Democracy and Numbers.

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Democracy and Numbers.
« on: July 25, 2013, 10:14:56 PM »
This contribution from Tony N. which reads pretty much correct to me. 

I would venture that a reincarnation of Winston Churchill has already taken place however, albeit a touch too early, in the form of Enoch Powell who was figuratively speaking crucified and, this instigated in all probability by the same race of people who carried out an identical job on the other fella 2,000 odd years ago.

A military intervention? Again I agree with Tony, if that was on the cards it would have happened when the paragon of evil Tony Blair was in the chair, but we can still be optimistic. The last British 'punch-up' with a despotic regime was in the 17th century and, an army of the people to fight against injustice, was created by the people. What was achieved before can be achieved again and, whilst we are unlikely to see the heads of our parliamentary traitors rolling off of the block as in the days of yore, I'm sure that satisfaction will be achieved by watching them swing from a convenient lamp-post.


Date: Wed, 10 Jul 2013 11:27:53 +0100

Hi P.

It might seem a somewhat tenuous link but there is a direct connection between the murder of Lee Rigby and what's going on in Egypt.

It centres on two pillars (not seven!!!).... Democracy and Numbers.

In Egypt the numbers are pretty evenly divided, currently, between a rural Islamist-inclined population and the more liberal city dwellers found in Cairo etc.where the idea of sticking your bum in the air five times a day does not overly appeal...... except, perhaps, to our " differently sexually-oriented brethren". So therein lies the problem with Democracy as a solution to Egypt's economic decline and social paralysis.

The numbers will, it seems, forever breed conflict.

And conflict is what is awaiting UK residents.

Again look at the two : Democracy and Numbers.

There are now many boroughs where Muslim councillors are elected to serve a local population heavily inundated with Muslim immigrants. Encouraged by all mainstream parties.....East London being a prime example.Furthermore, several Muslim MPs are already in Parliament.

And the future? Just check the birthrates and cast them forward 20/30/40/50 years...!!!!

Democracy and Numbers will, inevitably, turn this country into a European version of Egypt. This will include evermore frequent incidents of the kind that killed Lee Rigby.

Egypt's army has stepped in to prevent the Muslim Brotherhood from implementing  further Islamisation. However, I have absolutely no doubt that this will never happen here.We have no history of military coups.

 So where is the rescue plan?

Across Europe there are now increasing signs of political parties gaining ground  opposing the liberal consensus that has engulfed us with mass immigration. It might seem that everything is moving too slowly but there are distinct signs for optimism. Next year's Euro elections could well be the catalyst for a speeding up of the return to commonsense.

If I was a Hindu, and believed in re-incarnation, I would be praying for Mr Churchill to re-appear. Failing that we will have to rely on that old adage: cometh the hour.... cometh the man. Or, continuing the religious theme: perhaps our St John The Baptist is Mr Farage and he precedes the arrival of The Man......our country's saviour!!!! What is for certain is we are desperately in need of a miracle worker to get us out of the hole the Lib/Lab/Conmen have thrown is into.


Tony N

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