You Won't See This In The Controlled MSM

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You Won't See This In The Controlled MSM
« on: July 04, 2013, 07:55:58 PM »
This is not in support of the BNP over any other nationalist party but it is at the very least, time well spent by Nick Griffin in promoting the legitimate ruler of Syria, Bashar al-Assad and his party.

Unfortunately the 'man in the street' will be unable to access this video unless in possession of a computer, due to the media's compliance with the governments penchant to hide the truth from those who voted them into power and, whom they have subsequently betrayed.

Syria could very well be another illegal war in the making, are we to allow the Eton educated scum-bag and his cabal of traitors ensconced in Westminster, to emulate Blair and sacrifice even more of our armed forces in another conflict that is not our concern?
Nick Griffin BNP MEP Strasbourg 01/07/13 Consequences of arming Syrian "rebels"

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