when I first approached them.  But it is even more intolerable, many years later, for those same British police to have scandalously undertaken the dirty work of the iniquitous bureaucracy in Brussels who are now so obviously desperate to trace my informants within their own ranks.

That is the only credible explanation why, after a delay of some three years, barely a month passed after publication of A Mote in Brussels? Eye before the arrival of the police, without warning and in force, at my home.


I still await answers? and so will the EU.  I will never reveal my sources.

PS: Amazon has just reduced the price of my book to ?3.70.

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