Latest Curious Developments following Police Raid (Ashley Mote)

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Latest Curious Developments following Police Raid



Three more clues? 


* No denials.


* Alarm amongst EU bureaucrats? 


* The police investigation has expanded.  They are now asking about events even before I was elected a Member of the European Parliament.



1. No denials


Since publication of A Mote in Brussels? Eye earlier this year not one EU institution or bureaucrat has made any denial whatsoever of any statement, fact, claim or criticism levelled against them as EU institutions or individuals.


It is now clear that the book has been scrutinised in Brussels for many weeks and the only response has been the police raid.



2.  Alarm amongst EU Bureaucrats? 


During my time in Brussels the European Investment Bank ? an institution of the EU financed by European taxpayers - financed the BBC with a string of soft loans totalling over 200 million euros in barely four years.   To the best of my knowledge to this day none of it has been repaid by the BBC. 


Requests to the EIB for specific information were never answered, written Parliamentary Questions routinely evaded.  In my experience, the EIB was one of the most secretive institutions of the EU. 


Attempts to question the EIB?s senior officials during my time on the European Parliament?s Budget Control Committee were always thwarted by the socialist chairman.  On one famous occasion he managed to ignore me until the EIB officials were preparing to go, when he finally turned and asked if I had any questions.  As I started to speak they packed their briefcases and walked out. 


Well, it seems that publication of my memoirs, A Mote in Brussels? Eye has suddenly and unexpectedly produced a change of heart at the EIB.  This week I received an email from the bank?s PR department offering me a ?free? bi-monthly e-newsletter to ?keep you abreast of the EIB?s recent activities in Europe and around the world?.


I declined on the grounds that I had no time to waste reading yet more EU propaganda.  I was already thoroughly familiar with it, thank you.



3.  Police Investigation has Expanded


Since they still have it, it seems the police are now going through the extensive list of numbers on my mobile phone.  Are they contacting each person listed?  Are they tracing every call or text message?   And how have they now acquired the private addresses of some of those individuals?  Spooky.  And all this is taking months and adding to the British taxpayers? ever-growing bill. 

Two of my closest political associates have already been contacted by Hampshire police who apparently now feel free to investigate my affairs BEFORE I was elected.  Originally, it seemed, they were interested only in what I did whilst in Brussels as a Member of the European Parliament.


Not any more.  This may be turning into a witch hunt?

Quite what my private life and political activities before I stood as a candidate in 2004 have got to do with the British police some ten years later is proving to be yet another mystery.


The trigger is obviously publication of my memoirs, but what could possibly have happened before my election to interest the police?


Perhaps I should remind them that they too, as individuals, were and still are subject to EU regulations and endless interference in their private lives.  Furthermore, as former constituents of mine they might view my (now very public) record in Brussels as a real effort to protect their interests, especially as taxpayers. But we shall doubtless come to that soon enough ? once they have questioned all my contacts.


Who says we don?t live in a police state?

One of the many anti-EU projects I was involved in a decade or so ago, and which now appears to interest the British police, was launched ? but failed to spark sufficient interest at the time ? under the acronym DARTT


This was the action plan which launched DARTT :


All potential supporters and activists were asked to make a list of all local business areas ? shops, offices, industrial estates, business parks, market traders, commercial areas, high streets, main roads, and nooks and crannies out of town.

Visit the owners or managers of all the small and medium-sized businesses in your area. Visit every business you can find. Don?t worry if it takes a few weeks.

 Even churches and village halls are now covered by regulations ? so visit the vicar and chairman of the parish council, too.

Give each and every one a copy of [this project] and the standard letter.


 a) tens of thousands of business owners will be writing similar letters to their local trading standards offices and other agencies.

 b) sending this letter may protect their business in future. The very act of sending it, regardless of the reply, may be defence evidence if they were ever prosecuted.

 FINALLY - ask them to let us have copies of any replies they receive.

 You could even write to some of these agencies yourself, saying you are
 thinking of starting a business.

 Please send separate letters to each of the following agencies in your area.  All the addresses are in your local phone book

 Trading Standards Office, Health and Safety Executive, Environment Agency and any other national regulatory bodies covering your particular business sector.  For example, food, finance and care homes all have separate government agencies controlling standards.

A Message to all Business Owners

DARTT is a direct action group committed to resisting the increasing control
 of the UK from Brussels. We are strictly non-party political. Our strength will be in the numbers of people who participate.

 We will devise and manage frequent, nation-wide actions aimed at causing maximum
 trouble to the bureaucrats in Brussels and their subordinates in Whitehall.

 Each campaign will be lawful, peaceful and cause no damage to people or property.

 We are currently asking the owners and managers of all businesses in the UK
 to write letters to the various regulatory bodies enforcing EU and UK law on
 their commercial enterprises. The text follows.

 PLEASE NOTE: the very act of writing such letters may help your defence if ?
at some time in the future ? you were unfortunate enough to be prosecuted
 for a breach of the regulations. You will be able to argue and prove that
 you attempted to find out!

 DRAFT standard letter:

Dear Sirs,

I understand that there are currently some 30,000 European Union regulations
 and directives in force in this country, in addition to the laws of the United Kingdom.

 It has also been drawn to my attention that, if I were ever to be in breach of any of them, ignorance of the law is no defence.

 Would you therefore be kind enough to let me know which of these laws, directives and regulations affect my business currently or might do so in the future. I should be glad to receive full details.

 This will enable me to ensure that I am acting in full compliance.

 Yours truly
 (signed owner/proprietor)

 PS: I would also appreciate regular updates as new regulations and directives are introduced, so that I can keep within the law.


Full details of A Mote in Brussels? Eye and how to get a copy at 

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MPs? pay the start of the gravy train
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Gerald Warner: MPs? pay the start of the gravy train

Picture: PA



?COLLECT ?9,600, do not go directly to jail? - that is the latest card on the Parliamentary Monopoly board, offering additional largesse to MPs.

The proposal by the Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) to increase MPs? salaries by 11 per cent at a time when other public? sector wage increases are capped at 1 per cent is a reminder that ?We are all in this together?; it is just that some of us are deeper in it than others.

Naturally, the Ipsa proposal comes with elaborate PR trimmings. It is emphasised that many parliamentary perks are to be reduced.


The old?-style resettlement grants of ?65,000 are to be cut; MPs will no longer be able to claim ?15 every night they undertake the strenuous public duty of eating dinner; by 2015 those who lose an election will only be given ?33,000 compensation for being sacked by an ungrateful electorate; the bill for TV licences and contents insurance for second homes will no longer be met by the taxpayer.


There will be tighter rules regarding payment for taxis and hotels.

Before you dissolve into tears at the plight of our hair?shirt tribunes, ask yourself the following questions. Do you routinely claim ?15 from your employer (if you have a job) for your evening meal? Do you bank your salary and then charge your hotel bills, etc to your boss?


Assuming you are not a local councillor, trade union official or other political parasite, you probably entertained the notion that the normal arrangement is that you do a job of work, receive payment for it and then meet your household and other bills out of that sum. That, after all, has been the presumed purpose of remunerated employment for generations.

Members of parliament, however, seem to be under the impression that their salaries are a gratuity to be salted away for personal gratification while they hold out their hands for further monies to cover those activities that mere mortals support out of their income.


Clearly, with the prospect of trousering nearly ?10,000 extra, there is a good time coming for duck?house proprietors.


Following the slight unpleasantness over their expenses, however, there is an awareness of the PR consequences of openly accepting this windfall, hence the grandstanding rejections of the proposal by Messrs Cameron, Miliband and Clegg ? and Alex Salmond in Scotland ? leading to the likelihood that, in a charade similar to that in which a House of Commons Speaker who has conspired single?mindedly for the post is dragged with assumed reluctance to the chair, MPs may have to be hauled to the trough by Ipsa.


Such ?independent? awards bodies can always be relied on to maintain solidarity with the principle of public ?sector entitlement.

It is difficult to imagine any less worthy candidates for an 11 per cent pay rise than the moral detritus on the slime?-green benches.


They have wrecked our economy, subjected us to Eurotyranny, changed our entire demography via enforced mass immigration, all but abolished our armed forces, destroyed marriage, waged war on the family and turned our country into a PC police state. Now they are to be rewarded on a scale that no hard?working breadwinner can imagine. Yet if it hastens the day when the public wreaks vengeance on these persecutors and incompetents, it may be no bad thing.

An even worse provocation, similarly guaranteed to arouse public anger, is the prospect that lurks behind Ed Miliband?s tiff with the Unite union over recruitment of members to the Labour Party. We are seeing the first hand being played in a poker game designed to end in the introduction of taxpayers? compulsory financing of political parties. This would not be ?cleaner? or more ?transparent?, as the self?-interested cant has it, but an outrage and a further encroachment on freedom.


Ironically, guaranteed public subvention would make politicians even more in?different to public opinion than they are already.


Allocation of funds, being based on previous votes cast, would help ?preserve the three consensual Westminster parties that have so badly alienated support and impede progress by new parties, such as Ukip, challenging the status quo.

It is intolerable that individuals? fiscally-confiscated income should be doled out to political parties they detest. If a political party cannot attract sufficient support to keep it afloat, then it is time it was allowed to sink, rather than synthetically preserved, despite its unpopularity, to continue affronting public opinion.

The common feature of these issues is the sense of entitlement of the political class. The arrogant belief by nonentities that ?65,000 is an inadequate salary for political hack?work demonstrates their divorce from reality. The notion that trampling over the most cherished interests and institutions of the British people should be termed ?public service? is an impertinence.


In 2015 those delusions will be terminated.
Will this one must wonder, stir the cockles of the usually placid British heart and create an uprising amongst the population against the never ending tide of injustice that these liars and cheats ensconced in parliament  inflict upon us?

Note if you will that this article criticising the increase to what most would consider an already inflated salary, is displayed in The Scotsman, far removed from the vengeful eyes of our incumbent parliamentary traitors and, the influence of our local journalists to whom treason and the distortion of newsworthy items at the behest of their parliamentary masters, is a requisite for employment.

The loss of claims that have been imposed upon those whom we have elected to serve and protect our interests, will no doubt bring a sympathetic tear to the eye of those whose taxes these charlatans plunder and, the thought that they will no longer be allowed to reclaim their 'dinner money', will offend the charitable trait in us all however:

This ability that we the British people have to laugh at ourselves and our misplaced feelings of right and wrong, are what sets us apart from other nations, but it is time for us to realise that there are those amongst us and indeed throughout the world, who view this trait as simple stupidity to be taken advantage of to our detriment. The time has come for the 'worm to turn' and it must start by bringing justice to those whom this article concerns and, who have so abused our largess.


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