Letter to 11 Chief Constables

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Letter to 11 Chief Constables
« on: July 24, 2013, 11:13:22 PM »
Hi All,
 Can I ask those of you who live in the areas served by these various police forces, listed below, to either use or edit the letter below as it suits you and send it, preferably by post rather than email, to your area Chief Constable. These police forces have all accepted the original treason allegations and passed them on to the MET. You will see at then end of the letter that I have asked the Chief Constable to answer a specific question to which he must reply.

 If you are able to send a letter can you please let me know which police force you sent it to so I will know if they have all been covered. Also please let me know what kind of response you get.


 Devon and Cornwall

 Dear Chief Constable,
 Since you are one of the 9 Chief Constables to accept two sets of treason allegations against past and present Government Ministers and sent to the MET, I am very concerned that the MET is just sitting on them. We have been informed by various officers, on behalf of Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, that the Commissioner is refusing to investigate the allegations on the grounds that they are considered 'vexatious'. How can that be so when you and 8 others believe that there is a case to answered? The allegations clearly listed the laws that were being violated. The fact that they are or were Government Ministers should make no difference as none are above the law.

 We believe that the Commissioner is neglecting his duty towards you and the country. At no time has Sir Bernard demonstrated why he thinks the allegations are 'vexatious' and that our legal argument is flawed. This Government is now completely out of control and at the same time has losing control to the EU. We have seen the Government deliberately trying to destroy the finest police force and armed services in the world. They even want to replace the police with G4S, a company which is currently the subject of serious fraud allegations. This must not be allowed to happen. You will be aware that English Constitutional and Common Laws override Statute and EU Law since it is not possible to repeal Constitutional Law by implied repeal by Statute or EU Law. Constitutional Law is there to protect the people from tyrannical Sovereigns and Governments.

 We can only conclude that the reason for the Commissioner's reluctance to investigate the treason allegations is because he is being controlled by those from whom the police are supposed to be independent. The last two Commissioners were forced to resign for inappropriate behaviour proving that even such a high ranking officer can fall far short of the high standards which we are entitled to expect from our police officers. Therefore will you set up an investigation into the Commissioner and his staff, individually for misprision of treason and collectively for compounding treason?


 Your name

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