We are here to help OUR people. Are you one of us ?

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We are here to help OUR people. Are you one of us ?
« on: August 31, 2013, 10:32:41 PM »


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We are here to help OUR people.

Nick Griffin talks about how the British National Party has changed the political climate, how we have made political history and how we are going to do it again!

"We have analysed, we're regrouping, we're rebuilding" and we now have "the biggest campaigning war chest this party has ever had".

Are you ready to make a difference?


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Re: We are here to help OUR people. Are you one of us ?
« Reply #1 on: August 14, 2014, 07:49:24 PM »
Nothing much changed since this article  was written !

Sunday, 16 January 2011 13:31 
bnplogonew_120_x_97I just read the following comment over on the Express that was posted by AgentRose and thought it worth bringing to your attention.  If you read this AgentRose, any chance of an article for this site?
Green Arrow


You only have to look at the recent by-election in Oldham to see that the people of this country are the problem along with the general media. Despite all the money poured into UKIP and the support of a National newspaper their vote hardly rose,  the BNP with little money ran a great campaign,had a great candidate and lots of vocal support from the people of Oldham but their vote went down by about 400.
 What happens at the ballot box,over half the people don't bother to vote at all and the rest vote as they have always done, LIB/LAB/CON no change there then. Nothing to choose between the three parties despite the childish yelling and name calling at PM'S questions in the House of Sleaze. Now they have added yet another Blair Babe type to the Zoo.

Until the sheeple wake up and realise the power is in their hands to force change by ignoring the big three and giving the other parties a chance nothing will alter. They have the sheeple by the short and curlies and they thrive on it, parasites most of whom have never done a decent day's work in their lives,never lived in the real world,lawyers,accountants,straight from Uni. Why have only 4 been taken to court over the expenses fiasco? Cameron and Brown did their bit. The media focus is always on the big three ignoring the smaller parties unless of course it is to smear the BNP.

Did you see this on BBC OR SKY-----
In the European Parliament Nick Griffin was voted the second most hard working MEP in his constituency.
Did you know that NICK GRIFFIN and ANDREW BRONS refused their backdated pay rise and donated it to worthwhile community causes in their local areas.
Did you know that on Thursday night Nick Griffin was invited to a function in London and was physically attacked with his shirt ripped and torn whilst the Met police stood aside . You can listen to a mobile phone recording of this copper telling him it was his own fault and asking him what his problem was.

Sheeple you deserve all you are going to get under the EUSSR,but do your grandchildren ? Will they thank you for the police state you have handed on to them,will they thank you for the destruction of their country,for aiding and abetting treason. All of this has happened because of who you voted in, they have no power without your consent,you gave it them you can take it away,for God's sake WAKE UP.


I agree. All these words, all this comnetary. Becoming pointless. Maybe a single focued hard hitting no holes barred PR campaign against the resident evil liblabConeUMedia and the Reality of what is going on and what ir being done to the British people....

GA, That is so good that I suspect AgentRose already writes articles for this site but under another name!

WIndlestraw 83p · 4 weeks ago

You reach a point where you utterly despair, you really do.

Donna 121p · 4 weeks ago

Look at what is happening in Burma our controlled media were reporting about this recently, a small democratic party NLD (National League of Democracy) were denied their chance in the democratic process recently, there was a complete blackout on the political party because they were deemed a threat to the corrupt status quo in Burma in 1990 when the majority of people voted for this party, meanwhile the likes of Cameron, Clegg and the BBC were condemning this, hypocrites!

I wonder if someone could highlight our treatment outside of Europe? This would force them to include us in the democratic process?

Ironfighter 82p · 4 weeks ago

GA you are preaching to the converted, the sheeple don't care. If they've got a pub left they are in it, or if not, watching the omnibus edition of East Ender or Corrie. As I write this there are 63 people on the site out of a population of over 6,000,000.
We need to break through to them, God knows how, I spend half my life trying to think up ways of getting them stirred up, but until we do, all the talking in the world won't do any good. I can only suggest mass marches, bands, fly posters and the like. What have we got to loose nothing else is working.

The Sentinel · 4 weeks ago

Of course its pointless.
Unless the BNP radicalise the people with the truth about the libalbcon, then march with them to the town halls, calling out the criminals to explain, nothing is going to change.
We've had years and years of rhetoric. Years and years of "bright new dawns" and fiddled elections.
Obvious content aside, the facts and data published on this site and a few others should have been mainstream output on the BNP website all along.

BuccaBoo 85p · 4 weeks ago

No matter how corrupt politicians are the brainless public will still vote for them. As for the police, they only obey the orders of their politcal masters. Sometimes I feel it will be too late before people wake up. Clearly the three main parties are afraid of the damage they have done to this country which is why they fear us so much.

Maxshard 90p · 4 weeks ago

We must push as hard as possible to get at least one BNP member elected to the Wesh Assembly and there is always the possibility of proportional representation but ultimately, as the voting executive of this country, the power of choice is in the hands of the people.

As someone who believes in democracy, I have to respect the right of people either not to vote, or to vote for someone else but that doen't mean that I have to accept their stupidity and genealogally suicidal behaviour without comment.

I'm sure there is a tiny part in some nationalists, that perverse though it may seem, would like to see some of these idiots carted off to an EUSSR NWO concentration camp. You can hear the self-piteous wailing from the numb nuts who ignored BNP warnings.

I saw a video on Youtube of an ex-KGB officer and expert in psychological warfare and brainwashing tactics. He said that after fifteen or twenty years of brainwashing a nation, you could shower people with the truth and they still wont see it. He even said, not until they find themselves in a concentration camp will they finally realise, this is actually real and happening to me. Normalcy bias.

notzacefron 84p · 4 weeks ago

Well said Agent Rose

EUSSR · 4 weeks ago

What they fear is the boat being rocked. And rocked hard.

Now, they think they have it covered because if the BNP "go off on one" they can just use the old "Well they are racists (or whatever) line".

Now, if hard hitting leaflets were distributed that made no mention of any political party then it would be proper guerrilla "resistance" type activity.

Oh yes, why do people resort to terrorism? Because it works. It always has. Concessions are rapidly made when those that bend the rules get properly held to account with street justice. Do you think the EHRC would have been harassing the BNP if there was an ETA type organisation that was in the background and knew their names? What’s the difference between a terrorist and a freedom fighter? Only the perception of the viewer.

Anyway, the BNP doesn't really need to do a thing; the wheels will truly fall off in the next 10 years. I think the whole thing will sweep Europe. They had a systemic banking crisis; eventually they will have the same but on a systemic ethnic conflict basis.

nostradamus · 4 weeks ago

Very well said GA, but how many other than the converted will read what you have said ?

HJ11 89p · 4 weeks ago

Who is to blame if we don't win elections? Is it the sheeple? Is it the media? Is it the other parties?

Nope. It is us. We are to blame. We're not running good campaigns and we're not winning the hearts and minds of voters.

Can we stop feeling all smug that "we" are just so intelligent and aware, but those others, why, they're all stupid.

Our selling of ourselves is pathetic. We need to change that.

@ivecooper · 4 weeks ago

I believe it is the electoral system of 1st past the post that is the problem, the majority cannot understand that their is no difference between the old three corrupt parties and are stuck in a mindset of fear, and therefore tend to vote tactically in order to keep their most hated party out, I heard it for myself on radio 4 Tory voters voting Lib Dem to Keep Labour out, so if and I mean a big IF! we get a PR voting system I think that is when our chances will improve, as I feel this will remove the aspect of voting to keep the most hated out and will lead more to people voting with their true beliefs
Christian · 4 weeks ago

"...for God's sake WAKE UP"

They can't wake up GA. It's called Predictive Programming and the electorate will continue to embrace the liblabcontrick until the end of time, I mean peace, as long as 'their' media keep programming the minds of that electorate. This is not to say we chuck in the towel, far from it; but I am saying that at the moment, we are playing to take part and keep up in the race, not realistically to win, which is impossible in peacetime and as long as they control the media. We have to race like the wind and like we can win at every election because that's the way elections are fought, and coming in 5th is definitely a victory of sorts, though it would have been nice to have come 4th ahead of UKIP. The fact that the English Democrats came in with only 100+ votes and behind even the Monster Raving Loony Party shows to me that we are doing most things right - though there is never any room for complacency and if there are any lessons to be learned from Thursday's by-election then we must take note of them.

This phoney peace will not last forever and when it ends, that's where all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears will start to pay off. Let's be honest, the only real (slight) disappointment about Oldham East and Saddleworth, should be that we lost £500, a small, even insignificant price to pay for having given the 1,560 who voted BNP, HOPE. £0.32 for each of those Votes for Hope and the BNP seems a very small sum imho. We/Derek Adams was never going to beat the liblabcon tyranny (although we weren't that far(ish) from the moslem Al Burger Sheik/Shrek Conservative vote) with their £Billions media lie and predictive programming machine. Local elections are a different matter but they will never give up a single gravy train slot in the cesspit called parliament where the fptp system ensures a virtual nation wrecking status quo. Regards :-)

How The Media Controls Your (THEIR) Mind (10:59)
"...a brief introduction to the subject of predictive programming and how the mainstream media has been used to subtly manipulate our minds to guide us down a particular path." How The Media Controls Your Mind

Just as disturbing is the mandatory switchover to Digital and the increasing take-up of HDTV. People out there may wish to disconnect that HDMI cable for all TV reception. Forewarned is forearmed.
The Sound of Silence - The Antithesis of Freedom http://educate-yourself.org/cn/soundsofsilence11d...
Newest Studies Show Kids Should Stop Watching TV http://inventorspot.com/articles/how_tv_affects_k...
Shrek Kashif Ali frog 'jumps' Dhimmi Donkey Cameron http://tinyurl.com/64cs5y8

Jim · 4 weeks ago

It has been said before, but it is almost impossible to get political change until something seriously big happens. Whilst people have a roof over their head, a meal on the table every night, and Coronation St on the telly; be it employed or unemployed, they will not vote for change.

When that something happens, we will be there. The establishment know that something will happen within the next 10 - 20 years (Some senior MOD person has predicted the total breakdown in society, or words to that affect). That is why they have a budget of millions to stop our progress, and their aim is to make sure that we are not there when that something happens.

Keep fighting, keep donating, stay united. The road to power is a marathon, not a sprint.

Sigbrit · 4 weeks ago

We will keep going and we will never give up. the sheeple will eventually wake up. I know. I am sad to say I was one of them. But then one day I woke up. We must all now turn our minds to what made us wake up, and how to make others wake up. in our every day lives we must infiltrate, intimate, persuade, convert and recruit. In everything we do we must focus on the defeat of the fascist left wing anglophobic racists who feed off the tolerant. They have persuaded us that gutless apathy is tolerance. We know different. Spread the word.

rizla 77p · 4 weeks ago

Lets face it, most of the cretinous dhimmies don't even know how to vote.

Basil Brush · 4 weeks ago

I was looking at Facebook and the various parties pages on it. It makes for VERY interesting reading!

Conservatives 130,465 people
Labour - 92,453
Lib Dems - 94,049
British National Party 64,141 people
UKIP - 406 people
Greens 140 people

For those not familiar, this means everytime one of the parties adds a message to their 'wall' linking a story, appealing for volunteers, complaints to somewhere etc the message goes straight into the persons newsfeed (facebook inbox.) I wonder if you are telling voters about the page when you are out canvassing, I bet this would get loads of new sign ups. With a real online and offline marketing push you could soon have more facebook followers than Labour or Lib Dems, imagine their faces!! It's going to become more and more important as a marketing tool.


Daily Express 365
(Couldnt find pages for other newspapers)
EDL - 68,934
Hope not hate - 45,332
Sigbrit · 4 weeks ago

We can and must all make a difference. We must all work to infiltrate, intimate, persuade, convert, recruit in everything we do. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
"And if you think you are too small to count…
Try sleeping in a dark room with a mosquito.
Be the mosquito,
as one day,
You will grow to be the Dragon."

cosmiclawnmower · 4 weeks ago

Perhaps we are looking but not seeing the bleeding obvious,we search for answers as to why the public reject us Could it simply be they fear us more than the other parties ? I will probably get shot down in flames,but here goes.they see our cherished union flag so linked with the extreme right, that they reject us out of hand ? After years of conditioning they genuinely believe the hype machine ? The softer heart union flag did not go far enough perhaps, maybe it should have been dropped completely ?It appears people identify with the four national flags more ? They see ( wrongly ) the BNP in this 1970s timewarp, skinheads, union jacks ect , and try as we do we just cant shake off this image.Should we now bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to save the land of our fathers,

Grumpygit 74p · 4 weeks ago

I'm certainly not qualified to tell others how to run an election, however, it seems to me, being on the outside looking in that the most important stepping stone is to get the first MP elected to Parliament. If we got two, then at least they could support each other from the hostility they are bound to get in that dishonourable House.

Perhaps it may be worth thinking about what elections to fight in. In other words, choose your own battle ground very carefully so that you can muster all the forces at your command and blitz the area long before the polls are due. Instead of fighting on several fronts as in the general elections. With regard to by-elections, perhaps some are not worth fighting for because the chances of winning are remote and therefore there is no point in depleting resources and energy.

With regard to Oldham, I really did think that the BNP had a very good chance of saving their deposit at the very least. Certainly, given the reported support from the locals before the election, I really thought that this would be translated into votes. Why they did not, even with a poor voter turn out, is something that, I think, needs to be very carefully analysed (and I'm sure it will be) and the lessons will be learned, (to coin a phrase that politicians and bureaucrats use when they screw up).

Perhaps it is the way the Party's policies are presented, I don't know. I do know that the BNP has some excellent policies that are pragmatic, down to earth and put the native people first. What's to argue with that? Perhaps it is a matter of what policies are being emphasised the most and perhaps that emphasis is not resonating with the electorate, therefore needing a change of priority.

Never mind, the fight goes on and there will be other battles. I hope they are chosen with great care, taking the high ground first.

EUSSR · 4 weeks ago

The BNP should have a competition to win a free holiday to Turkey; all as you need to do is say whether the Mosque at Istanbul is of Christian or Islamic construction.

In fact the BNP could not even have its name on the flyer, and it could put them through all the post-boxes. People would read them as anything that says "competition" is worth looking at.

The list is endless and people will always read something, that is something for nothing potentially.

Christian · 4 weeks ago

The British National Party should shout from the rooftops, "BNP THE PARTY OF HOPE & DEFIANCE!"
Let them stick that up their Zionist Occupied Government Rothschild arses.

samba · 4 weeks ago

Could we have done more in Oldham.The answer is no we did everything by the book and with the grooming issue breaking i thought yes the public must see the truth now alas they didt or didt want to,however Barnsley is a diffrent place we always do very well there and its worth putting resouses in that campaign.

samba · 4 weeks ago

Getting back to thursday and the assualt on Nick with the met copper saying its his fault.This copper and his ilk should be bought to book bigtime lets see this imbercile explain to a jury about how its the victims fault,they are now saying its the childs fault for getting groomed.THE POLICE MAKE ME SICK.


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