Unlawful Corruption across Wales with full (unlawful) permission of PM D Cameron

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The below is a selection of mails in regard to my lawful complaints aginst the (S) Wales police, of which I am one of an ever-rising many and it is just not just across Wales.

The further facts and links supplied show that this unlawful wilful blindness does not just exist within the police but right throughout the Welsh Government.

If you wish to help end this UK countrywide government unlawful corruption then please help us to help you in signing our Uk majority petition for the good of all to take PM D Cameron to court.

From: [email protected]mail.co.uk
To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: RE: IPCC Reference: 2013/003930
Date: Thu, 18 Jul 2013 16:09:35 +0100

Emma Byrne
Customer contact advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission
18 July 13
Dear Emma Byrne
Reference 2013/003930

I thank you for the two forms sent in regard to my two complaints of the SW police & police commissioners. I apologise for my late reply that has been in part still recovering from an illness as well as reflecting in reply for the good of all.
I therefore would please request the following of the IPCC and show lawful cause in good reason and in conclusion.
1 - In regard to further police intimidation by a PCSO calling at our address in a said first neighbour/ then neighbours/then van driver complaint and then supplying no evidence to substantiate. That from much other evidence a previous guilty verdict of the police making intimidating tel calls and the police saying they were taking no action against the chief inspector. Then requested the IPCC from this found guilty verdict to give them a hand to make me a vexatious litigant, shows this is not an isolated issue. I would therefore please request that this be placed and kept on IPCC record, where it may be reacted in view of any further police intimidation.
2 ? In regard to my lawful complaint of the SW police commissioners and their reply of not investigating any complaints against the police not honouring their public duty to uphold the law.
            I wish to withdraw this complaint from any investigation by the IPCC on the following grounds. That it will be shown in further evidence not only from my own issues but also from many other persecuted in Wales. In how across most if not all Wales runs an unlawful wilful blindness to any honouring of honest public duty and the upholding of the law that needs to be taken to a lawful higher level.
For what people are in ever-rising numbers requesting is honest lawful/legislative full accountability. Not only in any form of complaint but also from those supposed to be working on their behalf. Which is something that the IPCC has been shown in the past from your own given legislative rule you cannot supply.
In Conclusion
We have therefore derived the conclusion that the unlawful wilful blindness to any honest public duty and the upholding of the acts of UK law found across (S) Wales be part of an intended application against the current PM D Cameron for misconduct in public office.

For documented evidence supplied and given in reference to the police commissioners and crime panel shows much added lawful cause for lawful grounds in this application. From the first minister and barrister of the Welsh assembly Carwyn Jones to many of its government departments, MPs including our own. Corrupt not fit for purpose courts unlawfully presided by corrupt judges, with now the same of the police force and crime commissioner & panel.

I also believe this intent will further save the taxpayer money in being no matter any verdict the IPCC cannot lawfully enforce

I trust you will agree with this decision and await any reply, including if you would confirmation of receiving this mail please
Paul Ronald

PCSO persecution issue
Carwyn Jones/Welsh assembly not working for you
Corrupt government & and courts not working for you
Police not working for you
Courts complaint service not working for you
PM Cameron not working for you
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 11:06:13 +0100
Subject: IPCC Reference: 2013/003930
Dear Mr Ronald

Thank you for your email to the Independent Police Complaints Commission dated 25 June 2013.

The correspondence has been sent to the IPCC Freedom of Information request team for them to respond to the part of your email where you have requested information.

With regards to the remainder of the correspondence where you have asked for an investigation into concerns raised, you have stated that several issues have not been investigated due to the refusal of police.

If this is correct, then you are able to submit an appeal to the IPCC against the failure by police to notify or record a complaint. Please advise if this is the purpose of your email dated 25 June 2013.

I have attached an appeal form for you to complete. One form should be completed per complaint. The email you have sent can also be considered as part of the appeal.
I have also attached some information about the appeals process for you to consider.
Yours Sincerely,

Emma Byrne
Customer Contact Advisor
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
PO Box 473
Phone: 0300 020 0096

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Enquiry Please
Date: Fri, 19 Jul 2013 08:29:25 +0100
Dear Emma Byrne
In my mail yesterday I requested you would keep on file my police PCSO complaint in case of any further unlawful police reprisals
The below is a self-explanatory e-mail I sent out yesterday to various others in further fear of yet another unjustified police visit, which I would please request the IPCC also keep on file.
For what this again clearly displays is if the police cannot unlawfully fit you up one way they will unlawfully fit you up another.
Twice during this conversation I asked the visiting police officer who provided the information, and as with the previous complaint of unlawful continual police harassment, my questions were ignored and no evidence offered of any complainant
Why was this officer so adamant to gain my name address and telephone number?
18 7 13
A few minutes ago a REALLY loud banging at the door occurred, as I was only in my boxers I asked who it was, POLICE was the loud retort
I stated I had to put on a pair of trousers, the officer did not seem happy to wait and while continually looking through our letterbox and banging loudly shouting was I going to open up.
It transpired a young girl a few streets away had been bitten by a dog and someone said they had seen the dog frequently coming in here? In keep asking me if we had or was holding a dog PC2498 Craig Hadley then asked if I smoked cannabis and I said no to each question?
He then went back to asking about the dog and said he wanted my details and telephone number? I asked him why and he said it was part of police procedure and he had to have them including our telephone number that I was still refusing to give.
He then insisted I gave him our telephone number while starting to look quite hostile at me and across the road to his vehicle. I also asked him why he asked about cannabis he said he thought he could smell it that was all.
I gave him our telephone number, as I felt quite intimidated at what might happen if I refused? In walking away he said something quite weird to me - "The complaint about the young girl is genuine that is
So what does this mean the rest was not and he unlawfully needed to justify the again police unlawful harassment. Because on multiple occasions as the ever-rising many I have constantly requested the police to honour their public duty to uphold the law on irrefutable provided documented evidence?
It would also be noted in my FOI request in regard to how many in house actions has the SW police dealt with ? The police commissioners have not replied
I again would please request notification you have received this mail
Paul Ronald
Stop the UMVP

Email: [email protected]
Forwarded Message Attachment--
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]; [email protected]
Subject: Enquiry Please
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 2013 17:50:36 +0100

Mr Philip Harrison
Customer Contact Adviser
Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC)
North Region - Sale

Dear Sir
Re your e-mail dated 7 March 13 and my later mail in saying of sending further evidence
I shall if you require fill in an online form to proceed with the enclosed, please advise?

I apologise for my delay in sending you my information, which has been due to a severe illness, recent hospitalisation and still recovering. 

You were further notified in previous e-mail that I would be sending further evidence in regard to my initial sent further complaint issue. Where I now enclose that further documented evidence to the IPCC in asking for a full honest investigation into both of these enclosed issues in regard to the S Wales police.

1 ? The first complaint issue that was sent was in regard to yet another issue of deliberate continual degrading antagonism unlawfully suffered from a known PCSO police officers father. These self explanatory below mails was initially sent in lawful complaint for investigation to our MP Anne Clwyd as well as yourselves at the IPCC and is again enclosed below, where in it being self explanatory in lawful question I would request a full lawful investigation.

2 ? My second complaint is in regard to the S Wales police commissioner?s who were contacted in further complaint of the police in a further series of self explanatory below e-mails. It will be shown from the below reply mail received from solicitor Simon Jones on behalf of the police commissioner and crime panel. That it is not in their remit to investigate complaints against the police (not upholding the law?).
This is despite the fact of the following taken from the police commissioners responsibilities set down in government legislation ? The overall responsibility for the Commissioner will be to maintain an effective and efficient police service by holding the Chief Constable to account. - Scrutinise, support and challenge the performance of the force; - Investigate complaints against the Chief Constable, and monitor all complaints against officers and staff; - The Chief Constable will continue to be in charge of the operational policing in South Wales. - The Police and Crime Commissioner will be responsible for making sure the Chief Constable does this effectively, and is accountable to the public.

Where in looking at these responsibilities to maintain an effective and efficient police service by holding the chief constable to account ? Where is an effective police force when they will not uphold the law?

Where are they lawfully legislatively scrutinising/challenging the performance of any police force, when documented evidence irrefutably shown to them shows the police not acting in their public duty to uphold the law? Where is this disregard for the law not being upheld lawfully effective and accountable to the public?

I would therefore please request a full investigation into both of these issues on my behalf with full findings forwarded to me.

Please Note of this further freedom of information act request
In view of the documented fact in how the IPCC previously found the S Wales Police inspector Peter Thomas guilty of making intimidating telephone calls to me. Where the police then commented they were taking no action and requested the IPCC to give them a hand in making me a vexatious litigant. It is obvious the IPCC has no lawful or legislative power to lawfully/legislatively enforce any decision they make.

It is therefore our intent for the good of all to take this issue lawfully further against the one person who is responsible for the running of the government and its departments.

I would therefore please request from the IPCC and S Wales police via the police or commissioners the following information please ?

1 ? A full comprehensive annual list of all individual/group complaints against the S Wales police received by the IPCC and S Wales police since 2010 (investigated or not)

2 ? A full comprehensive list of all in house dealt police hearings dealt with by the police  force in house since 2010 (investigated or not)

For the evidence already collated shows this unlawful corruption is countrywide and is despite ever-rising lawful complaints never lawfully/legislatively dealt with. This will also be further shown in lawful cause from my own continual now ever so many letters of complaint and not only to the police.

In understanding you can only carry out your work in how you are governed, I await yours and the S Wales police replies to my lawful/legislative public requests of investigation as well as under the freedom of information act.

P Ronald

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