Police Arrests - BNP Councillors Arrested - E-Update

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Police Arrests - BNP Councillors Arrested - E-Update
« on: August 11, 2013, 11:07:01 PM »
Police Arrests - BNP Councillors Arrested - E-Update

Sun, 11/08/2013 - 14:03

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On Wednesday 31st July police swooped on the homes of two prominent BNP Councillors, arresting them in dawn raids following complaints lodged by the Labour Party.

BNPtv interview with Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton after the arrests by police acting on Labour Party orders - watch now

Two dozen police officers descended on the homes of BNP National Treasurer, Cllr Clive Jefferson and Cllr Dawn Charlton in Cumbria, arresting them on suspicion of ?Incitement to Racial Hatred? ? the very same charge with which the Establishment tried lock me away for 7 years in 2006.

Both BNP Councillors were taken to Carlisle police station and remanded in custody for 12 hours while their homes were searched and they were interrogated.

The ?complaints? related to election leaflets distributed in May this year; leaflets that were produced in response to our activists in Maryport coming upon groups of Polish leafleters.

Firstly they were distributing Labour election leaflets in the wrong ward, then were later seen delivering ?Don?t Forget to Vote Today? leaflets a week early!

We responded to Labour?s comical error by producing a leaflet using the good old English phrase ?Pay peanuts ? get monkeys'.

In turn red-faced Labour councillors attempted to twist this phrase into a racial slur.

So what is this really about?

The two ?offended locals? who complained about the leaflet were non other than Barbara Canon, Labour election agent for Allerdale and Sir Tony Cunningham, Labour MP for the area.

This attempt to silence Labour opposition is nothing more than a politically motivated persecution on two of our key people, and I am writing to you today to give you the facts surrounding this latest attack on the British National Party.

Maryport South ? the front line in our fight

No doubt you will know about the Election Petition that voters in Maryport have taken to the High Court of Justice in London to overturn the election in Maryport South, where BNP candidate Cllr Charlton polled the highest nationalist vote in the country and was narrowly defeated by Labour.

According to the election petition, Labour only won through wholesale and blatant election fraud orchestrated by the Labour-run council.

A re-election will hopefully take place and Cllr Charlton is set to win!

But Labour criminality doesn?t end at election fraud...

Last Monday, new evidence came to light with eyewitnesses reporting that Labour councillors stole the wreaths laid by myself and Cllr Charlton at the Maryport war memorial last Remembrance day, in honour of those in our armed forces who gave their lives to defend our island nation from tyranny and protect our freedom.

Desperate Labour

As well as trying to damage Cllr Charlton?s reputation before the upcoming vital by-election, Labour is desperate to suppress this latest evidence of their criminality.

The new evidence came in the form of a letter from the Royal Naval Association sent to Maryport Town Council, stating that a Labour Councillor returned to the memorial after the Remembrance Day Service and stole a wreath laid by Nick Griffin MEP and Town Councillor Dawn Charlton ? for no other reason than they were BNP ELECTED officials.

The letter points out that if anyone else had done this it would be vandalism and investigated by the police ? but given that the desecration and theft is done by a Labour Councillor...?

The letter signs off stating that the RNA want the perpetrator to be ?taken to task? by the council and assurances given that it will never happen again.So what does Maryport Labour-run Council do?

It removes the public and the press and tries to cover up its scandalous and pathetic petty criminality.

So after publishing the letter on our website on Monday evening, Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton went into Wigton Police station on Tuesday to report the new evidence to the police and to re-open the case.

Timing is everything!

We all know that the police raids on the homes of Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton is blatant political persecution and police harassment of the worst kind brought about by BNP pressure on a beleaguered Labour Party.

The raids come three months after Cllr Charlton almost beat Labour in Maryport South (and would have done so in a fair election); two months after an Election Petition was submitted to the London High Court demanding an investigation into Labour election fraud; two weeks after National Treasurer Cllr Jefferson and his team submitted flawless BNP accounts to the Electoral Commission on time for the second year running; and the next day after new evidence was submitted to police regarding the desecration of Maryport war memorial by Labour councillors.

Coincidence? We think not!

Political persecution from an Establishment under pressure and a desperate Labour Party? Absolutely!

The BNP has survived the most virulent persecution over the last few years by thwarting at every stage a concerted and protracted attack by the whole corrupt Establishment on our Party and the our people.

It has attempted to terrorise and bully our people, lock up and bankrupt our officials and activists, cheat us out of fair elections and financially cripple our organisation to destroy the BNP once and for all ? and they failed!

Police arrested Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton for alleged ?Incitement to Racial Hatred? but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) realised it wouldn?t stick and replaced it with Section 5, a public order offence.

Both are on bail and due to appear at Workington Magistrates court on 21st August ? just 12 days away!

They hit us and we?ll hit them back harder!

I am writing to you today because I know you are as disgusted as I am with this continued state sponsored harassment of our people.

We must fight this outrageous persecution, not just for the sakes of Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton but for the basic rights of political freedom and justice that is ? or was ? the bedrock of our society.

It is imperative that we send the Establishment political parties and institutions a strong message ? that they can no longer persecute BNP patriots without repercussions.

Until we set a clear precedent they will continue to get away with it!

I want to be able to secure the best legal defence available to smash this trumped up charge from day one and send a very clear message to our political opposition and the enemies of the British people that if they try to hit us, we will hit them back harder!

We live by the British code of fair play and decency which will defend at all costs.

We come from an ancient line of warriors whose sense of decency and fair play is only matched by our determination to give everything in our fight for freedom, identity, integrity and pride.

I?m appealing to you, the BNP?s most loyal and dedicated defenders of freedom to help us meet the financial costs of an elite legal team.

Please send your most generous donation right away for this emergency and send a clear message to the Labour Party and CPS and the rest of the corrupt Establishment that we will hit them back harder every time they strike out at our people.

Donate by writing a cheque payable to ?British Heritage? and send to PO Box 213, Wigton Cumbria CA7 7AL or donate online here now.

Many thanks for your loyalty and continued support.

Together we can make a real difference and ensure that the days of the old Establishment's misrule and abuse of the British people are numbered!

Yours sincerely,

Nick Griffin MEP
BNP Chairman
P.S. Our survival depends on you. The persecution of Cllr Jefferson and Cllr Charlton is just the latest in a series of attacks against the British National Party and the only way we stop this is by sending the Labour Party and the rest of the Establishment a clear message: Hit us and we?ll hit them harder. Help us secure the very best legal team to fight Labour and secure British freedom. Please donate generously now, either online here, by cheque or over the phone by calling 0844 809 4581.

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