The European Super-State, one step closer

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The European Super-State, one step closer
« on: July 13, 2013, 08:19:51 PM »
The European Super-State, one step closer

Sat, 13/07/2013 - 11:00

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By Northernscot-The roads of Rome are paved with gold. Well that was the old saying, now it seems that EU departments spend it like it grows on trees some might say.

Baroness Ashton, of Labour Party fame, working now in the golden palace EU HQ, has a department that now employs 3,000 staff and they are spread around 120 countries according to the media.

European External Action Services, I know, who? is headed by Euro lovie Baroness Ashton and critics say that the department is growing out of control and getting close to rival the diplomatic wings of member states, which includes sadly Britain.

Since its launch three years ago the department headed by Ashton now costs the taxpayers of Europe a massive ?440m. One MP said that the EEAS is about supplanting our own diplomats as foreign countries first port of call.

It is well known that there is a growing movement within Europe by those who want to create a European Super-State, one which will have fiscal, diplomatic, defence and foreign policy control over each member state, reducing nations like Britain to shires with local council abilities only.

There is growing danger that such is happening with each law passed to Brussels and the egos of some MEP?s who see the EU HQ as centre of the Universe.

It is beyond clear that only nations need an embassy and diplomatic staff, yet the EEAS has been accused of slowly shadowing nation?s embassies with a new EU one in nations around the world.

Matthew Sinclair, chief executive of the TaxPayers Alliance, said; ?It?s ridiculous that British taxpayers are paying once for our own Foreign Office and again for another one in Brussels.

Ashton?s army of Eurocrats are now dotted all around the world too, living at the expense of hard-pressed families back at home. That the EEAS has grown so rapidly shows that top European officials aren?t living in the real world. It?s high time the budget for this wasteful body was slashed.?

Typically, the European External Action Service response is one of Euro fudge talk of self-importance, the EEAS believes in its own little mind, that ?The EEAS was created by unanimous decision of all EU countries, including the UK. Right from the word go we have done everything possible that costs are kept under very tight control.

The EEAS complements national diplomatic services, and in no way whatsoever threatens to supplant them. That never was the intention and never will be.

They play entirely separate, but complementary roles.?
If nations require and need diplomatic services then the EU does not, clearly it is a total waste of taxpayer?s money to build a shadow service for the EU Super-State programme.

The EU is not a country but an organisation, and such does not need or should not require a diplomatic style service. Unless of course it views itself gradually one day morphing in to a United States of Europe.

This is what we suspect in Scottish BNP, that the purpose of the costly EEAS, is about conditioning the minds of other countries outside the EU, that to do business, economically or politically, then you go to the EU diplomatic service, and slowly over time each nations diplomatic and business services become downgraded to consulate status.

This was recently shown where President Obama was not interested in building economic ties with individual European countries but only through the might machine, the EU.

As for that argument that setting up the European External Action Service was agreed by EU countries, we ask, do you as a citizen of the European Union remember such an agreement?

Do you remember your local MEP or MP speaking about it? Were you asked? We suspect the answer from you will be no.

Whilst Mr Cameron talks of repatriating powers back from Brussels, it would appear that Brussels is increasing its might.

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