The BBC?s rotten Liberal Heart

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The BBC?s rotten Liberal Heart
« on: October 16, 2012, 12:52:39 AM »
Jimmy Savile: The BBC?s rotten Liberal Heart
Written by Tim Heydon

The new Director ? General of the BBC, George Entwistle, has announced an enquiry by an independent person into the cancelling of the Newsnight programme about Jimmy Savile .

How did he get away with it for so long?

Whatever this or his other enquiry might find, the real issue around Savile?s exploits which is: How did he get away with it for so long, when from many accounts his predatory ways were common knowledge in the corporation for years, decades even, will be probably be ignored or sidelined.

Other Institutions did not complain?

It will be argued that Savile molested young girls and possibly boys as well in other institutions such as the Leeds General Infirmary and Stoke Mandeville Hospital and that there was no official complaint about him from them either. To which the rejoinder ought to be that there might well have been had it not been for the demi-god star status bestowed on him by the BBC. It was the BBC which got him entr?e to these institutions in the first place.

No one at the top in the BBC knew the Truth? Pull the other one
We are apparently expected to think that those at the top (and there are a lot of them in the BBC) were unaware of the rumours about Savile. It is however frankly incredible that all of the BBC?s top brass were ignorant of them. And what?s more, ignorant of all the other dubious sexual goings-on which (we can shrewdly surmise) are rampant in that organisation.

Left-Liberalism: The Real Reason for the BBC?s lack of Interest

One very good reason for the lack of real BBC interest in Savile?s activities is, it is suggested here, its left-liberal ethos and in particular its liberal attitudes to sex. And the BBC is very liberal indeed on such matters (as on so many others), isn?t it? In fact, it is defined by its liberalism, albeit of an extreme egalitarian leftist bent. It propagandises all manner of what might be called deviant sexual practices, not just homosexuality and lesbianism, in the name of individual freedom of choice.

However, if one has religious or other principled objections to homosexuality or lesbianism one is liable to find oneself smeared as a bigot by the BBC. (Freedom of choice and equality, you see, are not extended to those who object to the leftist/liberal agenda. A curious ?liberalism? and ?equality? indeed).

Smut and the Language of the Gutter

A organisation where smut and the language of the gutter are now the common coin of everyday broadcasting; where scenes of lesbian lovemaking (?Tipping the Velvet?) have been shown approvingly and titillatingly; which thought it OK actually to depict a dog raping a woman (?Love Soup?), and the corpses of viewers? relatives (?Malcom and Barbara: Love?s Farewell?), is an organisation which is not going to be all that distressed when it hears about the sexually predatory ways of one of its stars like Jimmy Savile, at least not to the point of doing something about it.

The BBC is not alone

Nor is it alone on its journey down the slippery slope to the very pits of the liberal cesspool. Channel Four has shown scenes of live love making (?Sex Inspectors?) and has devoted a programmes (?Beyond Love?) to those who are attracted to the idea of having sex with dead bodies and (?Animal Passions?) those who have had sex with animals. A final taboo was approached when a documentary screened by Channel 4 in 2003 involved an act of cannibalism when a Chinese man ate a dead baby.

The Paedophile Priests of the RC Church are morally superior because they have Standards to fall from but the Hypocrites of the BBC have none

The Roman Catholic Church which the BBC has gleefully embarrassed and chastised over the paedophile priests affair is genuinely sorry for its fall from grace. (A Christian term, let it be noted). The BBC however is only truly sorry that its attitudes have been exposed for what they are: the licence of those who believe in nothing - except Cultural Marxism, naturally.

The BBC is morally rotten to the core. That?s why Jimmy Savile got away with it for so long. And that too is why it cheerfully lies about being politically impartial when it is no such thing.

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Re: The BBC?s rotten Liberal Heart
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Re: The BBC?s rotten Liberal Heart
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2012, 09:17:02 PM »
Question Time Tonight
"Nigel is on Any Questions at 8pm tonight on radio 4" says a UKIP member from Cornwall!!

 Ye gods, and he still has that gall to claim that the BBC are biased against him!  Dammit, he's on BBC TV/Radio more often than any Cabinet Minister!!!

 The BBC is not fawning over Nigel the Spiv like a 'dominatrix' on heat because it's truly enamoured of him.  After all they're supposed to be poles apart politically speaking!  Could it be that they're both tools of the establishment? 

If not, how do you explain this perverted love-fest?

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