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« on: July 04, 2013, 09:12:58 PM »
Dear Adrian Sanders,

 I am writing to express my concern at the possiblity that the government may intervene further in the already bloody civil war in Syria.

 The United States has announced they will begin arming the Syrian rebels, and although Prime Minister David Cameron says \'no decision has been made\' to whether Britain will follow suit, it is clearly a possibility.

 The lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan show us clearly that war to avoid humanitarian disaster only creates greater humanitarian disaster. Britain should not get into yet another war in the Middle East.

 On Wednesday 3rd July 2013 at 7pm there will be a Parliamentary Briefing in the Boothroyd Room at Portcullis House. Peter Hain MP, Jeremy Corbyn MP and other members of the House will be discussing the crisis in Syria and appropriate responses to it. I urge you to attend this briefing as I strongly feel that it is important all MPs have the facts to hand and we are not led into another conflict on the basis of questionable intelligence and media reporting. Details of the meeting can be found online:

 Whether you can attend the briefing or not please lobby the Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary and call for a vote in Parliament before any decision is taken to arm the rebels.  Recalling Parliament in the summer after arms have started flowing is not an appropriate option - a decision as grave as entering a civil war must be taken by the whole House before the start of any action.

 Please oppose military intervention in Syria in any vote in Parliament.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Mr XXXXX,

Thank you for your email. I share your concerns over sending arms to Syria, as I wrote recently in my regular Herald Express article ( Unfortunately due to prior commitments I will be unable to make the briefing, but I am happy to write to the Foreign Secretary to ask that the matter be put to a vote in the House. I will write to you again once I have received a reply.


If there are any further issues where I can be of assistance in the meantime, please feel free to contact me on the details below.


Yours sincerely,


Adrian Sanders MP

Member of Parliament for Torbay | Member of the Transport  Select Committee

tel: 020 7219 2390 | email:  [email protected] | House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


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