The cost of Asylum Seekers to the Taxpayer

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The cost of Asylum Seekers to the Taxpayer
« on: June 19, 2013, 10:51:47 AM »
The cost of Asylum Seekers to the Taxpayer

Wed, 19/06/2013 - 10:00

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By Robert the Brucie-Yes, you go out to work, you do a week?s work and pay your share of taxes to the government.

It must therefore be quite comforting to know that the British government are spending ?583 million pounds a year to deal with the flood of Asylum Seekers that want to make Britain their home from home.

No wonder the Ian Duncan-Smith is slashing welfare from British disabled people and injured soldiers, the government need the cash to pay for the large number of cases of Asylum Seekers coming to Britain.

It would seem that not many go to the first safe democracy next to the land they fled, to be processed under UN rules. Many enter the under belly of Europe and work their way through Italy and Greece to Western Europe. Others just fly in, or jump on a lorry at one of the terminals in France.

Last week Swiss Peoples Party representative Celine Amandrz said that, 9 out of 10 Asylum Seekers to Switzerland were nothing more than economic migrants.

We are told two out of three cases of called Asylum Seekers trying to make our country their country were more than a year old and nearly 14,000 cases have been here least three years.

Taxpayer?s money is spent on housing, cash support, legal bills and paperwork. We are led to believe that each Asylum Seeker costs the taxpayer around ?14,500 pa.

The cost of keeping many economic Asylum Seekers is expected to rise further due to the EU looking at more laws to strengthen rules that will need to be followed concerning looking after the masses of poor old Asylum Seekers from Africa, Islamic countries and the Third World.

Home Office figures showed that in June 2012 some 37,381 cases were ?work in progress.? An average of 37,299 cases was open at any one time during the year.

Of the 37,381 claims for asylum, 23,481 were awaiting removal after being told they were not Asylum Seekers.

Home Secretary Theresa May earlier this year abolished the UK Border Agency after five years of failure and a string of immigration scandals.

The move came after a Parliamentary report exposed a massive backlog of 300,000 cases would take 24 years to clear. And we all know, many will never have to leave our land, our housing, and our jobs.

Earlier this year Kent County Council alone threatened to bill the Home Office with a staggering bill of ?1.5million it had spent each year on housing and cash for Asylum Seekers waiting to be deported!

A Home Office spokesman stated that the cost per Asylum Seeker cases fell by almost ?1,000 last year and changes to the system is seeing cases resolved more quickly and that asylum support is expected to drop by ?200million.

Well, we have all heard these plans and ideas before from different governments, we will get to the bottom of the problem, we are taking on a few more staff!

The international system in place means that the person seeking asylum is supposed to enter the nearest democratic country to theirs and make a claim.

This system if used properly would distribute real Asylum Seekers in sensible numbers to a spread of safe UN countries. The present international system of claiming asylum is not being used by tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands from Africa, Islamic Countries and other Third World lands, they just head in to Europe anyway they can.

We believe many so called Asylum Seekers are nothing more than men wanting to get into Britain, France, Germany and Holland for economic gain.

If that was not the case we would see many more women and children, instead of single or married men under the age of 45.

source--BNP web site

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