Letter to The Commissioner of Police

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Letter to The Commissioner of Police
« on: July 10, 2013, 11:10:54 PM »
Hi,  All


The Commissioner of Police refuses to investigate,  arrest and prosecute members of Parliament for their crimes of high treason against the United Kingdom and her people.  Eleven of the nation?s police forces have acknowledged and referred the treason evidence to the Commissioner for his further action,  but that has not caused him to discharge his duty. 


While ECG members have also directly presented him with reports and evidence,  maybe this is the time for all 240 Group members to each write to him requiring him to fulfil his solemnly sworn oath and duty to uphold English law and carry out the office of constable without favour,  fear,  malice or ill will.  He is clearly in breach of these legal obligations to the British public and is guilty of failing to uphold the law.  That surely,  is Dereliction of Duty and Misconduct in Public Office,  both serious offences for the Commissioner to commit.


1.  The attached is my most recent letter to him asking him to explain why he does not fulfil his duty.  You are welcome to use any part of this if it helps.  Also,  further points you might consider worthy of mention are :


2.  As Commissioner of the British Police Service,  it is his legal obligation to uphold our English Constitutional and Common Law without favour,  fear,  malice or ill will.


3.  He has been provided with more than sufficient clear evidence of the crimes of high treason committed by various members of Parliament.  It is incumbent upon him as a police constable and in his official duty as the Commissioner to investigate all major crime that is reported to him. 


4.  Failure to honour his lawful duty to the Crown (he has received a Knighthood from Her Majesty) and the British people,  is to bring the Police Service and his office of Commissioner into disgrace and disrepute.


5.  He has been repeatedly asked but avoids the issue and refuses to explain his failure to investigate the reported crimes of treason.


6. (Eleven) police forces across the country have taken our treason evidence seriously enough to refer it to him for investigation,  arrest and prosecution.  Yet he does nothing about it.


7.  His failure to investigate the reported crimes suggests that either he is in league with the accused or favours them by not taking the allegations seriously.  Both of these are entirely unacceptable courses for him to take.


If we all write to him,  the effect of 240 such letters arriving on his desk will be more likely to result in his consequential action than just one or two.


Kind regards,


Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe Commissioner of Police New Scotland Yard 10 Broadway London SW1H 0BG
 8 July 2013

Dear Commissioner


To date,  the following questions that I have asked you in my letters dated 8 May and 1 June 2013 have still not been answered.

1.  You have investigated allegations against members of Parliament for falsified expenses claims,  ill-mannered exchanges with your officers,  myriad minor offences and you have arrested MPs for sexual assault (Nigel Evans),  altercation (Eric Joyce) and aiding and abetting misconduct in public office (Damien Green) to name but a few.  Why do you consistently fail to investigate allegations of the greater crime of treason committed by other MPs that are referred by the nation?s police forces to you for your action and also reported to you by members of the public ?

2.  Why is treason against the state no longer considered a crime ?

As one who contributes toward your considerable salary and to whom you have solemnly sworn an oath and duty as constable to uphold English law without favour,  fear,  malice or ill will,  may I now have your detailed answers based in English Constitutional and Common Law,  to these questions please ? 

Yours sincerely,

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