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« on: September 06, 2013, 10:21:09 AM »

Mr William Hague

Foreign Minister


  Re:  Syria, the truth

          -   as predicted 2.5 years ago.

Dear Mr Hague,

Since I have correctly predicted everything that has happened in Syria, perhaps I should warn you of the consequences of your war-mongering policy.

   a.  I successfully predicted that Assad would never back down - because I know the history of his people.

   b.  I successfully predicted that tens of thousands would be killed in Syria, in another Hama-style massacre.

   c.  I successfully predicted that millions of Syrians would be exiled as a consequence.

But since my previous predictions were all correct, perhaps you should listen to the other predictions I made  -  if Assad falls.

   f.  I predicted that he will try to use all of his chemical weapons, in a modern-day Armageddon  -  on Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

   e.  I predicted that 4 million Alawites and 4 million Christians would be murdered and exiled, by the butcher terrorists fighting Assad.

   d.  I predicted that those same terrorists fighting Assad will use what is left of Syria's 3,000 tonnes of sarin and VX gas on the London and New York metros.

Perhaps you should listen to the oracle, rather than your hand-wringing liberal policy advisors, who cannot see the consequences of their absurd policies.


Ralph Ellis

Original letter   -   written April 2011   (2.5 years ago)

   From:    ralph ellis
   Subject:    Assad cannot allow reforms in Syria

   Date:    April 27, 2011 12:06:56 AM GMT+02:00

   To:             William Hague <[email protected]>

Bashar Assad cannot allow any reforms in Syria, for to do so would be suicidal. 

The media don't understand Syria, or the ways of the real multicultural world.  Bashar Assad and his clan are Alawite, a strange sect with a mix of Islamic and Christian beliefs. **  They were a persecuted pseudo-Islamic minority, and Islam has a history of crushing and eliminating such despised minorities. Happily, however, they were drafted into the army in large numbers by the French, in the 1920s, because the French saw the clear opportunity here for the 'divide and rule' of Syria.

This is the reality of real multiculturalism, with real populations, especially Muslim populations. Of course the Alawi would support the French, because they had been persecuted for generations, and they were not entirely Muslim either.  So the Alawi became the dominant sect in the Syrian army, especially in its officer classes, and began to gain influence and control the country.  And after a few decades of political instability, Hafez Assad, the Alawi defence minister took control in 1970.

Now the Alawi, the previously despised and persecuted minority, were in control of the entire nation; and it was this same persecuted minority who directed the Hama massacre in 1982, where up to 25,000 Sunnis were killed during a political/religious uprising.  You can imagine the ill-feeling and threats of revenge that are circulating in Syria, against their control by a despised minority in this seething multicultural nation.

This is why Basher Assad cannot liberalise Syria.***  He cannot allow freedoms of demonstrations and speech, because the majority would use that to demonstrate against this despised minority.  He cannot have elections, because the Alawi would be thrown out of power immediately.  And this is not simply the Western problem of being in political opposition for a few decades  --  the hatred that exists in real Eastern multiculturalism means that if the Alawi lost power, they would be exterminated en-mass, just as the Sunni majority of Syria also wish to exterminate the Jews of Israel and the Christians of Lebanon. 

So there we have the truth of the matter in a nutshell, and from this we can deduce the future of Syria.  Never mind the Western calls for democracy, it will not happen. Signing a bill of democracy would be signing a bill of execution for Assad and his family and all the Alawi clans. So we only have a limited number of options here:

a.  The protests will lose momentum and abate.

b.  The protests will rise to a crescendo and be ruthlessly crushed in another Hama massacre, with tens of thousands being killed.

c.  The protests will rise to such a pitch that the Sunni squaddies will overthrow their Alawi officers, and the regime will fall. But then all the Alawi people would be either killed or pushed out of Syria on a mass exodus of some 4 million people (and if the Christians get thrown out at the same time, that will be yet another 4 million people).

This is multiculturalism in the raw;  this is what New Labour invited into Britain;  and I am putting my money on option b. 

May you live in interesting times....


Ralph Ellis

**  Tellingly, the Alawi are also called the Nosairi, which is thought to be a corruption of Nazarene, the sect of Jesus himself.

***  And why Israel had to build a great wall, to keep out the tsunami of Palestinian demographics, which would similarly overwhelm the Jewish electorate and end up with 5 million Jews being exiled from Israel.

From:    ralf ellis
Subject:    Re: Syria  -  the wrong strategy 2

Date:    July 25, 2012 12:26:32 PM GMT+02:00

To:        William Hague <[email protected]>

Mr William Hague, MP


     Re:      Syria  -  the wrong strategy 2

         Ref:       MOP/34265/2012


Thank you for your reply of the 24th July.  In your reply you state that:

    "You have raised concerns regarding the persecution of Christians in Syria.  Since

    the Syria uprising more than a year ago, the Assad regime has demonstrated time

    and again that it is unwilling to protect the rights, freedoms and interests of all its

    fellow citizens."

Apologies for being blunt, but that is perhaps the most stupid reply I have ever seen in regard to the grave plight of Christians and Alawites in Syria.  You have absolutely no idea what is going on, do you?  How can I put this into words you can understand: ASSAD IS NOT PERSECUTING CHRISTIANS, IT IS THE REBELS WHO WILL DO THAT WHEN THEY GAIN POWER. THEY WILL EXTERMINATE THEM, JUST LIKE THEY EXTERMINATED THE ARMENIANS OF EASTERN TURKEY. 

Mr Hague, how can you formulate a British foreign policy, when your grasp of the socio-political situation in the Muslim East is so weak?  You then go on to say:

    "In our regular dialogue, we are encouraging Syrian opposition groups to reach

    out and engage with minority communities, including Christians, and to maintain

    a clear commitment to a peaceful and non-sectarian approach."

OMG, this is pathetic. This is the incoherent liberal politic-speak of Westminster or the Grauniad,* and it is utterly meaningless in face of Muslim 'multiculturalism' (dhimmitude serfdom)  -  especially when the 'minority communities' you are 'reaching out to' are armed to the teeth with RPGs. And your advice is doubly meaningless when you understand Assad is not fighting 'minorities' and nor is he fighting the 'Christians'.  How can I put this into words you can understand: ASSAD IS THE MINORITY GROUP HIMSELF, AND HE IS PROTECTING THAT MINORITY GROUP FROM THE PERSECUTION AND AGGRESSION OF THE SUNNI MUSLIM MAJORITY - BACKED BY YOUR CHUMS IN SAUDI ARABIA. 

The Alawites have been persecuted, downtrodden, jizya-taxed and regarded as 'dhimmi-serf untouchables' for the last 1,300 years, under the despotic rule of the Muslim Caliphs. But for the first time in 1,300 years, the Alawites have the guns and they will to use them to their best advantage. Do you think the Alawites are going to meekly go back to the gutters from which they came - the gutters that they were forced into for so many centuries by dhimmi persecution? You really are out of touch with the real world, Mr Hague, aren't you?

The Greeks and Levantines of Smyrna did what you wanted, Mr Hague.  In 1920 they ran the most successful city in the East. Smyrna was a bustling cosmopolitan city of 600,000 Christians and Jews plus a few Muslims, who enjoyed the greatest standard of living in the eastern Med.  Then, just like Assad is today, they were faced with a Muslim take-over of their city.  With their wealth they could have fought this rag-tag Muslim army led by Kemal,** but they decided to do the most liberal and peaceful thing and surrender and become even more multicultural.  What happened?  The entire population of Smyrna were raped, tortured, shot, executed, burned out of their city, forced onto death-marches, crammed into the harbour for two weeks, and then exiled.  Of the original 600,000 liberal, cosmopolitan and Western citizens of Smyrna, only 300,000 survived those two fateful weeks as the brutal armies of Islam took control of their once-fine city. 

This was in 1922, Mr Hague, this is not ancient history.  And if you think things have changed in the 21st century, you are even more naive than you look.  The Muslim (not Alawite) treatment of minorities has been the same for the last 1,300 years.  The status of the unbelieving kuffers was clear from day one, when the Syrian Christians and Jews were made to sign the Covenant of Dhimmitude*** by Muhummad, which made them second-class citizens with few rights and no political power.  They then served as dhimmi serfs to their Muslim overlords for the next 1,300 years or more (less a few years of Crusader freedom). This is why the Alawite Nazarenes pretended to be Muslims when they are not, for it was the only way to escape Muslim persecution and the jizya tax on non-Muslims. The Druze, Avevi and Ahmadis do exactly the same to this day.  Islam does not do multiculturalism, Mr Hague, it only knows kuffer dhimmitude. 

And the real disaster here, is that you fail to grasp what will happen to the UK in a couple of generations.  The Muslims overlords of Syria were only ever 20% of the population, when they took it over and subjugated the Jews and Christians to Muslim dhimmitude. In fact, they represented only 50% of the population even in the early 20th century, even in Turkey. Likewise, Baghdad was a majority Jewish city, until 1947.****  Be warned, Mr Hague, that the Muslims of Britain are not British, and they never will be. When they gain the levers of power - as they will, because we will give them to them in the name of your fatuous 'dialogue with communities' - they will issue a Covenant of Dhimmitude for the non-Muslims of Britain. Like the Basher Assad and the Alawites, we too will be a persecuted minority in our own country. If we manage to maintain control of the army we shall be fighting an internal insurgency, just like Assad is today. If we lose control of the army, then we shall be exterminated and driven into exile, like the naive, stupid and liberal citizens of Smyrna.


Ralph Ellis

Address redacted

Read 'Paradise Lost', by Giles Milton, 'The Destruction of Islam's City of Tolerance'.   The title says it all.

*     The London Guardian.

**    Strangely enough Kemal was backed by the Russians, and so their Muslim allies killed 300,000 Greek Orthodox Christians.  These perfidious Russians really need to work out whose side they are on.

***   Stored in the Monastery of Deyruz-Zafaran, Mardin, Turkey.

****  Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria and Turkey all used to be fully majority Christian nations, until the armies of Islam spread across the Byzantine Empire.  In many of the cities of this region, they tore down their own houses and mansion, to build walls around the forum, to protect their families.  But it was to no avail, because they were all murdered.  Go an look at the many cities, like Sbeitla or Didyma, that still have the hurriedly-built anti-Muslim walls still in place.  This is the fate of the Alawites, if they give up power.

From: Ralf Ellis
Sent: 19 July 2012 00:12
To: William Hague
Subject: End of Assad in Syria? Not yet




Mr William Hague, MP



Re:   Syria  -  Assad's next move  (as predicted a year ago)







Since you cannot understand events in Syria, perhaps I should explain what is going on there.


Assad is an Alawite, the much despised and much persecuted minority who are regarded as kuffer unbelievers. They were the lowest of low  -  almost as low as Syrian Christians - until they gained power courtesy of the French.   If Assad gives up power, then all 4 million Alawaites and all 4 million Christians will be murdered.   So Assad cannot give up power. 


Put yourself in his shoes.  You know that all your family and all your people will die, if you relinquish power  -  let's say this is all of William Hague's family and all of the Conservative Party, all of them will be murdered if you leave Westminster.  So what do you do?  Give up power and say: 'come on, burn us all to death'?  Of course not.



So what to do?  Well, the latest bomb attack in Syria gives you much more latitude to go in hard.  More media messages about fighting a war, while throwing heavier and heavier weapons into the conflict, to drive out the terrorists (freedom fighters, according to the BBC).


Chemical weapons at this point?  A bit more problematic. Assad has to be careful not to give America a pretext to enter the conflict, so any chemical use will have to be carefully covered up.   It will happen, eventually, but this will be a last resort for now. 


Better still, is to draw a third party into the conflict, to blame the situation on them and deflect attention from the internal problems.  That would give Assad much more latitude for using heavy weapons and chemical weapons.  "It was an armed invasion, and we stopped them", would be the cry.   


Three options here. 


a.  Bomb Israel, to draw them in to the conflict, because all Muslims hate the Jews.  It is the only thing that unites them, in their bitter Sunni-Shia conflicts. But the Israelies are the most formidable foes in the region, and Assad knows it, so perhaps that is the least likely option.


b.  Bomb Saudi Arabia. The Saudis are Sunni and it is Saudi money that is waging this war by funding the terrorists  -  just as it was Saudi money that made Blair rich and allowed so much immigration into the UK.  Saudi money is stirring up Wahabi hatred of non-Muslims everywhere in the world, from Nigeria and Yemen, to the World Trade Center and the London tube system.


c.  Bomb Turkey.  Now this would be even more fun.  As radical as this may seem, it is the more likely option.


Turkey has 15 million Alevi, who are related to the Syrian Alawi, and are similarly persecuted by the Turks. Like the Syrian Alawi, the Turkish Alevi are the fun-loving intellectuals of Islam (if that is not an oxymoron), which is why Islam hates them so much.**  For example, when 37 Turkish Alevi intellectuals gathered in Sivas to recite poetry, the city gathered together as a mob and burned them all to death.  This was in the 1990s.  Nice religion, Islam.  You can see why Assad is hanging on to power, because if you lose power in Islamic lands, you are burned to death.  Perhaps you can at last see why Israel comes down so hard on terrorists (freedom fighters, according to the BBC), because might is the only response that Islam understands. ***


So the Alevi of Turkey have no love of the Turkish government. They are almost as persecuted as the 3 million Amenians who were slaughtered and exiled by the Turks in 1915  -  or the 600,000 Greeks who were slaughtered and exiled by the Turks in the Smyrna fire of 1922. 


So we have a situation here where the Turkish Alevi are persecuted, but have no power or weapons; while the Syrian Alawi are beleaguered but have a great deal of power and weapons.  It is not beyond the realms of possibility, that Assad could start an uprising in Turkey by arming his Alevi cousins (and the Kurds). 


At first glance, picking a fight with Saudi, as a deflection from domestic woes in Syria, might seem an easier easier option than picking a fight with Turkey.  Saudi has very modern military equipment, but its forces are ill-trained and utterly incompetent (I know, because I used to train them).  And the Saudis had all their tanks modified by the Italians, to add extra reverse gears.  And the foreign military advisors and contractors in Saudi would not want to get involved, and would leave.   So this is a possibility.  Deflect opinion from domestic woes, while eradicating the source of the terrorist's funding. A definite win-win situation.


In contrast, Turkey has a massive army, and looks like a formidable opponent. However, its equipment is old and its conscripted solders are poorly led, poorly trained, and poorly motivated.  Turkey works on the old Communist production-figures principle, where everything looks great on paper.  Turkish paperwork is immaculate, but bears absolutely no relationship to reality.  If Syria agitated (secretly) against Turkey, and goaded the Ankara Turks into sabre rattling, this would suit Assad's goals perfectly. 


Assad could then point to Turkish aggression, while secretly arming the Kurds and the Alavi, and use the situation as a pretext for a general mobilisation in Syria. During this overt military rule, Assad could then drive out all the 'Turkish supporting traitors' from Syria back into Turkey, which would consist of some 4 million hardliner Sunnis.  But Turkey would be so riven with internal strife that it could not properly organise a full invasion of Syria.  These refugees from Syria would be 'Arab' Sunnis, and the western Turks hate the Arabs in the east of Turkey with a passion - while the eastern Arabs and Kurds in Turkey (much of the eastern population) hate Ankara in equal measure. Assad could create merry hell in eastern Turkey, if he so wanted. 


As Ataturk (creator of modern Turkey) said back in 1920:

   "After the Turks accepted Islam, neither the Arabs nor the newcomers

   to this religion nor hell itself joined with the Turks to constitute a nation.

   This was because the purpose of the religion founded by Muhummad

   had a policy of brotherhood of the faithful, above and beyond that of




Understanding this problem, Ataturk chose to bond these disparate Muslim groups together by slaughtering the Greek Christians of Turkey, which he did with a methodical and ruthless efficiency worthy of Hitler himself. But these internal ethnic divisions still exist in Turkey, and they are wide open to exploitation by Assad.


Would America want to get involved in all this?  No, not really.  America may be an ally of Turkey, but Russia is an ally of Syria.  Would America want to have a showdown with Russia, just because of a population-exchange going on in Syria and Turkey?     If Assad plays his cards right, he could get away with it. 


But please be do be assured that surrender is not an option for Assad.  Whatever the UN or the US says, Assad will never step down.  If it came to a real show-down, Assad would release all his chemical weapons without blinking an eye. He would not hesitate in flinging all his military cards up in the sky, and then just hoping that some of them fell in his favour.  Better that, than being erased from the face of the Earth by militant Muslims.   


America and Europe are so dumb, that they know less than a fox.  Even a fox knows that it is very unwise to corner Mother Goose with her chicks, because Mother Goose will fight to the death to protect them. Assad will do the same.   This is not Cricket or Westminster, Mr Hague  -  this is the reality of Islamic multiculturalism.  Do you want to see 4 million Alawites and 4 million Christians killed?   Do be warned of the consequences of your actions, sir, do be warned.




Mr Ralph Ellis



**  Both the Alevi and Alawi refuse to go to mosque, while the Alawi celebrate Easter and Christmas.  It is the Alawites we should be supporting, Mr Hague, not the fundamentalist Sunni terrorists who are attacking Assad. 


***  Do you realise what these terrorists will do with Syria's stockpile of Sarin, as soon as they overthrow Assad?    Do you know what 200kg of Sarin gas will do to the London Underground system, Mr Hague?  I think you should start thinking more rationally, Mr Hague.




   From:    Ralf Ellis

   Subject:    NATO must not help Turkey fight Syria

   Date:    October 16, 2012 10:02:29 AM GMT+02:00

   To:            William Hague <[email protected]>

         Re:      Turkey and Syria  -  the wrong strategy

         Ref:       MOP/34265/2012

                       (NATO must not help Turkey fight Syria)


So Turkey wants NATO assistance, to wipe out the Assad regime eh?

No, Mr Hague, Turkey wants NATO assistance to wipe out the Alawite-Alevi clans.  The  Sunni Turks have always hated the Alevi-Alawite Shia, for they are the fun-loving, slightly non-Muslim section of Islam  -  they are Christio-Nazarenes who hide under a cloak of Islam to avoid persecution and genocide.  So the Turks have always hated and persecuted the Alevi-Alawites.

Thus when 37 Alevi poets and musicians gathered in Sivas, in Turkey, a rabid Muslim mob burned them all to death. Yet more ancient history? Not at all, this was 1993.

Sivas (Madimak)

NATO helps the Turks do their dirty business at our peril, Mr *****.  The Turks have already wiped out 1.5 million Amenians in 1915, and another 500,000 Greeks in 1922  -  because they were Christians. What do you want *****y  -  do you want the Turks to wipe out another 4 million Alawites in 2013?  Do you want to fan the flames of religious hatred in Anatolia so the Turks turn on their own Alevi population too? Is that your goal here?

Armenian genocide:

Roum-Greek genocide:

Are politicians capable of running a foreign office, when they know nothing of history?


Ralph Ellis

   From:    ralf ellis
   Subject:    Libya and Syria  -  (attack on US embassy)

   Date:    September 13, 2012 10:56:44 AM GMT+02:00

   To:           William Hague <[email protected]>

Mr William Hague, MP


         Re:      Libya and Syria  -  the wrong strategy

         Ref:       MOP/34265/2012

                       (Attack on Libyan US embassy)


So our 'friends' in Libya turn around and bite the hand that fed them.  Well surprise, surprise.

So who was right about Syria, Mr Hague, your brain-dead advisors or myself?  Just think of the trouble you could have got us into, if you had listened to the BBC and your idiotic advisors, and further backed the Syrian terrorists.  For when our 'friends' in Syria gain power they will do exactly the same, but they will do it with Sarin gas. And they will do it on the London Tube too. Still happy to give them support, Mr Hague?  (Note: they are not 'freedom fighters', as the subversive and traitorous BBC likes to champion them, they are the same as the London rioters, only armed with guns and semtex.)

Its about time you ditched your advisors, Mr Hague, and ditch one in particular right now.  You know who I mean, Mr Hague.

So how do we end these many conflicts in the Middle East, you might ask?  How do we neuter the Islamic terrorism we see all over the world? Simple.  Its called enlightenment, Mr Hague, enlightenment. All you need to do, Mr Hague, is to make an honest, factual, historical and dramatic film about the origins and history of Islam.  Not the nonsense that was produced in the US recently, but a huge, accurate, factual, ?500 million Hollywood blockbuster. 'Lawrence of Arabia', but with Muhummad as the hero.  Not an Islamic propaganda film, of course, but the sort of 'warts and all' truth that Oliver Cromwell himself would have appreciated. And if you think this is expensive, then you wait to see the cost of NOT making this film.

The result of this film would be disbelief, argument, debate, a bit of chaos for a few years, and then the greatest period of peace and prosperity the world has ever known.  Why?  Because it is not only Westerners like yourself who are ignorant about the origins of Islam, but so too are most Muslims.  They are fed such a diet of propaganda, it is quite unbelievable how little they know about their religion.  A Muslim airline captain I know seriously believed that Muhummad was a virtuous man who only had one wife, and his wars only lasted two months. When I proved he had at least eleven wives and his wars continued unabated for 200 years, he went a bit pale, but countered by saying that Muhummad only slept with one wife. When I proved that several of these wives were booty wives that Muhummad effectively raped, he went paler still. We were just getting onto the topic of Muhummad being a paedophile, when our flight ended, and so he did a rapid '6:68' and made a quick exit.  So yes, when people finally understand how hateful, despotic and genocidal Muhummad really was, his Great Protection Racket (for that is all it ever was) will crumble to dust.  In truth, Muhummad was a 7th century Al Capone, but his protection racket was never countered and crushed by an equivalent of the US IRS. 

Don't believe me?  Then stand up in Parliament and declare that Muhummad was a paedophile, a rapist or a genocidal warrior (for that is what he was).  Too scared?  Ah, so now you clearly understand that the Great Protection Racket still has a hold over you and your cowardly comrades in the Conservative Party.  This is an Islamic Protection Racket, pure and simple.  Keep silent; don't criticise us; allow us to do what we want; allow us to gang-rape your little girls; allow us to kill our own girls out of misplace honour; allow us to mutilate the vaginas of our little girls; allow us to marry off our girls aged twelve; allow us to breed hatred in our classrooms; allow us to teach that Christians and Jews are apes and pigs; allow us to sell or download disgusting jihadist videos without censure; never tax our corner shops and taxi ranks; allow us to fleece your social security system   -  do all this, and we will not burn down your offices and kill you. That is the British Muslim deal, isn't it, Mr Hague? And you are so shitless scared, you let them get away with it.

But think about it, Mr Hague.  Several million people in Europe gave their very lives during the Reformation, so that we could have freedom of speech and thought. Over 30% of Germans died, so that you could choose what religion you wanted to subscribe to.  Thousands of Huguenots died and were exiled, so that you could criticise the thousands of paedophile priests in the Catholic Church. Thousands more Britons, Scandinavians, Dutch, and Germans died in the Battle of the Boyne in Ireland, so that we could have the Industrial Revolution, the Age of Reason, and enjoy the high standard of living and the myriad of electronics we enjoy today.  (Why do you think we ended up with a Dutch king, Mr Hague.)

All those great gains of the Enlightenment will be squandered, Mr Hague, if you do not stand up to the Great Protection Racket.  Civilisation will be plunged back into the Dark Ages once more, just as it is in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan, if you do not hold onto the principles of the Enlightenment. Why don't you stand up in Afghanistan, Mr Hague, and give a speech that is critical of some of the more barbaric of Islamic customs - like female genital mutilation.  Too scared, Mr Hague. Now do you understand why the Enlightenment, and the protection of rationality, is so important?   And do you not see the difference in wealth and technology between Afghanistan and Albania in comparison to Britain, Scandinavia and Germany - the nations who were the architects of the Enlightenment? 

People will look back at these times and speak softly and fondly of the great civilisation we once had, while a future Edward Gibbon will write a vast tome on the Conservative Cowards who allowed the Western European Empire to Decline and Fall. Is that how you want to be remembered, Mr Hague?  A new Stilicho, the Vandal traitor who allowed unchecked immigration to destroy the Roman Empire?  'Stilicho Hague', it has a certain ring to it.


Ralph Ellis

P.S.   In great contrast to your imbecile advisors, I predicted the situation in Libya and Syria precisely (it was so, so obvious). I was right about the Euro collapsing; I was right about our withdrawal from manufacturing bankrupting the country; I was right that comprehensive schools would destroy our education system; I was right about immigration being divisive and destructive to the nation; I was right about Brown's expanded economy collapsing (although I predicted 2006 rather than 2008); I was right about Global Warming being a load of baloney; I was right about wind turbines being a costly and hopeless distraction; I was right about electric vehicles being hopeless and more polluting than diesel cars.  Heck, I was even right when I predicted that changing from the European the two-pin electric plug to the new three-pin plug would be a hopeless and costly idea  -  and I was only seven years old when I made that prediction.  Time for a new advisor, Mr Hague, time for a new advisor.

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