An Open Letter to Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Cohen.

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An Open Letter to Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Cohen.
« on: July 23, 2013, 08:35:19 AM »
An Open Letter to Messrs Cameron, Clegg and Cohen.

Tue, 23/07/2013 - 06:00

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By Richard Alderley-Dear Prime Minister Cameron, Deputy Prime Minister Clegg and Benjamin Cohen publisher of

Your combined efforts to introduce and legalise child abuse through the smoke screen of the unnecessary and socially divisive homosexual and lesbian marriage bill will fail, just as the ultimate repeal of this illegal act is certain when the full extent of your appalling miscalculation becomes apparent.

Politicians are elected to serve the electorate, not dictate socially damaging legislation on to the statute books like a bunch of Nazi jack booted fascists.

The fact that both of you, Cameron and Clegg, failed to ask the people prior to election to office regarding the marriage of same sex couples or after you decided to implement it, tells everyone what your real motives are: The destruction of a tried and tested form of marriage, and thus the healthy society it supports, which has stood our nation in good stead for 2000 years.

It is telling that Ben Summerskill of Stonewall has said, "There are quite a lot of gay and lesbian people who wouldn't want marriage."

He went on to say that he was only concerned with "Absolutely practical hard outcomes which make a real difference to people's lives".

What the director of Stonewall was saying, was that he knew full well homosexual and lesbian marriage would not only damage the institution of marriage, but also have wider negative implications for society as a whole.

Why was it, Mr Cameron and Mr Clegg, that you did not listen to a homosexual who was also a recognised authority on what homosexuals and lesbians both actually thought and wanted?

Summerskill clearly has a good grasp on reality, a clear perception of society and an understanding that same sex couples marriage will actually harm, rather than enhance, the peoples he represents.

And you Mr Cohen, as a self appointed champion of same sex marriage, marriage is not, as you wrote in Friday 19th July's edition of the London Evening Standard, "marry(ing) the person they love..."

Marriage exists for specific and well designed purposes to prevent socially divisive people like you from destroying healthy societies.

The fact Nick Clegg said, according to your report that: "Love is the same straight or gay...." just shows how out of touch and unsuitable for office he is.

Like all fools Mr Cohen, you make the mistake of gloating over the temporary advantage a duplicit and socially divisive government has given you by forcing, against the will of the majority, your small minded views in to the limelight.

"Gay and lesbian rights" only exist in your inflated imagination and those of the Marxist Frankfurt School inspired European Union, which seeks to destroy our society to suit its own dictatorial ends.

You use unelected useful idiots like Hugh Grant, (a mediocrity if ever there was one), and Richard Branson, (a profiteering ego maniac), to justify your position!

Shame on you, these non entities are as inconsequential as you are, Mr Cohen.
 But the worst of it all is to come. People like Harriet Harman and Peter Tatchell openly approve and support same sex marriage.

These self confessed paedophiles love what you are doing Mr Cohen. By this very act alone you are clearing the decks for even more abuse of our nation's defenceless young children.

Harman and Tatchell have been campaigning for more than three decades to have the age of consent lowered to thirteen, (yes that's right Mr Cohen, age 13 years).

They will use your ill thought out and divisive bill to ensure that children have the "right" to same sex marriage at thirteen. Then every paedophile in the land will have their way with the weak and vulnerable, because of your self serving and socially irresponsible stupidity.

And just in case you think it can never happen Mr Cohen, think a moment about that ghastly horror Jimmy Savile and the State owned institution the BBC, that spent decades grooming children for sexual abuse by...?

Well we know Savile was a close friend of Margaret Thatcher and we know Cameron and Clegg have made absolutely no attempt to prosecute any senior BBC officer for letting Savile do what he did.

Thus logically, just as two plus two makes four, so it would seem that politicians and the BBC equal institutionalised sex abuse of children.

Think on that over breakfast Mr Cohen?

Then look in the mirror and see if you still have that smug conceited smile on your face, the same as you have in Friday's London Evening Standard?

For those of you, like Mr Cohen, who think that marriage is about love, here is an extract from the "Solemnization of Matrimony" from The Church Of England's Book of Common Prayer, which Hugh Grant must know by heart, from his part in Four Weddings and a Funeral.
 ...duly considering the causes for which Matrimony was ordained.

First, it was ordained for the procreation of children...

Secondly, it was ordained as a remedy against sin, and to avoid fornication...

Thirdly, it was ordained for the mutual society, help, and comfort, that the one ought to have of the other, both in prosperity and adversity.

As you can read Mr Cohen and Mr Clegg, at no point is love mentioned, though obviously love together with mutual respect might well enhance any marriage.

And Mr Cameron, by this very act you have opened the doors to institutionalised child abuse. Or are you too short sighted to perceive the inevitable unintended consequences of your misconceived bill?

Or perhaps, as seems very likely from your inaction over the BBC child sex abuse scandal, is it an intended consequence? Either way, Mr Cameron, you are unfit to be Prime Minister.

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