Final Letter of a Lawful Intent to PM D Cameron For the Good Of All

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The following letter has been posted on its date for the good of all, please help us to end the ever-rising PM & government continual corruption/opression to society in the UK, by signing the "We the People" pettion (if you have not already)

In order we can move forward to make lawful changes in a high court "We the People" majority application to lawfully demand those changes in this perfectly lawful legitimate cause, in stopping their constant continual unlawful degrading inequality tirade of oppression too UK society.

If you have a lawful issue and have documents to show lawful cause, please come forward in joining us for the good of all, if you wish to help please get in touch, even just passing the link on to the petition in every mail you send will help the all

To those as I who have lawful issues and have their own intent, I have been sending out my complaints for many years and where has it got me?  Just their continual further unlawful intimidation, persecution, unlawful untrue set ups, with an unlawful wilful blindness to the truth, of irrefutable documented evidence Where if we can make changes together for the good of all, we can also then demand our lawful individual right of our own particular issues.

What good our courts when in ever-rising willfully blind issues they are not fit for lawful purpose and do not uphold the acts of UK law?

How long if they have their way, will we the people have the net to post artilces like this prior to receiving any reply, because of their ever continuing unlawful reprisals in our asking for government truth and honesty?

Just as how long with all that can be seen in continual government oppressing ongoing, will we have individual free speech if we as a majority do not demand this and many other lawful legislative rights that should be society ours?

Whatever happens next is up to to you, for they are the lesser and we society are the majority and as one they will have to listen, which is something deep in our hearts and their many false promises we all know, they have not. Will not, unless a UK majority speak out to demand as one for what should be ours as a lawful legislative democratic right.

For unless we as a majority combine we will always remain as slaves without the (yet) shackles to a tax system they deliberately keep in debt and as lab rats for their continual medical and otherwise (many times sick perverted) exploitation. - Is this what you want for you and yours?

27 August 13

Personal Private Attention
Right Honourable D Cameron Prime Minister
10 Downing Street

Dear Sir

Final letter of ?We the People? lawful Intent

This letter of lawful to shortly be ?We the UK People? intent is written with no malicious or any other intent, or offence than what documented evidence will irrefutably disclose in our future lawful application for the good of UK all.

Over several years I as many others have previously written to you in complaint many times with much sent irrefutable documented evidence to lawfully/legislatively substantiate those lawful/legislative complaints.
   Comprising not only in my own well documented issues, with also many others of many various criminal offences continually ongoing, they also disclosed much continual wastage/unlawful procurement of taxpayer?s money. Continually unlawfully happening within our UK government that you have been many times requested to lawfully legislatively society address within your public duty.
During the course of this same time, you were further shown in evidence how the many MP?s in government do not honestly honour their stated UK public duty or uphold the acts of UK law. You have also been made further aware in this documented evidence, the same corrupt unlawful situation runs tantamount in our House of Lords.

From your previously stating my complaints were the legislative responsibility of the Welsh government, it was again disclosed to you in irrefutable documented evidence. How they are also mostly if not all part of this continual unlawful degrading to society corruption from first Minister and barrister Carwyn Jones down as well as my MP Anne Clwyd. Despite the much overwhelming documented evidence in being requested to redeem these many unlawful situations many times, you as all others have unlawfully only ever shown the same unlawful wilful blindness.

In regard to your previous at further expense to the taxpayer appointed police commissioners, in making sure we have an effective and efficient police force for UK society. You were also shown in documented evidence of my previous contacting the SW police commissioner Alun Michael MP, the crime panel and my MP Anne Clwyd with much of previous evidence sent to the police over long periods of years in my continual asking they uphold the law. Again from not only my own documented evidence but also what has been deemed by the ever-rising many as unlawful criminal white collar fraud and is costing the country billions in this again unlawful procurement of taxpayer?s money. All disclosing we do not in ever-rising issues have an effective efficient police force, where I received a reply from senior solicitor Simon Jones on behalf of the commissioners. Stating these shown many criminal offences of the police not upholding the law are not within the remit of the police commissioners, where again despite request you did not act within your stated public duty.
   One also has to ask oneself is his unlawful reply going to be the same in conclusion as my previous eleven applications against the government in 06. When all eleven defendants including the then PM Blair, filed their defence nearly a fortnight outside the courts instructions. That did not matter to the now much documented corrupt judge Hickinbottom sitting as an additional high court judge. Who informed me on my stating of taking his and others many criminal actions further? - ?Mr Ronald it is a known fact that no government department of complaint works on behalf of the public? Shortly after to be made a high court judge and a sir, something we society much note in seeing today and will again raise much lawful question of rewards in public oppression.
   Where once again you were shown in stated evidence all I have continually received like an ever-rising many in variance askance of any honest truth/justice. Is continual unlawful degrading malicious vindictive persecution, including from yourself in your unlawful degrading denial of honest law/public duty in ever-rising issues to society.
I write without malice or any other intent than what the acts of UK law state, where common sense and stated public duty in working on behalf of UK society should prevail. I further disclose a small portion of the further lawful issues that shall be brought into lawful/legislative question in this same lawful intent.

In regard to the bankers criminal actions that was said to cause a recession in which UK society has been and further will be unlawfully suffering much further unlawful degrading inequality deprivation. You again allowed these shown documented criminals not only to continue these unlawful acts, you also agreed to the continuance of exorbitant bonuses. Where it was stated to have the best we have to pay for the best, where it shall be lawfully questioned if we had the best why was the UK in such an unlawful criminal recession?
   It shall also be lawfully asked how you could have released the Bradbury pound and punished the real criminals and caused none of the continuing UK society cuts/inequality oppression.
   Just as it shall be lawfully asked of why tax deals to large companies, where again one sees an unlawful double standard two tier system of your degrading inequality to UK society or again does not the law apply to these large ever greedy conglomerates? Is it also not true that many MPs or their families have shares or work in some capacity in these companies thus again showing another government unlawful conflict of interest? Should not running the country be a full time job for any MP with any outside influence being made unlawful, which would stop these now so many times seen unlawful degrading too society acts?
It shall also be further disclosed in regard to the government MP?s still ongoing expenses scandal you introduced a new law to further protect criminal shown politicians in reduced prison sentences. While we have a peoples law of unlawful procurement of money under false pretence that is tantamount to fraud and deception that once again was not upheld. That further implies/condones you?re now many seen times government attitude; do what you (unlawfully, corruptly) will but do not get caught? Yet the existing UK law should apply to everyone, and nobody should be above those laws, yet this is what you again unlawfully publicly carried out, is it not? Where many lawful questions will be asked why, as well into facts and figures of continual government greed, overspending and wastage, including was this a deliberate conspired recession.

Has your same unlawful attitude of protect my fellow brethren not also been shown in the current horrific now shown countrywide paedophile issue, where once again we see society denied the truth. You stated you did not want to see this turn into government witch hunt, yet it has for show business and public alike has it not? Just as it has been emphasised in lawful facts how the many in government you again unlawfully protect, are also involved? It shall therefore be lawfully questioned why once again you are shown unlawfully protecting and aiding and abetting known shown (perverted) criminals.

It shall also be lawfully questioned do you really think you have made the right choice, are you in reality mentally competent to make that choice? For what you have unlawfully covered up, lesser in society have been unlawfully set up to be sectioned/jailed in trying to expose the honest truth? For one also has to add while not (yet) suggesting anything personal, the known fact of how traces of much cocaine use was found in nine of the HOP toilets? This again, just as all the previous sent, much shown from their own corrupt hands documented evidence on these many occasions you chose to ignore on behalf of UK society. How can you lawfully/legislatively justify all this under your stated public duty too society, including their should having a lawful/legislative right to know?

Why as part of your election campaign did you promise society a referendum knowing the majority want to leave the EU then renege once you were in office?

Why have you protected shown criminal acts, continually pay the criminals their perks, while continually depriving degrading UK society for others crimes, amongst much criminal else hardly equality, or lawfully humane is it not?

The genocide act of the Liverpool care pathway unlawfully condoned while you are PM with government grants/bonuses of taxpayer?s money may again show lawful doubt. For once again besides what one can ask of any equality or humane rights, it also raises many other lawful questions, when one legislatively condones & pays for the denial of any life substances to ones fellow person, does it not? You have stated this is now discontinued, however like many other unlawful degrading inhumane criminal greedy acts that still carry secretly on, is it really?
   For there are again an ever-rising many who will relate to answers, including paying exorbitant salaries to CEOs who continually waste taxpayers money, yet continually show the many if not all they by their own questionable actions are not fit for legislative purpose. As well as the many families who still have no answers, such as Mr & Mrs Bye from the murder and stealing of body parts of their daughter.

Our childcare issues, where once again we have been made aware secret bonuses abound, where to meet these targets some social workers may have has many as up to sixty cases continually forced on them. Where to push these cases through, like many, many others in a vast variety of issues these as many other courts do not very often uphold or honour honest law.
   Where many, many ever-rising examples will/can be further disclosed in such as the Musa issue where the degrading vindictive treatment not only then to the family as a whole, but also in it?s unlawful singular continuance. In such as we have been made aware of Mrs Musa who is still being unlawfully denied many of her human rights while in jail as well as continually suffering inequality-degrading treatment. That will be lawfully questioned is this tantamount to her deliberate government murder/death by deliberate stress syndrome that the many are now so aware of? - To once again stop the real truth from prevailing? It has been shown from the freemason?s handbook that the public are referred as goyan, - cattle to be herded as such, is that such an unlawful issue here? For your media remarks in regard to how you think of the public/society seem to fit this and the many other issues mentioned, including your mental capacity and not only from myself.

In further support of these statements you introduced what you call equality, then amongst much inequality else, make benefit cuts, especially to the disabled over 60 with a working partner that show definite degrading prejudicial inequality to the many. Once again lawful questions arise in these cuts with lawful/legislative justification intent, were they in figures to be disclosed just again to aid and abet those in government and their departments debts of over spending/wastage/exorbitant pensions/pay offs, etc, etc?
   For again in my own documented evidence it will be shown of how the tax credit office, unlawfully commit malicious untrue fraud and deception to obtain a said over payment. Just as it will be further shown how the NHS took me to court on evidence they state they could not confirm. Where they did not turn up in court and wanted to rely on the judge?s discretion that again usually unlawfully in any honesty just further unlawfully persecutes?

These are just a few of the many questions society will be lawfully asking that they are continually being denied by a government who is supposed to be working on their behalf (In More Transparency and all in this together, just call me Dave? ? irrefutable again facts and figures in documented evidence show certainly not).

One of course in any explanation could state one was ill advised, however and despite the Prime Ministers obvious now shown intent to continually persecute/oppress society for crimes committed by shown criminals. A further variety of headline media articles as well as much other in much intent will show the knowledgeable too all true state of the UK country enough to lawfully argue this point at any time raised. This will of course also again raise many, many questions in lawful cause too many, many other fraudulent and deceptive government statements. Where the all under your own stated public duty as well as according to the Committee on Standards in public life (if no rule change) is the lawful/legislative responsibility of the present Prime Minister and his ruling party. Where you have now been much notified and any changes that have been made in this time will be lawfully contested in the same as all previous stated. With again irrefutable documented evidence showing lawful cause giving lawful grounds in application for nothing has changed for the betterment of society or the taxpayer except continual degrading inequality.

In the early stages of my communications you were also made further aware of a ?We the People? petition that has been initiated for a UK majority for this same lawful intent.
Where from your continual extended unlawful wilful blindness this petition shall now be fully activated into the public domain for the good of all to show further lawful cause for this ?We the People? lawful application.

For as current Prime Minister under your stated public duty/the acts of UK law, you have now been many times made aware and requested to end this ever-rising degrading unlawful inequality treatment of UK society for the good of all.

Thus under the acts of UK law as well as continually unlawfully ignoring your own stated legislation, as well as the acts of UK law, you have now shown lawful cause giving lawful grounds for the lawful offence of misconduct in public office against UK society.

Where what is liable to happen on this lawful notification/intent now Prime Minister, will it be the ever-rising norm of further unlawful police set ups as have happened prior? Or such as happened to Robert Green, unlawfully jailed on trumped up charges for seeking honest answers. Maurice Kirk flying vet who has been continually unlawfully impeded in questionable continual arrests, to name another of an ever-rising many people. Where as well as much other degrading unlawful acts, false medical diagnosis in several ways to section him for life in his request for justice against the same S Wales Police and legal authorities. Is just another of the many other unlawful malicious degrading vindictive issues used to stop the honest truth prevailing from the now ever-rising shown corrupt S Wales government?

For is this not again now the ever-rising seen government norm when someone requests/whistle blows something that should be lawfully/legislatively supplied in a public duty by a Prime Minister & government supposed to be working on their behalf.

Where in now having all the evidence to show lawful cause for lawful grounds, we only have to get the views of UK society, whom we believe in majority think the same in wanting this unlawfully denied honest government change for the good of all.
Yours Faithfully

P Ronald
I am just one of an ever-rising various unlawfully persecuted people in the UK, the below evidence is just a portion of our endless evidence in our lawful intent for the good of all
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