Recent forum issues you need to be aware of

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Recent forum issues you need to be aware of
« on: September 09, 2013, 01:41:37 AM »
Unfortunately a problem occurred with a recent server move. For reasons that are complicated, many posts where being directed to the old redundant server where the database was kept active (possibly until the techs where happy with the move).
Problem is that as soon as I discovered this and made sure the site was pointing to the correct database and not the old one, some posts got lost.

Now after about 8 hours sitting at the computer messing with the old DB connection (which I managed to get to the backup) I then had to edit out some errors in the backup that stopped the importing to the new one. I can say now that I have done all I can. I figure most if not all the posts where saved but there may have been an overlap some-place.

If so all I can do is apologise. Looking after forums and servers is not always easy and straightforward.

One more thing. Please do not access the forum, or provide links to it, by using the IP address. They will go to the wrong server and any future moves will mean they'll get lost. Always use

Please don't mail me saying one of your posts is missing, if it is, then it's gone for good.

No conspiracies, no hacks, and no moles - just plain and simply computer errors just like we all get on our home PC's.

Let me know if you have trouble posting though.

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