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« on: September 12, 2013, 10:36:49 PM »

Hi All,
Bob Crow said that the EU was set up to stop the spread of socialism - what planet is he from?
 He is right for the wrong reasons.



Recommend Paul Nuttalls speech ( to an empty EU parliament )

where are they all ?


Daily Express
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Oh dear, now the unions are on the anti-EU bandwagon


Paul Nuttall, UKIP MEP, UKIP deputy leader, Strasbourg speech - Biofuels are a failed experiment

Biofuels are a failed experiment - Paul Nuttall MEP, UKIP Deputy Leader


Godfrey Bloom on 'the invention of sub-prime mortgages' - in the US, now over here

Godfrey Bloom on 'the invention of sub-prime mortgages'

Zanzibar attack victim describes moment her and friend were doused with 'jerry can of battery acid'


UKIP Conference, Westminster, 20-21 September 2013

BBC dumb down science programs too much because they underestimate the viewers

UKIP MEP Godfrey “bongo bongo land” Bloom to address Harrogate meeting


Offshore wind farms need higher subsidies, says government adviser, Committee on Climate Change (CCC)


End the BBC licence tax fee: 'It wasn't me, guv': shifty BBC crew give the looter's excuse



Italian banking system on the edge: Monti Paschi faces bail-in as capital needs point to nationalization


Jeff Berwick on upcoming Symposium Australia, the coming paper money collapse, gold as a safe haven [vid. 20min]

TDV: Jeff Berwick on Symposium Australia and The Coming Fiat Currency Collapse


The King of Morocco holds talks with Gabonese President Ali Bongo


Silver money: prepping for paper money collapse in the USA - Peter Schiff Silver Barter Bag half-oz rounds

Junk Silver Is History: Peter Schiff's New Silver Barter Bag


Jim Willie: first nations to depart the dollar will survive coming collapse!


The stuff nightmares are made of: rare purple eel goby that resembles Alien film's parasitic 'chestburster' spotted in China


Tony Abbott instructs bureaucrats to prepare to axe carbon tax, stop boats - populist or sensible?


San Antonio bars Christian businesses from doing business with city

Revealed: hidden significance how Cantor Fitzgerald names are arranged in 9/11 memorial

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