Authorised Rebellion! Where is it?

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Authorised Rebellion! Where is it?
« on: July 25, 2013, 10:00:32 PM »
A question from Mike!

Date: Sun, 14 Jul 2013 01:05:36 +0100
From: stuckeybrit xxxxxx
Subject: Authorised Rebellion! Where is it?

The Magna Carta has given all UK Citizens authority to Rebel against the Treasonous UK Government, since the 25 Barons failed to gain any recognition from Queen Elizabeth II (some years ago!).

Our Ancestors recognised the need for Rebellion in such circumstances, and they only authorised it as a last resort.  So, why is it that having reached a point where all else has failed - that we have decided - taking risks (Rebelling!) to save our Country, Freedoms, Rights and Way-of-life is undesirable and should be avoided at all costs.  Is that what Patriot's do these day's?

Do they prefer to sit in the comfort and safety of their homes, where they can desist anytime they feel threatened not vocalising their Patriotism outside of their four wall's and trying to gather True Patriot's (doer's!) to stand with them.


If we could put a Patriot of yesteryear shoulder to shoulder with a so-called Patriot of today, how different would they be?

The Patriot of yesteryear would probably shoot today's Patriot as a Traitor to his country - for not ACTING in defence of his country and the freedoms of its people!

To refuse to join in Rebellion as NOW authorised in the Magna Carta, is tantamount to betrayal of ones country.

No amount of words will suffice in this situation.

There are enough informed people to act, and there have been for a considerable time.

Where are Britain's Patriot's?

Nowhere to be seen!

They should be coming to us.

Maybe they ARE out there , but they ARE fighters not writers!

Real fighters don't seek the leadership of writers.

They need to be led by REAL fighters!!!!

Intelligent Patriot's who are not afraid of their own shadow, and who don't walk on eggshell's, and who DO ACT!

If you fear Traitors and Dictators, then you are of no threat to them, and you will never act against them.

If you won't act against them.  They will NOT see a Patriot!!!


If we refrain from (organised not chaotic!)Rebellion until the next election or beyond, what is the likelihood that we will regain control of our country?


Mike S


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