Projecting Revisionism Backwards

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Projecting Revisionism Backwards
« on: June 18, 2013, 11:18:25 PM »
Projecting Revisionism Backwards: What Can We Learn From Napoleon and the Nineteenth Century?

 Written by Rerevisionist

History-on-Blackboard 140 x 93The Victorian era is of course outside living memory, but enough survives: family stories and memorabilia, Gothic revival buildings and brick suburbs, old newspapers and adverts, the railway era- to make it feel familiar to Britons: Sherlock Holmes, music halls, Bradshaw's Railway Guide, horse races, Henley Regatta, Dickensian pubs with fires and crowds of people, industrial towns which were villages a generation or two earlier ...

The Napoleonic era, the first half of the nineteenth century, has slipped out of most people's consciousness: starving people while the navy blockaded Napoleon, battles against Napoleon, old soldiers with amputated limbs, redcoats, aristocrats running things ...

Now, every serious person reading this site will be aware of revisionism over the last 100 years: the Fed, in the USA, the war against Germany, deliberately prolonged for two years, the Jewish coup in Russia which for the first time showed how dispersed financial power based only on laws (fiat currency) could take over an entire country, the reaction by Hitler, and the post-1945 consolidation of the new religion of 'Holocaustianity' (including Kennedy's murder to put the Jew Johnson into power), which still (2013) rules much of the world, and which has caused immense suffering with worldwide wars, and immense frauds of the NASA type and also (though this is still controversial) the 'Cold War' and nuclear frauds.

To see how we got to where we are, let's push the process of revisionism back to the 19th century, and see what we find; and compare it with 20th century events.

I've written a much longer piece on this theme, based on a mediocre remaindered book by Paul Johnson (Napoleon, 2002). It's rather British-centered, not saying much about 1848 for example. Here, let me pick out some revisionist highlights and comparisons:

* The 'French Revolution'. Looking back, it's easy to see how this was done: France was rich, and therefore had surplus - not everyone had to work all hours. It had intellectual traditions: Roman Catholicism, Voltaire, Rousseau, Chauvin. It had an ineffectual monarch. All that was needed was serious opponents making sound points (modern-day socialists, NOT the Jewish red counterfeit, come to mind). The funded movement - funded presumably by Jews - included traitors (today's ugly anti-woman 'feminists' and ugly 'reds' illustrate), people who wanted personal influence they felt they'd been deprived of (some modern whites illustrate), and many ordinary career and employment minded people ('Common Purpose' and trade unionists etc illustrate). The result was hyperinflation and chaos.

* Napoleon as a Great Man and Soldier of Fortune. This myth and variations was propagated all through the 19th century. In fact, his role was to grab money from small kingdoms in Europe. A short-term policy which predictably (if you do the sums) led nowhere. The pretence he worked on his own as a sort of power of nature is echoed in myths about Lenin, who of course was just a Jew slipped money from abroad. A better comparison with Napoleon may be Trotsky, energetically leading his bands of killer Jews. In both cases, the mythology was needed to hide the truth, and many versions were emitted, for example the 'toy soldiers' accounts of uniforms, regiments etc; the romantic man of action; the man with an inconceivable genius for detail.

* Rothschild money. The best-known event is the post-Waterloo coup at the London Stock Exchange - sales of government stock followed by buying back when the news of Wellington's victory finally arrived. Presumably some, or many, patriotic English families were ruined, but there is, as far as I know, not one single novel of the time dealing with this, which gives an idea of the power of censorship even then.

* British supporters of Napoleon. Clearly, there was considerable support for Napoleon, probably from recipients of Rothschild money. Despite the fact Rothschild had funded Napoleon - an issue brought up in Parliament - Jews were increasingly favoured. As an example, Lord Holland did his best to ensure generous treatment of Napoleon in exile, and led the campaign for his body to be returned to France in 1840. So far as I know, he made no effort to return any of the stolen bullion from Europe's cities. Napoleon was treated in the opposite way to Hitler - every effort was made to praise him.

* Jewish 'emancipation'. Throughout the 19th century there was pressure, for example by Lord John Russell, to encourage Jews (the rich variety). Even the language - 'removing disabilities' - shows parallels with today's phrases - 'minorities' (when whites are a world wide minority), 'deprived' (of people being given British assets far in excess of anything of their own). There was removal of accounts of Jewish ritual murder. There was concealment of Jewish intermarriage.

There's plenty more, including the debasement of military honour so that theft and rape were barely remarked on. And there are very suggestive points which 'social scientists'/ 'historians' to their eternal discredit have avoided: population issues; power struggle theories with interlocking subsets of people; facts about money; the influence of the human lifespan - 1848 and other events suggest a 50-year interval while forces gather and manoeuvre; whether societies affluent beyond a certain point start to decay.

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 ConnalOakesHolt's avatar 
ConnalOakesHolt  ? 6 hours ago

The Initial power that the Jews attained, that allowed them to grab further power and key positions in influentisl institutions, such as , law, education, dissemination of propaganda( media and entertainment) and to a lesser influential extent, but by no means less powerful, medicine and science and the pseudo sciences, must have been economic.
Due to the Kings of Christendoms dealings with their financial affairs of state being forbidden to them under church law, the task was undertaken by those who have nowhere a soil on which they grew up(prior to 1948 and presumably following the collapse of the Byzantine empire when the, assuming the khazar story to be geniune fact, the tribe scattered throughout Christian europe).
This initial power grab has placed the Jews in a unique and advantageous position, a position which today sees them with the ability to not only control the past, but also the future, by controlling the present.
Gold, a fairly useless, in a practical sence, material. By controlling the financial affairs of nations, the people who had no land are quickly becoming the inheritors if the entire earth, and dispossing the peoples of nations if their claim to their soil.
It seems as though with recent events such as the murder of Lee Rigby and the further chaos in Syria, that attention on tne EU and the denial of a referendum , which is our right, has slipped from the media focus.
We must destroy the EU.

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eddieJ  ? 5 hours ago

The Damascus affair in 1840 is the first example of wealthy jews involving themselves in the middle east, leading to the creation of Israel.
 Moses Montefiore, the trader and banker, co-founder of "Alliance Insurance Compny" and mayor of the City of London used the "Board of Deputies of British Jews," the command HQ of world Jewry, as a political base to intervene.
The ritual murder of Padre Tomaso resulted in eight jews being accused and imprisoned. Montefiore managed to get the British government to intervene, forcing the Viceroy of Egypt to free the jews, who had been arrested on behest of the French consul. He was also successful in getting the Turkish Sultan to forbid the accusation of ritual murder commited by jews in Palestine. Montefiore used the affair to further his plan for the establishment of a Jewish colony in Palestine



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Juri  ? 4 hours ago

Nice overlook to history. Actually we must look more history to see and learn white "liberals" behavior before jewish involvment.

Real enemy is the white genetic mutant. Or liberals or progressives or anti godknows what and their top claim is that they are human race. I sometimes think that their genetics is so different that we seriously may consider them different race. Jews only know our genetical weakness and exploiting it.

Those idealists with burning eyes must be investigated under the microscope like any desease to get some methods to neutralize them. So called left or liberals are genetical problem not political standpoint.

Many in west gloating "when the understand.." The never will .Solzenityn called then armorheads because even armorpiecing ammo cant penetrate their brain.

Nagant revolver bullets in lubyanka shelters penetrated but most common last word were "I die Stalin name on my lips" So we must investigate this disease scientifically to create countermeasures. Here in Eastern Europe is little easier. Stalin and Hiltler harvested those thrubelievers so the took their genes to the grave and thanks to it we have more common sesne left.

So I propose that science is the key to recivilize Europe and all white countries again.



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starsoldierno5  ? 4 hours ago


 Resdacur96's avatar 
Resdacur96  ? 3 hours ago

Seems they control every major Western power
A former French foreign minister says Britain had been planning a war against Syria some two years before to the unrest broke out in the Arab country.The statement by Roland Dumas came during a recent interview with French Parliamentary TV network, LCP.?I?m going to tell you something. I was in England two years before the violence in Syria on other business. I met with top British officials, who confessed to me that they were preparing something in Syria,? said Dumas.He continued by saying, Continued


2 replies  ? active 1 hour ago

 Resdacur96's avatar 
Resdacur96  ? 3 hours ago

?This was in Britain not in America. Britain was organizing an invasion of rebels into Syria. They even asked me, although I was no longer minister for foreign affairs, if I would like to participate.?Responding to a question on the motive behind inciting violence in Syria, Dumas said, ?Very simple! With the very simple aim! To overthrow the Syrian government, because in the region, it?s important to understand, that the Syrian regime makes anti-Israeli talk,? said Dumas.The former foreign minister added that he had been told by an Israeli prime minister a long time ago that Tel Aviv would seek to ?destroy? any country that did not ?get along? with it in the region. Mr Obama! Mr Cameron! We Must Arm the Turkish Opposition Now

 Franklin Ryckaert's avatar 
Franklin Ryckaert  ? 2 hours ago

You can be sure that behind those "British officials" ultimately are the Rothschilds, the true rulers of Britain (and much of the rest of the world). These people are accustomed to long term planning.

 Oh Dear's avatar 
Oh Dear  ? 3 hours ago

?500m of EU taxpayers' money donated to Egypt to fight corruption, including ?70m from Britain, has vanished, says shocking auditors report
?Report found 'no audit trail' for ?500 million in EU aid given to country

?Around ?70 million came from British taxpayers

?Watchdog found money had failed to tackle corruption

 The Departed's avatar 
The Departed  ? 3 hours ago

Be aware:
Paid informants, working for MI5/6 and why they don't expel these hate preachers and let's not forget these Government agencies tried to recruit the killer of soldier Lee Rigby.
Why are they allowed airtime to preach hatred, keep their cover perhaps.

 [email protected]'s avatar 
[email protected]  ? 2 hours ago

The nail was hit on the head a few weeks ago on this site when somebody mentioned Kevin MacDonald's theory that generations of intense Talmudic dialectics must have had a genetic effect on the 'Chosen'. To me, there is a filter effect at work within judaism by which those who don't accept the evil of the destructive mission leave, whilst those who do accept it remain and thereby intensify the process at a genetic base. There is no reason why the judaic genome as it has evolved in the Talmudic hothouse cannot have become adapted to do evil, as the decent components have left. Thus the ideology takes on the characteristics of a race, as the Greatest Patriot believed.


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