How immigration is ?enriching France

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How immigration is ?enriching France
« on: August 03, 2013, 04:46:03 PM »
Please read below my comment to the Mail on Line and please also follow suit to emphasise our support for civilisation and decency in this screwed up world.

The final sentence of my letter does not take into account the numerous number of Roma pikey's, already firmly ensconced and stealing in the UK.


UKIP will do nothing to stem the tide of destruction that will engulf the UK should we allow the Roma gypsies to invade our shores. They go so far as to ban all former nationalists from right wing party's to join UKIP so what support can you expect from them? It is the intent of the government, their lackeys in the  police force, the judiciary and in particular the media, to cause mayhem and destruction within the UK. One has only to read their description of those being robbed by the gypsies to see their biased views, anyone opposing the thieving Roma scum being referred to as "far right, racists and thugs. Hopefully the French electorate will at last begin to see sense and elect Marine le Pen and her National Front party into office and that they in turn, will wipe this scourge to humanity from the streets of France. And then its our turn!

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How immigration is ?enriching? France #edl
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Read link for full story, these people are heading for Britain in numbers. Note how every time normal French people get fed up and fight back the writer calls them "extremists".

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