BBC and the Newsnight Scandal

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BBC and the Newsnight Scandal
« on: August 15, 2013, 08:43:56 PM »
BBC and the Newsnight Scandal - Gregory Lauder-Frost

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By Gregory-Lauder Frost


The BBC really thinks that just by swapping around its 'management' that this will make a difference. It will not. The BBC is an institutionally left-wing, moralising (but without morality) publicly-funded disgrace. Their journalism is no different from that of The Guardian (which it constantly cites) or The Independent, or indeed The Times - all of whose journalists just dash off whatever rumour or prejudice they have - thinking that because such-and-such is a Tory, or a right-winger etc they are fair game. The BBC journalists have an agenda, such as that awful Mark Easton (their Home Affairs editor) who is such an insufferable, holier-than-thou nitpicker, and who seems to think that he is delivering a sermon (which he undoubtedly is) rather than a news report. Do they really think that we hang on their every word? Pity they can't use their 'investigative' skills to get basic stories right. As to this rubbish that the BBC is a 'trusted brand' - words fail me.

Patten, meanwhile, is a ghastly, self-regarding old humbug - a Brussels-loving Euro-federalist failure, who thinks that he is some kind of philosopher (hence his slow, self-consciously ponderous delivery). The same man who lost his parliamentary seat and when appointed Governor of Hong Kong by his cronies as a sop showed how much of a Tory he wasn't by refusing to wear the Governor's official uniform. Is this the kind of person we should feel comfortable with sorting out the BBC?

The BBC seems to be an organisation staffed (and stuffed) with a particularly nauseating type: the comfortable, pleased-with-themselves liberal-left who are recruited via left-wing organs such as The Guardian. Peter Sissons, a BBC veteran, writing in One Door Closes (2011) said that "at the core of the BBC, in its very DNA, is a way of thinking that is firmly of The Left........In the latter stages of my career, I lost count of the number of times I asked a producer for a brief on a story, only to be handed a copy of The Guardian and told 'its all in there'." Small wonder that Norman Tebbit referred to the BBC as "our very own dedicated political broadcaster". Yesterday, David Dimbleby, being interviewed on Radio 4, said that the BBC staff were not interested in money - but were just dedicated to the ideal of serving the public. Have you ever heard such utter rubbish in your life? As Simon Heffer says: do away with the BBC, but keep Radio 3!

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