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« on: August 31, 2013, 08:38:46 PM »
 From a UK friend. Please go in and post if the spirit moves you to do so. Please make sure to read the brilliant interview with Assad from Izvestia (I will resend on request). Don(USA)


This article by Charles Moore, and  it's a drum-banging warmongering wail of
 disappointment over Parliament not backing Cameron.
 My comment below received 140 recommends in a couple of hours before being
 cut to about two sentences, and got a good wing-ding going.
 One commentator informed us that Charles Moore is of the Hebrew persuasion.
 More and more, people are wakening up.
 I've re-posted it in a "reply" see how long it lasts!
 It's really good to see the people start to awaken -what a shame it's too
 damn late.

 The original post:
 Balls to you, Moore, we do NOT want to hand over yet more power to our
 political class.
 They have betrayed us time after time.
 This rebellion was a result of MP's realising they had to say "no" if they
 wanted to keep their snout's in Westminster's swill.
 We rightly do not trust the slimy bas*****.... or the slime of the meeja
 class either
 You write  "Not true - look at Kosovo, Bosnia, Sierra Leone."
 Yes, I'm looking -OK Sierra Leonne worked out, so to speak, the country was
 raped and ravaged, so we sent in our lads and secured their diamonds for the
 elite, with the happy side issue of making the life of the average SL
 It was about diamonds, not people. Not worth one British life.
 In Kosovo, one side is as bad as the other -we went in we  lost some men,
 but they were only unimportant no-account (mostly, but not exclusively)
 working-class  squaddies, not BIG important people like you, but we did
 achieve the objective - we handed over sovereign territory belonging to a
 politically secular Christian nation to Muslims.
 In Kosovo, Albanian  Muslims settled there  against the wishes of the Serbs
 (mostly by force during Ottoman rule) refused to assimilate, and then
 breed like the proverbial rodentia.
 When they had a majority, they then started cutting up- literally ,driving
 out Serbs  and demanding independence.
 The Serbs hit back, so Tone  and his pal Bill sent in troops and planes to
 give them hell until the Serbs had enough.
 It was the equivalent of the UN bombing us until we give independence  to
 Londonistan and  Leicester.

 Serbia was also something we should have kept well out of, multi-Kulti
 induced Balkan madness.
 It will all turn to shit, just as we are now that BLiar/Broon CaMoron have
 Balkanised my country, aided and abetted by the likes of YOU, Moore.

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