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« on: June 21, 2013, 10:35:55 PM »

Here is an excellent exposition emailed to me and others, by Rex , on the legal standing of Britain related to the insidious, European Union. You can show clearly, to all those who have been deceived into believing that we are citizens of the EU; that we are certainly not!

Perhaps it's also time to remind our children of the 12 times Table, which, aids understanding of our Imperial Measurement System, and our pre-metric, Currency.

For example, 60 inches = 5 feet; while 60 pence = 5 shillings [easy-peasy]. Metrication is for the lazy-minded, I dare to say!


Hi,  All

The following is my response to Chloe Smith (MP for Norwich North) and her recommendation for an EU referendum at the bottom here.


I felt you might be interested.


Kindest regards,




Dear Chloe

Many thanks for your email. 

Britain does not actually need a referendum to leave the European Union.  Because Britain is not actually IN the European Union.  I will explain.


When he signed the European Communities Act in 1972,  Edward Heath knowingly and wilfully deceived and betrayed the British people into the hands of a foreign power, the EEC/EU.  THAT was high treason.  Upon signing, his treason instantly removed him from lawful office and his treasonous act failed to become legally binding because treason cannot do that.  Moreover, his then treasonous government immediately became an unlawful assembly because a treasonous government is not lawful.  It is an illegal pretence.


No parliament can bind a successor.  Each following parliament therefore,  has been free to reverse Heath?s treachery.  None has.  Instead, every following prime minister and parliament has consciously and deliberately lied and continued Heath?s outrageous pretence that Britain had signed up to EEC/EU rule.  Every parliament since Heath?s therefore,  is and has been an unlawful assembly committing treason.  Not only has every parliament deliberately furthered Heath?s criminal intent,  but they have each conspired to deceitfully conceal the truth of their illicit activities from the British public as it has always been known that the British people would object most violently were they ever to find out.  Massive documentary evidence of this exists.  (http://www.acasefortreason.org.uk/index.php/the-evidence-files and Hansard).


No law or other binding obligation can result from treason or action by an unlawful assembly.  British law (and absolute supremacy of our imperial system of measurement, for example) therefore stand as they were immediately prior to signing of the 1972 Act.  Britain is thus not part of the EU as every Treaty and all statute law since 1972 whether or not given the Royal Assent,  is unlawful, null and void.  In consequence,  the European Union has no lawful influence in Britain whatsoever.  Neither has European (Napoleonic) Law.  It is all make believe.  Most notably, the Attorney General acknowledges this summary.


It is therefore high treason to pretend or assert that Britain is part of the EU and many in Westminster are guilty of that.  Treason is the most serious crime in English law as it is committed (generally deliberately) against the sovereign interests,  national security and collective political will of the British people  -  solely for political or other eventual gain of others not necessarily of this country.


So as you can see,  Britain has never been part of the European Union in the first place.  It needs only a responsible,  sincere,  trustworthy and truthful government that will for a change,  put our country first and will act in the genuine interests of our country that current MPs have solemnly sworn a lifetime oath of allegiance to serve,  in order for our once Great Britain to get back on its feet and become the world leader it used to be.  If the more than ?65 billion (2008 figure) frivolously thrown away into the unaccountable EU bottomless pit every year by Ministers were spent on Britain instead,  we?d have that Great Britain back in a trice.


Kindest regards,



-----Original Message-----
From: Chloe Smith MP [mailto:[email protected]]On Behalf Of Chloe Smith MP
Sent: 21 June 2013 15:47

Subject: Let Britain Decide

Dear Resident,

On Friday 5th July, I will vote in Parliament to give the people of Norwich North a say on Europe. This EU Referendum Bill could give us the first vote on the EU in over 40 years, after a renegotiation for a new deal in the EU. It is historic.

Sadly, Labour and the Liberal Democrats don't want to give people a say. That's why today, I'm calling directly on you, the people of Norwich North, to back the Bill and ask other parties in Parliament to unite behind it.

For the first time, people can publicly co-sponsor the Bill by visiting http://www.LetBritainDecide.com. You can be a part of history by putting your name to this campaign. Visit http://www.Facebook.com/LetBritainDecide to co-sponsor our Bill today on Facebook.

Then share it with your friends and family. It only takes 30 seconds.

This isn't just a Conservative campaign - it's for everyone who believes we need a say.

Thanks and best wishes,
Chloe Smith


Member of Parliament for Norwich North


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