10 years since suspicious death of David Kelly

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10 years since suspicious death of David Kelly
« on: August 06, 2013, 02:57:10 PM »
This is being sent round as a reminder to all, of the miscarriages of justice that are still taking place with the full knowledge of the authorities and, will hopefully be forwarded on to jog peoples memories that there is work to be done if justice is to be achieved.

It is ten years since the suspicious death of the British weapons expert Dr David Kelly who disagreed with the claims of a 45 minute WMD dossier, used by Tony Blair to justify committing the UK to the invasion of Iraq. His death has never been satisfactorily explained yet the person suspected of being complicit in the sordid affair, struts the world stage earning ?millions. Dr Kelly defined himself by his work and his well earned reputation for integrity, but could the fear of losing this reputation have been so terrifying as to drive him to commit suicide? Did he fall or was he pushed was just one of the queries that was to have been answered by the Hutton inquiry that achieved absolutely nothing, other than to cost the tax-payer ?millions and, we now have the Chillcot inquiry in its fifth year and costing ?millions more whilst achieving even less. This is a 'nice little earner' for some of course and one could be forgiven for wondering if Blair could be one of the recipients and could the incumbent shower in Whitehall also be sharing in the tax-payers largess? Who is there to keep the unsuspecting British public informed? Certainly not the government lackey's in the media!

And how, or more importantly why, have Blair, Straw, Campbell etc, managed to avoid the charge of genocide that responsible governments who opposed the Iraq war should have levelled against them? Thousands have died in this conflagration instigated by Bush and Blair that continues on and worsens by the day and yet, Blair's financial situation would appear to grow with every disaster. Does no-one think that something could be rotten in the State of Denmark?

As stated at the beginning, I bring this up merely to keep it in the public eye, much the same as reminding all subscribers of our continuing quest for investigation into the performance of  Metropolitan Commissioner Bernard Hogan-Howe and Chief Constable Sara Thornton of Thames Valley Police, to ascertain whether they have been guilty of misconduct in public office or of instigating or promoting serious criminal acts?

We are not going away people and we are coming to get you!

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