Government Desperation

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Government Desperation
« on: July 28, 2013, 09:21:37 PM »
Government Desperation

Sun, 28/07/2013 - 20:00

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By Dr Phil Edwards

After decades of cover-ups, prevarication and down right lies about immigration and its supposed benefits, the current UK ?government? (I use the term advisedly) has been reduced to driving around parts of London with bill boards pleading with illegal immigrants to ?go home or face arrest?!

Technically, most, if not all, ?immigrants? (ie people born abroad) are here illegally because the current multiracial mess is illegitimate with no electoral mandate for its creation either sought or given, as neither was the EU open borders policy.

Politically correct Lib Dems have complained about the failure of their cabinet members to stop Tory ministers from launching the pilot scheme. A party spokesman added: "These poster vans were not cleared or agreed by in government.

We are totally committed to tackling illegal immigration but this is a disproportionate, distasteful and ineffective way to do it."

Lib Dems ?totally committed to tackling illegal immigration? ? now there?s a thought!

The billboards - part of a ?10,000 pilot scheme, shows residents how many illegal immigrants had recently been arrested in their local area and carried a text number for overstayers to use to arrange their return home.

A large cash reward or bounty would have been more effective!

Silly Sarah Teather, the former Lib Dem minister and MP for Brent Central, said constituents told her the billboards were reminiscent of some of the most offensive graffiti and signs seen at the height of anti-immigrant racism in the 70s.

"It reminds them of the things they used to see on walls in the 70s such as 'Paki go home'. The tone of the words on this van is similar to those signs in guesthouses that once told potential tenants: 'no Irish, no blacks, no dogs'," she said.

Black MP Dianne Abbott said "It is not so much dog-whistle politics as an entire brass band" adding "It is akin to scrawling "Paki go home" on the side of buildings. I don't believe this policy is going to achieve anything besides stoking fear and resentment".

Ah - nostalgia!

Teather said one of the vans drove past her office and had caused ?offence? to those who saw it. "It is very difficult to tell whether this is deliberately insensitive or incompetently insensitive.

I don't see anyone other than the home secretary and the immigration minister who wish to be associated with it," she said.

Officials said the campaign, which cost ?10,000, would pay for itself if just one immigrant returned home.

?10,000 to send just one illegal back!

A less obvious danger of mass immigration is that immigrants tend to lack patriotic feelings for their own land, or they would stay and help improve matters ?at home?, and they probably care nought for the UK either, thus seeing no problem with ever more immigration.

Another problem is their formation of immigrant ?fifth columns? in our country ? like the so called Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London (Ramfel) which held "an emergency tension-monitoring" meeting with Home Office officials on Friday afternoon after receiving complaints about the intimidating nature of the message.

Rita Chadha, from the group, said it had sent a "letter before claim" to the Home Office and warned that the initiative had created "a sense of apprehension, tension and confusion" among her clients.

Mike Jones, from the PCS union, sent a letter of protest on Thursday to the permanent secretary, Mark Sedwill. "This is exactly the thing rightwing racist and fascist organisations such as the BNP, EDL, EVF and others feed off" to "stir up racial tension and hatred in these very same London boroughs", he wrote.

Having never been in government or any position to influence government policy, the BNP is the last political party to blame for the racial tensions created by enforced racial diversity ? the real culprits named and shamed are the establishment political parties ? namely Labour and Conservative - and, of course, the internationalists in the trade union gangs.

We must constantly point out that simple fact to the voters!

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