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Your ref 2013/009227

Thank you for acknowledging my complaint, I wish to submit further evidence as to the Commissioner and his staff officers taking a policy decision not to investigate my most serious allegations of high treason, against past and present government ministers. A number of people across this Kingdom have also reported exactly the same allegations to their County Force, as I have personally submitted to the Commissioner of the Metropolis. I am attaching a list of 11 County forces which have recorded these allegations of high treason, and the bulk of whom have forwarded them to the Metropolitan Police for investigation. The Met being better placed geographically and financially, to carry out an investigation into the treasonable actions of our government ministers and a large number of civil servants. 

These 11  County forces have viewed the evidence and the law dealing with the crimes and have considered them worthy of investigation as a result they have transferred the crime to a force they consider better placed to carry out the investigation. 

The Commissioners staff officer has written to me stating my allegations will not be investigated because they are vexatious, yet when I wrote to the Commissioner requesting his evidence my allegations were vexatious? The silence was deafening. When I suggested that he arrest me for wasting police time and perjury, he failed to do so because he is aware that his position is untenable, and he will not risk prosecuting me because if I am declared innocent. By default he is guilty. And I would be found not guilty because I have the treasons and the law at my finger tips, law defined by such Great English Judges as Sir Mathew Hale and Sir William Blackstone. Law the Commissioner is required by law to enforce. 

One of these treasons the Treason at Maastricht is an act of high treason aimed directly at our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II and all her successors, contrary to the 1351 Treason Act. I respectfully submit we each of us have an absolute duty to defend all Her Majesty's Prerogatives, Authorities, and Superiorities. Even unto death.

It has been stated that Her Majesty gave these treasons the Royal assent, but it is a constitutional fact of law that Her Majesty is forbidden by law from surrendering her person or her subjects to the dominion of any foreign power. A simple reading of the 1689 Bill of Rights which incorporates the 1689 Declaration of Rights is all that is needed to clarify this fact. The Maastricht treason purports to make Her Majesty and her subjects citizens of a foreign power the European Union. A clear act of high treason contrary to the English Constitution the 1351 Treason Act, and the 1848 Treason Felony Act.   

The other Treason concerns the treason against the English Common Law arrangements of Parliament over the 1999 House of Lords Act, this is also dealt with by the two great Judges mentioned above. And constitutes an act of high treason against the English Constitution, and each of Her Majesty's subjects. It is clear that

the Professional Standards department of the Metropolitan Police and the Police authority, have colluded to loose my complaint against the Commissioner and his staff officers, by the use of the word fanciful in both their replies to me. I stress my allegations of high treason are anything but fanciful as evidenced by the fact 11 County Forces have considered the allegations of high treason worthy of recording for investigation. 

I submit that before a decision can be reached on this matter, it is essential that a meeting between myself and your investigating officer be arranged, it would be better at my home as the books containing the legal history of the English Constitution and the law as it stands today, are very heavy and not easily transportable but either way I consider any decision without such a meeting is likely to be flawed. 

Respectfully submitted   

Albert Burgess

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