Fat Cats

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Fat Cats
« on: July 13, 2013, 09:37:42 PM »
 My Dear Collegues,

     Remember these Fat Cats : Politicians, Bankers ,  Judges , Police, and Monarchy have been so accustomed
     to doing whatever they like for the past 800 years they now assume they are above the Law

     They have  invaded, attacked, robbed, raped  and plundered almost every Country in the Globe
     and continue to do so to this day with no regard for ;  Gods Law, International Law or any other Law
      We are being mugged daily by our System & no one is being held accountable.

     DO you  intend to carry on this fight with laptops ,Google, and the White Book
     We only pass this way but once, this is no rehearsal , we must show no fear , Enough is Enough,
     It's time we made our voices heard  UNITE,  UNITE , divided we will fall
    Act now before they starve us with further Hair Cuts until there is nothing left to cut

    Lets have some real debates like the Liverpool Conference, only next time we
     Host our meeting  in Hyde Park or Richmond Park or any park that is BIG ENOUGH
     I don't think Mandela or  Gandhi used a PC  , but they sure got RESULTS,
    NB  So there is no misunderstanding , I'm talking about PEACFUL MASS PROTEST


    Copy them in why not , all are invited , no class distinction, Charles you can come too.
    Lets agree the Agenda what do you say ?



 On 11/07/2013 15:27, Patrick Cullinane wrote:


Dear Fighters, Supporters & the Sheeple,


Because the moaning Sheeple in UK are NOT doing their BIT: -


Welcome to democracy UK-style. If you want something better then; fight for it.  ? STOP the moaning; take ACTION: -


Now PLEASE RECOMMEND MY COMMENT to help yourself, family, relations and friends: -



Dear Regina, as the representative of We the People in the UK,

The attorney general said there was a risk that the prince would not be seen to be politically neutral by the public if the letters were published.
This case proves beyond any reasonable doubt that your Government Ministers are interfering, influencing and controlling the British Judiciary for their own benefit, as seen here: -

However, a month later, Grieve, with the support of the cabinet, issued the veto which overrode the tribunal's decision.

The Guardian went to the high court to argue that the cabinet had acted unlawfully by deploying the veto to block the disclosure of the letters. It was the first challenge of its kind to try to obtain royal correspondence
Regina, as you have sworn on the Holy Bible to uphold God?s Laws for the People, outlined in the Bible, and the Peoples? guaranteed rights in Common Law, Magna Carta 1215 - The Great Charter. Therefore, your Government Ministers are guilty of High Treason, as they have interfered with the Judiciary to cover-up your son?s meddling, interfering and influencing your appointed Government Ministers for his own benefit.

Now your Government Ministers have supplanted God?s Laws and the Peoples? guaranteed rights under Magna Carta with their self-made inferior statute laws to cover-up this very important public interest matter. Which is TREASON.

I rest my case. Therefore, in the public interest, your son, Prince Charles?s letters, must be disclosed to We the People immediately. And the ministers and judges involved in this cover-up to feel the full force of the law themselves, as you contracted with the People to do so, at your Coronation in 1953.

Regina, irrespective of the embarrassment this may cause you personally: the Laws of God and Magna Carta must be upheld for the common People.

Once again, the Guardian must be commended for taking on the Establishment and exposing this TREASON.

Yours truthfully,

Patrick Cullinane, Common Law lawyer and Victim of the UK?s COMMERCIAL Kangaroo Courts.


I need YOUR support NOW to help YOU.  Yes, to help YOU.  Therefore, recommend my comment.


If you are NOT a FIGHTER yourself; then please SUPPORT the FIGHTERS.


Patrick Cullinane.

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Re: Fat Cats
« Reply #1 on: July 13, 2013, 10:22:31 PM »
Church leaders:

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