In days of old when knights where bold

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In days of old when knights where bold
« on: September 22, 2013, 11:40:19 AM »
From: kickin' Peter Eyres

In days of old when knights where bold


Al Gore environmental “Global Warming Scam” made Mr. Gore into a multi billionaire overnight so why wouldn’t he discharge hot gases out of his proverbial mouth?

 In much the same way that the cabal have picked up on his “get rich quick project” and all the associated “Stealth Taxes” that now rape, we the public of what little we have left!!

Yes we do play a very small part “yes folks a very small part” in our contribution to global warming but at the same time our donation is insignificant compared to what the cabal is doing to our planet.

Take the Al Gore cabal brigade in Australia…….they are pushing this theme well over the line in the sand to a point beyond comprehension in trying to hit the ordinary folk with even more stealth taxes whilst they are exporting massive volumes (thousands upon thousands of tonnes) of dirty coal to other countries……how’s that for logic?

Let me give you one simple and logic example in wastage of fuel and gross pollution on an unbelievable scale.

Imagine almost every public bus, truck or vehicle in every village, town or city in the world pulling up at any given location and leaving the engine running for an average of at least 15 minutes or so……imagine the same happening in the private sector with every heavy haulage truck, delivery van, taxi or whatever doing the same…..then picture those frustrating traffic lights that are poorly maintained forcing you to stop when there is nothing coming the other way or sequenced to change because the brain dead operators say that we have to do this at peak times when traffic is coming in our going out of town when again there may be no traffic in view……or those frustrating filter lanes that go with the flow of traffic but have traffic lights to hold you there until their sequence allows you to move…..again when there is no one in sight!!!!…….imagine the volume of wastage and pollution……wouldn’t you think this would be a good place to start and save fuel whilst at the same time ease your wallet?……come on folks get real, they do not want you to save fuel because if they do they are hitting their own cabal pockets (oil companies income from sale of fuel).

Then we can change the topic totally and look at some legal aspects of our respective countries and how the cabal have taken us all for a ride “hook line and sinker” and be bold enough to say that many of our Constitutions and Bill of Rights are not worth the paper they are written on because they were devised, written and co signed by the cabal themselves……yes folks even your “Founding Fathers” formed part of this cancerous growth that has now taken over our countries.


“Oh well there goes England, America, Canada, Australia and the Commonwealth etc”

Whilst talking about law maybe we should remind ourselves of the truth back in those days of the Magna Carta when good King John carried out an act of treason in signing over England to Rome………Ah but it did not stop there did it?…….the terms of the agreement meant that all countries that were taken over by force or colonized  after this signing were also to become the property of Rome…… who were those countries?…….the USA, the Great British Commonwealth, the Great British Empire and all its associates land grab states.

Knights Templar

What does this really mean?……well first of all your country, my country and all of the above are owned at both central government and local governments level by the Crown ie The Queen right?………wrong!!!!!! yes it is owned by the Crown but not dear Lizzy but another entity called the Crown Templar!!….you know the bold knights of old and the crusades etc who operated out of the district now known as Temple in London and which encompasses the independent sovereign state of the City of London….that wonderful tax free, corrupt and fraudulent “True Axis of Evil.”…..just like its counter parts in Washington and Rome!!


It means that the US and all of the above are owned, run and controlled at both the financial and judiciary level by the Crown Templar from an area I know so very well.

Why you may ask?………because folks I have a truly unbelievable court case in the pipeline (currently at the Royal Courts of Justice in London) that sits so boldly in Temple, amongst a huge den of thieves!!.


Within this very elite area are four inns….but not inns as in pub, drinking outlet or a place to sleep for the night but more like an elitist big boys club where all aspects of country law, international law, banking/finances etc are controlled (in the administrative sense)…….how do I know these places so well you may ask?…….because this irrelevant morsel of a human being has been in all of them fighting the cabal in hand to hand combat.
•The Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn
•The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple
•The Honourable Society of the Middle Temple
•The Honourable Society of Gray’s Inn

But hey folks the buck does not stop here because the cabal in this area are subservient to Rome via their other axis of evil known as the Jesuits in Rome who are certainly not religious as we know it and who worship “ Lucifer.”


Historically I can trace my family tree very accurately back to around 1116 and my ancestral tree contained no less that 7 knights who fought alongside the respective Kings ie William the Conqueror at the Battle of Hastings and that unbelievable victory at the Battle of Agincourt when  King Henry V army (now reduced from 12,000 down to 9,000) took on the French army who outnumbered them by some considerable amount and as you say in the US “We kicked their arse.”

The reason I have thrown this story into the equation is the fact that Neil Keenan and his army (me included) are about to carry out the same battle against unbelievable odds and for sure we are going to kick the “Cabals Arse.”

I could ramble on forever but this would takes far too long and so we must all learn to ask questions about our Constitution or Bill of Rights and challenge the Judiciary or the Police like I have done so many times in the past, only then will you understand the inner workings of the cabal.

You may find it hard to believe that when members of the Bar Association take their oath they are pledging their allegiance to the Crown Templar and not to their own country and in most cases they are not even aware of this fact……but hang on for one moment isn’t that the same thing that King John did all those years ago i.e. an act of treason?

Would anyone anywhere within this vast array of countries dare  repeat their oath to you in court prior to you being sentenced for some pathetic misdemeanor?……no way!!

Maybe many of you do not still understand that although the cabal have attempted to take apart our judicial system (the ancient Common Law)  that technically speaking all Statute Laws (Government Laws) are illegal unless they

complement our ancient “Common Law” which to this day still hold supreme above all laws?



Cherie Blair (wife of ex PM Tony Blair) – Mrs. Cabal herself…….. “the bitch from hell”

Ok “M’Lord” I rest my case.

Bless you all and enjoy your day.

Peter Eyre – 20/9/2013

Middle East Consultant – Political Analysis – Investigative Journalist – Broadcaster
Three 'wows' for this. Nice work Peter.

Thanks to Ann and Rob and Kacey for sending this in.

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